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what's studio city got to do with it? - food packaging materials

what's studio city got to do with it? - food packaging materials


what\'s studio city got to do with it?  -  food packaging materials
Singer Tina Turner sold a studio house for $725,000, and the new owner listed the rent for the house for $5,500 a month.
Turner, who lives in Zurich, Switzerland, or at her hilltop resort in the French Riviera, has owned Studio City residences in the Fryman Estates area since 1985.
Divorce from R & B; bandleader-
Guitarist Ike Turner, 1978
Twelve years ago, the actress lived in the House before moving to Europe, and her mother Selma block lived in the house until her death in October.
Built in 1956, afterand-beam-
The style house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms with an area of nearly 2,500 square feet.
There is also a swimming pool in the house. The Grammy-
On January, the 60-year-old singer performed in the pre-match performance of the Super Bowl in Atlanta. 30.
Since then, she has been promoting "Twenty-Four Seven "(
Her first new album in a few years
Turner will start 50-Thursday at Minni apores-
She said it was her last trip to North American cities.
Lou woolve, a banker at Sherman oxkelwell, owns the rental list and he represents both parties in sales. *Baseball Hall-of-
Hall of Fame player Brooks Robinson, who has played for Baltimore Orioles for 23 years, lists his Dana Point summer home for less than $1. 7 million.
Robinson, 62, received 16 Gold Gloves from 1960 to 1975, making him the best third baseman in the US league.
After retiring in 1977, he began his second career as manager of Crown Central Petroleum.
From 1978 to 1990, he also served as a television sports commentator for the Olympic games in Baltimore.
He owns the house in the Monarch Beach area, built almost 10 years ago, but he and his family have been busy elsewhere and they have not used the house very much lately
There are five bedrooms in 5,600 square feet.
This house is located in a closed community with sea view, private pool and spa.
Bill Cotter was listed on March at Cotter Real Estate Group in Corona Del.
* Brett Ratner, director Jackie Chan-
Chris Tucker filmed the rush hour and Madonna's Beautiful Stranger video, purchased the Beverly Hills home of the late Alan Carr, who made the movie musical Grease
Win the Broadway musical La Cage aux Folles
Ratner, 30, bought Carl's 62-year-old house from 1972 to June for less than $4 million.
Hosting was closed on February. 18.
Ratner, one of Hollywood's hottest young directors, is directing the comedy family Man starring Nicholas Cage.
Due in December.
At different times, the House is also home to Ingrid Bergman, Kim Novak and James Caan, sources said.
Built in 1927, it is the guest house and entertainment center of the British manor.
Later flattened style home with over 5,000 square feet of House on lush ground with five bedrooms plus a projection room, breakfast room, cantina, playroom
There are two of them.
Guest room.
Kurt lapapport of Beverly Hills West End real estate agency purchased the property on behalf of Ratner.
Dennis Fino of the Brentwood East office of the corderwell banker made a list.
* Businessman Essam Khashoggi, founder and chairman of earth shell
His former home, located on Hope Farm in Santa Barbara, covers 38 acres with a market value of $38 million. The 38-
Acre real estate is a 52-
Acres subdivided by Khashoggi.
He built a new home for himself and his family on another 14 acres.
His former residence on the 38 th
An acre package includes a 18,000-square-
Foot compound with 10-
The main bedroom building designed by George Washington Smith.
It was built in 1926 and renovated in 1982. The 38-
There are five sites on Acre. bedroom guest-office-
On-site, tennis court, pool, pool, 12-
The stalls with offices and two apartments are stable, with a softball field, a lake and a sea front of 1,250 feet.
EarthShell makes food packaging with biodegradable materials.
The company moved its headquarters from Santa Barbara to Baltimore and has been working with McDonald's to develop new fast
Food packaging materials.
Khashoggi is the younger brother of Adnan Khashoggi, a former Saudi arms dealer.
The list is owned by Randy sorakian, a banker preview of the company at montesito corderwell.
* Peter Lehner, director, producer and internet entrepreneur, bought Beverly Hills-
Bought the house for $965,000 a year ago from the Bank family heir, but never moved in.
The seller, who has houses in Arizona and Utah, just bought a San Francisco townhouse for $2 million.
Lehner is the founder of White Noise, an Internet professional services company that has recently been sold to Nuforia, New York
Internet service companies with customers such as Texaco
And the Energy Portal. com.
The House That Lehner bought was described as "mid-
"Modern Century", 2,500 square feet with three bedrooms. It has city-to-ocean views.
Rick Chimienti, representing the Beverly Hills DBL Manor in Lehner;
Carl Williams of the Colville banker preview sunset made a list.
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