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  -  where can i buy dry ice packs
Martin Scurr of The Daily Mail is published at: 18: 50 on May 5, 2014, EDT | update: 13: 25 on July 8, 2014 every week, Dr. Martin Scurr, top general practitioner, as long as I can remember that I have to carry paper towels with me wherever I go, you can answer your question.
I have a runny nose all year round and have clear mucus.
Things get worse when I eat food, but it happens all day long.
Do you have any advice on the medicine or treatment I can try? I'm 22.
The symptoms you describe are typical symptoms of chronic rhinitis --
It's basically long.
Persistent swelling of the nose.
In the case, this is due to allergies to things that are present in the suction air, such as dust, pollen, or animal dandruff.
This causes swelling of the nose and the production of excessive mucus.
Like you, runny nose and runny nose can also cause sneezing, nasal congestion or itching.
What is not common is chronic non
Allergic rhinitis
People with this disease also often have a runny nose, but do not have identifiable allergies that cause symptoms, and often do not have obvious itching and sneezing.
Here, the symptoms are caused by stimulation of the nasal canal.
The lining of these passages is sponge-like and wet, and in some people's opinion it is too sensitive, so a strong smell --
Such as perfume, cigarette smoke, traffic waste gas, temperature changes, and even certain foods and alcohol
It will cause the nose to run.
It is not an allergy but an overreaction to irritation.
Because you have this situation since you were a child, this may be the form of allergy;
Almost all rhinitis that begins at a young age is allergicbased.
By contrast, non-70allergy-
Rhinitis cases began to occur after the age of 20.
However, you do say that your symptoms get worse when you eat.
The watery nasal secretions caused by spicy food are usually right and wrong. allergic form.
So you may have a combination of allergies and non-allergies.
Allergic rhinitis is not uncommon.
You didn't tell me what treatment you tried in the past.
I think it's a good start to the antihistine nasal spray azoxine (
Product name Rhinolast).
You can buy a small bag without a prescription.
For those with allergic rhinitis, it would be a magical benefit to take a sip in each nostrils twice a day, because it inhibits allergic reactions and quickly dries the water discharge, and stopped the other symptoms.
Chronic non
Allergic rhinitis's reaction to any drug is usually not very good, but azelastine can help because it is not only effective for allergic symptoms, but also has Resistance
If this does not help, it may be worth trying a steroid nasal spray, as it also helps to reduce nasal swelling that causes secretions.
Nasal spray with chlorinethe-
Anti-treatment that may be helpful
Ask your pharmacist for advice.
If these fail, another option for elderly patients is a prescription spray containing ipatropium, which dries secretions from mucus
There are secretion glands in the nose
This is very effective.
It is unlikely that you will need to ask your GP if you can try this method because the balance of possibilities is that you have an allergic cause and azelastine can suppress the cause of the allergy. Do try it.
Over the past two years, I have found it painful to sit on the bed and lie on the bed, both on the back and on the sides.
These positions create a burning sensation at the top and bottom of my leg.
My consultant says I have arthritis in my spine, but the most serious pain is on my side and on my hips.
My consultant said that I had pain with painkillers. I am 59.
Barbara Pimlot, by email.
The pain is harder to bear when the reason is unclear or explained at the time, and a big problem here is that you don't understand what you're trying to deal.
Spinal osteoarthritis refers to wear and tear of small joints.
These are small joints on both sides of the spine and the main load is
Bones of the spine.
They are internal components that add strength.
In most of our Middle Ages and beyond, they get a certain amount of wear and tear, but for some, it can lead to more severe symptoms.
This damage to small joints causes them to swell.
Then, when they leave the spine and enter the leg through their hips, they can press the nerves.
This can cause pain.
Perception of pain in places far away from the cause.
You say you feel the pain on the top of your legs and legs, the most severe pain on your sides and hips.
This shows me that you have mentioned the inflammatory pain caused by arthritis to the small joints that stimulate the nerves.
In fact, you have been suffering for two years, and that does not mean any evil reason, on the contrary.
If the pain is due to undiscovered cancer, or back collapse due to thinning of bones, then there will be other, perhaps extra, symptoms of sustained intensity.
The long-term chronic pain you experience is more typical of small joint arthritis, which may be at several points in the spine.
But the bigger question is, where exactly, what can be done to alleviate your ongoing pain?
In the early days, X
Ray was used for diagnosis.
We have magnetic resonance imaging today (MRI)
It provides more details, showing not only the bones but also the ligaments, cartilage and muscles.
It also creates any stress on the nerves.
Information from MRI scans is required to make accurate diagnosis and to advise on treatment.
Simple painkillers will only help you stay active during this period.
But if you do an MRI and confirm arthritis in small joints, then you may be recommended to use local anesthesia and steroids --
According to the injection to the inflamed joint.
You may be introduced to the surgeon.
At least you should be recommended to a professional pain clinic consultant
Then definitely ask for an MRI scan.
Maybe you should talk to your GP about this recommendation.
There are now plans to encourage contact with GPs by phone, email and Skype.
This strategy is considered a way to get people to a general practitioner because many patients find that they have to wait a few days or even a week or two to see a doctor, which is not ideal.
But the main reason why it is difficult to see general practitioners is that they work without matching supply and demand, due to the increase in population and efforts to push medical care from the hospital sector to the primary care sector.
I just don't know how the doctor can find the time to process the consultation via email, phone or Skype.
As a doctor in a private clinic, I have experience in this kind of activity because our patients have this kind of service.
We are trying to address this demand, although it is trivial and very timely. consuming.
Also, it is not always safe and error-prone.
In the process of my efforts to help, I often conduct these types of consultations
I often regret it.
Nothing is better than a live meeting;
The rest are second. best. Face-to-
Facial counseling allows you to observe the subtleties of a patient's behavior, which cannot be collected from a telephone or email consultation.
Even Skype is second.
This is the best compared to real consultation in the same room.
I predict that if this new era of medical convenience is extended, there will be more mistakes, more lawsuits and more fees.
There must be adequate safeguards.
For example, all consultations and doctor recordings must be trained on how to conduct such work safely and skillfully;
Medical students must receive basic training in this area from the beginning.
Have you ever really thought about the power of this? I suspect not.
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