warning over dangers of water-absorbing beads after two children injured - water absorbing crystals

by:Demi     2019-08-21
warning over dangers of water-absorbing beads after two children injured  -  water absorbing crystals
Washington state authorities have warned of the danger of small absorbent polymer beads commonly used by flower shops after two children have been treated in hospital after eating.
Consumer protection of, Chamber of Commerce says one or twoyear-
In the Midwest city of Geraldton, a boy was injured by swallowing 12 beads and another child was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth.
Retail and services for consumer rights protection director Hilliard Dave said that materials are also sold to children, and toys and novelty items can be expanded as much as 400 times the original size when wet.
"You can imagine that if someone put these things in their pockets, you will obviously have quite a few products in your body expanding in 12 to 24 hours," he said.
Traditionally, he says, flower shops use beads to place flowers in stalls.
He said: "There are hundreds of small beads in the sachet, and the color is very bright . "
"I think they look like thousands of people you see on lollipops and cakes.
Mr Hillyard said that swallowing beads could block the airway, create a risk of suffocation and suffocation, or block the intestines while the intestines or intestines expand in the body.
He knows a number of situations overseas where children need surgery to move the expanded beat away from the body.
The death of a child in Pakistan from the consumption of beads has also been reported to the watchdog.
"In some other countries, they have been banned," he said . ".
"We know that there are products on the internet and they are sold in other countries that are sold as part of toys --
The children turned the beads into various shapes.
"There are many other products that look like small fish, small crabs, dinosaurs, and fairies and sell them to the children to watch them grow into something bigger.
"Maybe if you're doing some science experiments as a older child, that's fine, but if you have kids in your family, if someone puts them in their mouths and then swallows them down, that's what we worry about.
"He said the material did not appear in X-rays. Theme: Western Australia, Perth-6000,geraldton-
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