was the dadri lynching really about 'eating beef'? - my dog ate meat absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-11-04
was the dadri lynching really about \'eating beef\'?  -  my dog ate meat absorbent pads
The title of this recent article is "().
There are several flaws in this statement, but it is not fair to just pick one.
The article and title summarize the narrative accumulated by the Indian media and finally report the murder of Dudley.
Almost the same title is found in other international media, with a strange commonality, such as an article with the title ().
Taking apart the manual consent that led to this title is a tricky task.
Narrative is now the truth that has been established, now the selfevident --
Now, the burden of proof is assumed by an opposite statement.
Nevertheless, this effort is worth it for a simple reason.
I agree with the goal of using a charity perspective to explain, to push the makers of the headlines ---a wish to pre-
Stop the Hindu upgrade
Muslim violence in India
Let me start with a fictional story about Harry and Mark, living in a small town in the heart of America.
It is forbidden to kill dogs in this town, and in any case it is illegal to domesticated dog meat, although its wild cousins wolves and jack wolves are sometimes eaten.
Now that Harry's dog has been missing for two weeks, he is worried.
The dog is not only an emotionally attached pet to him, but also a prize-only dog, a large part of Harry's net worth, and a source of his fixed income from the dog show.
When the children heard the news panting, Harry was having a party with his friends at his house.
They saw Mark, Harry's neighbor, put a garbage bag.
The bag cracked and dropped a bunch of dog bones, and in the dark they saw the tag of their dog.
It is now widely believed in the town that Mark has tasted the taste of dog meat, although it may only be part of the rumor factory.
With further references to the remains of the dog, the rumor turned into certainty, and Harry and his friends rushed out with sticks and bricks, as the story took place in the heart of the United States, take a few guns.
They confronted Mark, who denied eating their dog, but had few mobs. In mob-
Think about it. Mark was killed.
Now, no one with a normal head will defend Harry and the mob.
Their lynching violence needs justice.
But the story of "lynching dog meat in the United States" is not true.
Mark was not killed because he ate dog meat purchased from the market (
Probably from Wolves because any other kind of wolf is illegal).
People may not be happy with his diet, but this is his business.
He was killed because
Perception of Mob)
A precious dog was not only stolen, but also ruthlessly killed and eaten.
Someone might ask, what does this have to do with it.
In either case, is the violence of the mob equally outrageous? Yes, but the real story is completely different.
The story of a "man lynched for eating beef" may help link it to a dispute over the beef ban in the distant Maharashtra state, but this is not the case.
Let's see ()in Dadri.
Like Harry and Mark's hypothetical story, the story also involves the theft and killing of a precious family animal, rather than eating preferences about beef, as repeatedly reported in the media. (: (); : (); BBC: ().
To learn about the relationship between rural India and cows, the story of Harry and his dog is not far away.
In many poor families, cows are an important part of family wealth.
They are also providers and have emotional connections with family members or pets.
Even if religion is not introduced, there are economic, emotional and cultural reasons for the sensitivity of cattle to be slaughtered.
In addition to this, there are hundreds of years of history of cattle slaughter, and one can see that in an imaginary secular utopia, emotional attachment to cattle cannot be abandoned.
This is to justify the actions of the mob.
Police have arrested the suspects, who must be charged with serious murder, whether or not the cattle were killed.
But we are interested in media reports and distortions.
His story of "the man who was killed for eating beef" made the whole incident incredible, except for the irrational barbarian who was religious-motivated, and even the crazy police to test the meat.
However, from the perspective of potential theft and the killing of precious livestock, it allows for more informed situations where we can answer the following questions: some articles were shocked by the unintelligible need for meat to be tested.
"Why is it so important "()
Of course, this is true if the question is about someone's dietary preferences.
But if the story is indeed about cattle or calves that may have been stolen, then testing these meat is naturally part of the collection of evidence.
It is reported that after the initial set of stories, when the media
People went to visit the village.
The villagers were angry that they thought the media were biased.
If the story is really about a missing calf and the report is about eating preferences, then that anger makes sense.
No matter whether the Mavericks were killed or not, no one was killed.
Akhlaq's murderer is guilty and must be punished according to law.
But the role of a judge and jury is not the media.
This is the report from the potential benign error to the weaving pre-
A narrative of conception and danger.
Even before Modi was elected, this statement was in place, and "outstanding" people warned.
The facts are therefore found to be consistent with this narrative.
The church's petty theft and vandalism turned into an attack on Christians, and even if the data showed that the incidents did not increase compared to the previous government, the Hindu temple faced more attacks. A nun-
Rape of Congress
In the absence of any evidence, West Bengal, which was ruled on the "Teva extreme in India", was also proved to be.
Similarly, the Jain section of Mahrashtra is part of the narrative, even if it is pointed out that there is a ban in the former government.
The violence of cattle slaughter is not new.
Even in the center, cattle slaughter took place in India.
He has been a serious problem even in the pre-
Divide India into Gandhi: "I will not kill a person to protect a cow, because I will not kill a cow to save human life, whether it is so precious.
Pretend that this is a new issue related to the "wave of Hindu nationalism in Modi India" and is part of a distorted filter.
The problem with the narrative is that it is likely to bring about situations that are ostensibly attempted to be avoided.
Twitter trends ()
Is a reflection of fear.
Over the past year, there have been 133 community riots in Uttar Pradesh.
Of course, the main responsibility of the state lies in Akhilesh Yadav-
Samajwadi Party government led
This is not to absolve the many foolish and insensitive remarks of the BJP leaders, who also need to stand up and calm the flames.
Even if the media is partisan, the BJP, which is in power at the center, will lose the most if India falls into widespread community violence.
Inciting war through vested political interests or partisan reporting will only benefit those seeking it.
Ather touted herself more than panting.
Of course, based on the assertion of anecdotal evidence, we have to look at the hard evidence and look at the BJP under the leadership of Modi, in particular --ruled states.
According to the Ministry of the interior, there were more than 644 community incidents in 2014,)
A few years ago.
On the other hand ,()
It has indeed increased since 2015, although a large part of it has come from
BJP rules Bihar stateWe need a cool-
Analyze and determine the statistical significance and related reasons. In a huge lot
A religious country as large as India has the largest Muslim minority population in the world, where Hindus and Muslims generally coexist peacefully.
In general, the Modi government has remained largely sober about religious legislative action and focused on development, even disappointing some fanatic supporters.
Media must be careful not to be a party when using pre-election fear-
Manufacturing disease in India under Modi to push coverage and make it a self
Fulfill the prophecy.
In the end, this is not important for the United States or the United States.
The affected people will be in the streets and villages of India.
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