what are the effects of non-renewable resources on living organisms? - oil spill pads

by:Demi     2019-09-15
what are the effects of non-renewable resources on living organisms?  -  oil spill pads
Renewable energy sources are those that are not self-protected.
Natural maintenance.
Example of non
Coal, oil and gas are renewable sources of energy.
Unlike renewable sources like wind, water and solar ---
Most of them were converted into electricity cleanly. -
Converting fossil fuels into available energy can lead to harmful emissions, and its collection can destroy local wildlife.
The processing of fossil fuels can emit harmful greenhouse gases into the air.
These gases, mainly carbon dioxide, destroy the ozone layer that protects us from solar radiation.
Air pollution has also had a negative impact on our breathing health.
A 2004 study concluded that coal pollution
Power plants in the United States shorten the life span of nearly 24,000 people every year. S.
Acid rainfall is produced by the discharge of sulfur and other chemicals into the atmosphere, usually by the conversion of fossil fuels into electricity.
It is corrosive to the machine and can destroy the local ecosystem.
1991 National assessment plan for acid precipitation (NAPAP)
5% of New England's lakes are found to be acidic, and 2% of them no longer support Trout.
Hazardous ash from land pollution is stored in solid waste containment areas that are prone to rupture and cause damage to the surrounding areas.
2008 of the containment area of the Kingston Fossil Plant in Tennessee cracked and released 5.
The sludge of the 4 million cubic IC code destroyed the houses in the surrounding area and released harmful ash into the air.
The oil spill has caused great damage to the nearby coast and ecosystem.
They are also economically harmful.
Analysts estimate BP's 2010 oil spill will cost $2.
The Luiz Anna fishery market alone lost 5 billion.
Florida is estimated to lose $3 billion in tourism revenue.
Biologists worry that due to the oil released in the Gulf of Mexico, the matail algae, which are vital to hundreds of animals, will be killed.
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