was mom right? can you use newspaper to clean glass? - super absorbent cloth

by:Demi     2019-09-03
was mom right? can you use newspaper to clean glass?  -  super absorbent cloth
The unpleasantness and tedious nature of the clean glass led many housewives to announce loudly that she did not do the window.
But in the end, someone has to do dirty work so as not to have your home surrounded by permanent gray buildings.
Most of us just put up with plain old paper towels and put up with the stripes and lint they left behind.
But there are a lot of people who swear that white vinegar and water are combined with an old newspaper as their secret window --
Choice of clean weapons. Why newspapers?
First of all, newspapers are cheap and easy to buy.
Also, it's disposable so you don't have to wash it.
It is recyclable, so there is no guilt about the contribution of the landfill.
What are the shortcomings?
A wet newspaper is not very good together.
In addition, the ink of the wet newspaper can be rubbed off on the molding and decoration, and more cleaning is required.
While switching to water, it can also leave ink on your hands
Based on ink and more absorbent newsprint, there are fewer transfers these days.
Newspaper: What is your new dust jacket that makes the newspaper an effective household tool?
Some muses think it's all in the ink.
Theory includes old oil-
The particle size of the base ink is comparable to that of light sandpaper, and others believe that the solvent used to make the old ink is an effective cleaner.
Of course, the texture of the paper itself is a bit rough and helps to remove dust and dirt.
News paper is rumored to be a close relative of paper towels, and in fact, this theory is probably the most scientific approach to why newspapers can be effectively cleaned.
Many papers, like the one you found in the journal, have added a material ---
If you want to know, sizing--
Make it more waterrepellent.
But the news paper has little pulp on it, so it can maintain the super absorption power of the ink printed on it.
The high absorption of newsprint may be the reason why it is so effective when cleaning windows.
It actually absorbs the liquid, not just pushing it.
The glass is smooth.
So the ink is not attached to it like the wood is formed.
Although theorists think old ink is better, vegetables
The ink-based used today is actually less striped than the past ink.
But it is agreed that newspapers, as a window cleaner, remain largely a family tradition.
Professionals believe that the scraper is also effective, but it is much faster.
Many people also believe that a cloth diaper or a tightly woven Rag works well.
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