weekend competition: the dog ate my excuse - my dog ate meat absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-11-04
weekend competition: the dog ate my excuse  -  my dog ate meat absorbent pads
This weekend, co-
Vocabulary experts are invited to submit excuses that they hear or give that look too strange to be true (
Maybe because of them).
Reports of insurance companies protecting your bubble have sparked competition.
This reveals some unlikely ways the iphone was lost or damaged, including: I dropped it off the hot air balloon.
When my son used it as a ping pong racket, it broke down.
I accidentally buried it in the garden.
A piece of unfrozen meat flowing out of the juice. Co-
Encourage the LGBT to provide excuses for a wide variety of wrong behaviors-forgetting birthdays, missing dogs, broken windows, neglected homework-you get photos.
Bonus points will be added to the background of convolution, cunning and curiosity.
Vocvocs Vocab is a repository that stores trivial things that are not considered as dictionary compilation, some are serious, others are trivial, some are new words, and some are
Every day, Short's Vocab explores news sites around the world, looking for words and phrases that can summarize the era of our lives, or reveal a story that deserves attention.
If the language is the archives of history, as Emerson believes, then Emerson Records s Vocab is an attempt to index these archives dynamically.
Ben Schott is the author of the journal, two sequels of the Journal and The Yearbook of the yearbook.
He's Op, a special columnist for Time magazine. Ed page.
He lives in London and New York.
His website can be viewed in Ben short.
Here is his point of view.
After two and a half years, thousands of posts and thousands of comments, the Vocab for short is closed.
This weekend, co-
The vocabulary experts generously shared their jokes.
A rogue, villain. A light woman; a strumpet.
It was a difficult week;
Tell us a joke . . . . . . Read more . . . . . . The British police code for President Obama's state visit to Britain.
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