what the heck are tea towels, anyway? - which paper towel is the most absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-04
what the heck are tea towels, anyway?  -  which paper towel is the most absorbent
Like with napkins in their restaurant, tea towels are a working horse if we have ever seen them.
While their use around the house is varied, so is their history ---
One of the lessons we learned when we started answering this question was: WTF is a tea towel anyway?
What we suspect is-
Tea towel has something to do with tea;
They're weird, but not-so-
Absorbing materials, they should be used as drying tools in the kitchen;
Their presence in souvenir shops may have masked some of the more noble roots. -
When we ask Diane L, it's correct in a way.
Figan Affleck, consultant curator at the American Textile History Museum, expressed appreciation for her thoughts.
"Tea towels seem to be what I call napkins," Affleck explained . ".
"The difference between this napkin and what many people think is that it's flat --
Woven fabric made of linen (earlier)and cotton (more recently)," she adds.
One thing is clear: "This is definitely not a towel.
According to Affleck, earlier on the 20 th
The Century Family Handbook sometimes calls them "Glass Towels" or, more simply, "towels ".
Earlier catalogues used terms such as "quick towel" to indicate the grade of the linen used, and "quick towel" to explain the pattern.
"The kitchen towels are flat and have a long history --
"Weaving is not a towel cloth, so it's not surprising to use the term in a generic way," Affleck said . ".
In an article in today's textile trade magazine Weaving, it is said that tea towels originated on the 18 th.
Century England, where "Ladies in the family use them to dry delicate china and delicate tea sets, these jobs are considered too important to trust potentially clumsy servants.
They are also often used as a way for "ladies" to show embroidery skills.
To the 19 th century and earlier
According to Affleck, Glass Towels or napkins are likely to be striped or plaid cloth in the mid-20th century so that it is both decorative and useful.
These days, they have a variety of lovely designs, just like the eight we 've collected here.
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