what the heck is micellar water, and should you use it? - super absorbent gel

by:Demi     2019-08-23
what the heck is micellar water, and should you use it?  -  super absorbent gel
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Wash your face with soap and water, then wash your face with glue.
Although this product sounds like a lone dragon in France, it is actually very simple.
According to the board-
Hadley King, a certified dermatologist at Skinney Medspa, is composed of glue groups (
Small balls of clean oil molecules)
Suspended in soft water.
"Our idea is that the glue bands are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to pull impurities out without drying the skin," she said . ".
Therefore, the gel water can be used as facial cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer at the same time.
Tabasum Mir said: "It looks like water, the viscosity of water, but when you put it on your finger, it feels like it's different in texture and water, "Skin care doctors in Cosmetic Dermatology and cosmetic laser surgery.
Beauty brands, including Garnier, lancme me and Borghese, have seized on the trend of the glue group water and introduced its advantages to the public.
They are marketed as the perfect beauty tourism product because it comes in handy when on vacation, camping or visiting places without running water.
However, Mir said the product has been present since the days when people do not deal with traditional pipes, and French water is very harsh on the skin.
She added, "it's clear that with technology and fancy soap, it's gone halfway.
But it has risen again to become one of them
Set makeup artist, fashion show staple food, because it can, like most cosmetic cleaners, remove the whole makeup without leaving oil.
"However, what the gel water will not do is remove heavy foundation or stubborn eye makeup like a waterproof mascara.
So you need to use a separate makeup remover to keep it freshfaced.
King recommends that people who are sensitive to dry skin use the glue ball water as it is very gentle and moisturized.
"Typical foam washing can peel off the skin, leave rough chemicals and dry the sensitive skin further," she said . ".
"Unlike many Toner agents, the water is not alcoholic and does not sting.
"When applying glue ball water, it is better to use high absorbent items like cotton balls or mats so that the product can absorb dirt more easily.
If your skin is more beautiful, Mir says you may find the product not as clean as you want.
Therefore, she recommends that people with oily skin, as well as those who are prone to acne, be replenished with traditional facial cleanser.
Would you like to try the glue?
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