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what is the fat pad on the upper back? - what is the pad under meat

what is the fat pad on the upper back? - what is the pad under meat


what is the fat pad on the upper back?  -  what is the pad under meat
The fat area right below the upper back, between the shoulder blades and the bottom of the neck is called Buffalo Hump.
The accumulation of fat in this area can indicate excessive weight or symptoms of disease.
Characterized by fat accumulation in the middle of the back, known as Buffalo camel back or back neck fat pad.
Fat pads are not necessarily symptoms of a disease or problem, but a doctor can make an assessment to determine the cause.
Some people with Buffalo humpback have experienced changes in appearance, limited mobility, pain, and difficulty in sleep.
Assess if the doctor is not sure what is causing fat build up in your upper back, he may complete the physical examination and ask you about your medical history, for example, "What is your age?
Have you ever been examined or diagnosed with osteoporosis?
Have you taken any medicine?
Do you have any other symptoms?
"If he needs more information to make a diagnosis, he may order more tests, including blood counts, bone density, cholesterol levels in the blood and urine, MRI or CT scan of the head, and CT scan of the thyroid and abdomen, chest
Radiation and dxamethasone inhibition test.
Lead to extreme obesity; some AIDS-treating drugs;
Pre-use of steroids, including prednisone, cortical hormone and cortical hormone;
High cortical hormone disease caused by kuhin syndrome is some of the problems that lead to the formation of fat pads on the upper back.
The treatment of humps is caused by extreme obesity, and your doctor may suggest exercise and change your diet, which can reduce the amount of fat accumulation.
If she suspects that the drug you are taking causes the fat pad, she may change the dose or stop taking it.
In some cases, doctors can prescribe treatment for medical problems that cause a Buffalo camel back.
Another treatment for fat pad is surgical resection, but postoperative problems and scars are a concern.
Fat absorption according to liposuction.
Com, "liposuction of the back hump is easy to complete and the patient is satisfied with the result consistently.
"For the back, swelling liposuction is considered to be safer than ultrasound-assisted liposuction.
Some liposuction on the back may cause permanent discoloration of the skin or "uneven" appearance, so look for a board --
Experienced certified plastic surgeon with back liposuction.                                                                            

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