want to take upside-down photos? try a monsterpod - super polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-27
want to take upside-down photos? try a monsterpod  -  super polymer
John Biggs
The 28,200 6The MonsterPod is a unique camera tripod that can stick to any surface, motionless, like a strange rattan pot, thanks to what its manufacturer says is "super grip of the sticky-elastic deformed polymer that is patent pending ".
"The super grip is a mass of sticky plastic that can be attached to almost any material, including rock, bark or steel.
Do you need to hit the ball sideways?
Lean the camera against the wall. Want an upside-down shot?
Push it to the ceiling
Before you pry it open, the monster will stay where it is.
However, there is a trap.
MonsterPod will only hold cameras weighing 10 ounces.
AdvertisementIt uses a threaded tripod screw to connect to almost any point-and-
It costs $29 to shoot the camera. 99 at monster-pod. com.
A suit with a stylish shell costs $48. 95.
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Photo enthusiasts using heavier cameras can use the Joby Gorillapod SLR (joby. com, $39. 95), a heavy-
A spider-like device wrapped around poles and branches. But think about it. -
MonsterPod allows you to slide the word sticky-elastic deformed polymer super grip into the dinner conversation.
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Want to prevail-Down Photos?
Try the monster.
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