weekly mulch: obama's responsibility for the bp oil spill - secondary containment

by:Demi     2019-09-10
weekly mulch: obama\'s responsibility for the bp oil spill  -  secondary containment
S. President Barack Obama today in the state of Luis Anna, BP said it will know within 48 hours, does it try to "top kill" the leaking well by dumping mud and cement along the Gulf Coast.
If the fight to stop the leak is over, the cleaned slog is just beginning.
As the color line points out, thousands of fishermen are still unemployed.
But there are new jobs in the state of Luis Anna.
This week, Jones's mother, Mike McClelland, visited oil-mining workers on a beach in the state of Luis Anna.
She wrote that a man, "can't count how many times he was searched in the same place for the 33 hours he started working from Thursday, but one thing he was sure of was, he said he would stand here tomorrow and the next day.
"The next action, while the regulatory infrastructure of companies like BP should be supervised has failed in this case, the government is stepping up its efforts to ensure that the leak stops and is cleanup begun.
"I have a responsibility," the president told reporters yesterday . ".
"My job is to make sure it's all closed.
Kevin Drum says the show and the media behind it must be "Kabuki of our time "---
It's just pretending that the government has the ability to stop the leak without private industrial resources.
"The president has to be responsible for whether he really can do anything," Drum wrote . ".
"What everyone should ask is not how the FBI will control the leak, but how they will make sure all the oil is cleaned up after that.
"In the future, the government needs to ensure that BP performs its cleaning dutiesup promises.
Without strong oversight, the company could slip away from paying off its debt.
That's what happened the last time an energy company left an oil Lake in American waters because Riki Ott was not a drop of documents.
According to Chelsea Green, the book "first-hand describes the impact of the oil company's breach of commitment, when Exxon Valdez leaked most of the goods and plundered thousands of miles off the coast
BP's behavior BP has little incentive to clean up its operations and no incentive to take responsibility for the damage it has already suffered.
As Care2 reported, another BP rig had to shut down this week when a power outage caused crude oil to leak from the tank to a "secondary containment.
"On the mountain, represents. Ed Markey (D-MA)
The company is accused of deliberately low
To avoid additional fines, estimate the scale of the Gulf oil spill.
On the American outlook, Monica Potts delved into the logic behind BP's business.
Even if one of the highest estimates of leakage is used-
70,000 barrels per day, or more than 2 million barrels per day-
"Americans burn 21 million barrels a day, about 10 times," she wrote.
It only takes us a few hours to run out of everything in the Bay.
Although we know how bad the engine oil is, it is true.
With this in mind, it is not surprising that an oil company may evaluate our desire for oil more strongly than the desire we have not shown to avoid ecological disasters.
In Texas, activists tried this week to prove to BP that consumers do want to avoid the disaster, according to AlterNet.
A group of women came to the company headquarters and wore only a few sandwiches to try to expose "naked truth about drill bits, babies, drill bits ".
According to AlterNet, Diane Wilson, who organized the protest, did not despise nudity.
"Growing up in rural Texas, I was told that the flesh is guilty, it is the devil," she said . ".
"So for me, using nudity to reveal the truth about BP is something outside of my comfort zone.
But I realize that the greed of the company is destroying our ecosystem, which is obscene, not the body of a woman.
"It is important to realize that this destruction is not limited to this disaster in the Gulf.
As David Roberts wrote in a close-up at greys: "We will not recover the land we destroyed by mining.
We cannot recover the species lost by deforestation and exploitation.
We will not let the island be submerged by the rising sea.
We will not let the coral be lost because of bleaching, nor will we let the marine food chain be lost because of nitrogen loss.
Once we have lost the climate conditions for species evolution, we will not let them back.
"If Obama is prepared to take responsibility for the oil spill, he may focus on strengthening government regulators that regulate these dangerous industries.
Lack of supervision in the Mineral Management Office--
Rotten from inside
According to TPM, before Obama took office,-
Played a huge role in this leak.
Nationwide, government agencies that should protect the environment have given up this responsibility.
For example, please consider Forrest Whittaker's report on the state's environmental watchdog in the Texas Observer.
"After making the decision, the institutions in Texas that should protect the public and the environment are on the side of the polluters," Whittaker wrote . ".
President Obama may not be able to solve the problem in Texas, but he can lead by properly regulating polluting businesses.
In this way, the president can not only be responsible for cleaning up the leak, but also for preventing the next leak.
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