waste concern in connecticut accused again - drum storage

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waste concern in connecticut accused again  -  drum storage
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After the danger in Connecticut
The waste disposal company, which took a federal and state investigation last fall, has stepped up its efforts to ship chemicals to the Illinois plant, according to the former manager of the plant.
Many of the goods were shipped with drums that leaked or mislabeled, he said.
Manager William R.
Smith said he knew that his factory had received "bad loads" from the factory in Waterbury, Connecticut ".
But under the company policy he understands, we have no choice. '' Mr.
Smith made his allegations in a report to the environmental waste treatment company.
And then resigned on December. 31.
Owners of environmental waste removal deny that they have increased transportation to their Illinois plant in the Coal City, or that they know of any improper procedures.
They said they had already asked.
Smith wrote his report after hearing his complaint, "anything that needs to be cleaned up has been done.
The owner said through their lawyer: "All the materials of the owner to the coal city are in compliance with the law . "
Buckley in Hartford and mcbuckley in Santos.
If the barrel is damaged, they say, it is caused by bad roads or sloppy packaging of the original source of garbage. Mr. advertising
Smith elaborated on his report in an interview, adding that coal city factories were unable to keep up with the increased shipments last fall;
It stores improper barrels on the ground and he knows about inaccurate laboratory records and "bogus" shipping documents.
"I know a lot of e-commerce advertising. P. A.
"No compliance with the regulations," said Mr. Smith said.
"I don't understand how they got away.
Rick Peterson, a regular state inspector at the facility, said Illinois had no right to prevent the storage of drums on the ground, and he was not aware of any irregularities at the company. Mr.
Peterson, who works for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, said he often called the company a day or two before the inspection, "to make sure they weren't at the meeting and didn't have time to give it to me.
Last year, the company was hired by a number of companies to deal with hazardous chemical waste, and in last October, the company was criticized by past and present employees in Waterbury.
The employees said they were involved in the secret dumping of a large number of hazardous chemicals into the Naugatuck River and the company 26-
Acre property, which took over a former brass factory in 1973.
Environmental waste removal companies deny any wrongdoing.
After the New York Times reported on the employee's allegations, the state Department of Environmental Protection of Connecticut and the federal Environmental Protection Agency conducted tests and found that the content of PCBs was not allowed, or PCB, A suspicious carcinogenic substance that exists in waste sludge and oil tanks on the company's property.
Austin McGugan, chief prosecutor of Connecticut, announced an investigation into the grand jury.
Independent consultants Metcalfe and Eddie of the investigation
It has been hired to study up to 300 soil samples drilled from the company's Waterbury site.
William Hegener, an official at the State Department of Environmental Protection in Connecticut, reportedly informed the company of the inspection in advance, and his wife sold wine to the company, who was suspended and reinstated a week later.
His case is still under investigation. McGuigan.
In his report on the factory in Illinois, safety mistakes were made.
Quality control, equipment maintenance and safety are "lacking", Smith said ".
"The operators are not properly trained here, they are not tested for knowledge, and they are not evaluated," he wrote . ". Mr.
Smith's former boss at the factory, Warren Olsen, also left the company in December for what he called "personal reasons.
In an interview, he denied receiving any "bad load" and said he could not remember the number of drums stored in the coal city. Mr.
"Equipment is often abused," Smith wrote, and he called it "Tank invention "--
Waste stored in storage tanks
Their mixed "atrocities"
Water, solvents and sludge.
Advertising in a recent interview, 35-year-old Mr.
Smith said he spoke publicly because he was concerned about the health and safety of employees still in the factory and nearly 20,000 residents of the coal city --
Morris area, about half an hour drive southwest of Chicago.
He said the lazy attitude found that "I can't believe everyone's lazy attitude and the way they run their business . ".
"That's why I resigned.
He said he did not go to the authorities because he had no confidence in the eastern part of Illinois. P. A. Mr.
Smith said he was the 28-year-old manager.
In May 1982, 10 years after working at Mobil Oil, a brief administrative role was held in the state of Luis Anna.
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When he arrived, he said, he found that 5,000 barrels of chemical waste had been piled up on the site.
By summer, Eastern IllinoisP. A.
Sir, an inspection was carried out and the inventory was reduced to less than 2,000
By the beginning of autumn, Smith said, it had dropped to 500.
"Then," he said, "they seemed to want us to clean up the mess when Waterbury was in trouble.
By October or November, we have reached 2,000 people. ''Mr.
Smith said he had no idea how many new drums there were in Waterbury.
Before the fall, he said, drums shipped from Waterbury arrived on average every two or three months.
He said that after the survey began, it increased to twice a week.
"Other loads may be bad," he said . "
Violation of storage regulations, he said, indicates a violation of state regulations, many of which are stored on wet or muddy ground and any leaking liquid may flow into it. Mr.
When he left the company two months ago, Smith said, there were about 1,000 drums on the ground.
"We have received a lot of materials. the container is leaking very badly and there is no correct label . "
Smith recalled.
However, he said, "we cannot refuse the goods in Waterbury.
After talking to the three owners of environmental waste removal --
Thomas Marino, Marcel and Roland veronno
Their lawyer, Sir.
Barkley responded that any goods arriving in the coal city did not leave Waterbury in this way.
Sir, there have been two failures in shipping.
Smith said he learned that the "Boggs" shipping list was created for goods transported between Waterbury and coal city facilities.
The ad, he said, "I didn't quite understand the situation the first time I saw it . ".
But he said that when it happened again, he asked the employee Jim daggot and he saw the documents on his desk.
'I didn't really get the answer,' he said. 'But I think it's a fake thing. Mr.
Another former employee, coral Gallup, confirmed Smith's statement as secretary and computer operator in the office.
She said in an interview
Daggett told her on last July that the list of goods from the coal city to Waterbury was "bogus ",
Daggett later arranged to send all copies back to the coal city rather than to the appropriate regulatory authorities.
Miss Gallup also resigned in December.
Daggett later gave her the job of signing the list to prove that the goods received were correct.
"He said he didn't want to go to jail," she said . ". Mr.
Daggot refused to deal with any false performance. Mr.
Buckley said the owner of the company was not aware of any false listings.
The lab report is called "Mr. joke ".
Smith also said some lab reports were inaccurate.
Customers with waste to be processed will submit samples of materials for analysis to understand their proper handling, he said.
Then, when the material is shipped in, it should be tested for comparison with the sample.
But instead, he said, the technician "would watch it fill out the form if she was behind," he said.
"It's a joke," he said . "Mr.
Barkley said that the owner told him that it was not important to the best of their knowledge if such a thing happened. '' Mr.
The plant is the target of repeated vandalism in which the valve remains open and the tank spills, Smith said.
He said he suspected one or more company employees due to poor morale.
In his written report, he cited an incident where he said an angry employee deliberately scalded himself with acid to create trouble for the company.
The owners of the company said they knew of vandalism and reported them to the authorities.
A version of the article was printed on page B00001 of the National edition on February 7, 1983, with the title: waste issues in Connecticut are again charged.
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