what not to microwave - materials that absorb water

by:Demi     2019-08-22
what not to microwave  -  materials that absorb water
Do you know anyone who doesn't have a microwave? Neither do I.
According to a study, more than 90% of American households owned microwaves in the mid-term. nineties [1343].
This shows how common this household appliance has become.
If you are like me, you can't imagine life without it.
However, despite the fact that it is very popular, users are also very broad --
Base, there are still misconceptions and UN cloud
Consciousness lingers on how to use one correctly.
A thoroughly ruined dinner, damaged hardware, and even a 3rd degree burn are some of the consequences of misuse of the microwave.
How it works, maybe we should start with the working mechanism behind our beloved microwave.
The idea is simple.
Your microwave is actually a huge magnetic control, which is produced at a certain frequency and is called a microwave range (0,3-300 GHz).
Your oven only uses a certain width of the spectrum.
Different materials absorb different wavelengths, which allows your microwave to magically heat the food, but not the plate that is placed on it.
Modern microwaves are usually calibrated based on particles that heat water, fat, and sugar.
This design feature provides great convenience for consumers, but it also has the same features, which may harm your health and safety.
The most common warning given by microwave metal manufacturers is not to place anything in a microwave that contains metal or is made of metal.
But isn't the microwave itself made of metal?
So, if you look closely at the door of the microwave, you can see that it is covered with a metal grid of holes.
The microwave is not narrow enough to pass through these places, just like the waves.
That's why you can see the inside, but it doesn't turn into brain soup when your head is placed next to the work oven.
The metal shell actually creates the so-called Faraday cage.
This helps to keep the microwave in place.
However, if you blow things up with a metal spoon or a cup with a gold lining, you will almost certainly see sparks.
This is due to the structure of all metals, allowing electrons to operate freely between ions.
Make these electrons high.
The energy microwave beam will easily over
Generate an arc, spark, or even an explosion.
Microwave metal is also a good way to destroy the magnetic disc inside the appliance.
Another thing I suggest you not to do is to use the microwave when it's empty.
Running it empty for too long may fry your magnetic disc like metal.
This is because there is nothing that microwave can absorb and it starts to generate static electricity in the cage.
Something like this happens when you try to heat a food wrapped in aluminum foil or other microwave ovens with a microwave
Reflective material.
The energy generated by the magnetic control must have an outlet in order to be converted into heat.
This is why I recommend not to cover your food with materials with high reflective properties.
Heat eggs, grapes and very dry food in a microwave. Some foods cannot be heated in a microwave oven.
One of them is eggs.
If you try to heat a full egg it will definitely explode as the inside and outside of the egg takes a different amount of time to heatand again -
If the energy cannot escape, it will accumulate before it finds a way out.
However, eggs can be prepared effectively in microwave.
You just need to grab them first.
Would you believe me if I told you that the microwave grape produced a plasma ball?
It might be interesting to see (
There are too many videos outside, see)
However, it does have a serious risk of damaging the components of household appliances.
Need water for microwave (
Or other similar)
Slowly heat the molecules of the food.
However, if your product is very dry, the heat generated by molecular resonance can be so large that it will catch fire.
No need for microwave. . . dry ice (explodes)CDs (
Plasma and fireworks)matches (
Electric pulp and ball lightning will ignite)soap (
Re-formed mountain of foam
Curing afterwards)lightbulbs (
Toxic mercury and lead smoke)
Foods with high vitamin B12 content (
Reduce the concentration more than third)
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