volunteers gather hair to help mop up oil spill - oil spill absorbent materials

by:Demi     2019-09-02
volunteers gather hair to help mop up oil spill  -  oil spill absorbent materials
Even though shampoo ads tell you that maybe oily hair is a good thing after all.
Or at least oily hair.
That's why hair stylists, dog beauticians and farmers across the country are mobilizing to collect hair, which, according to theory, can be used to absorb oil from massive leaks along the Gulf Coast.
At present, more than 450,000 pounds of the hair is on the way to more than 15 locations in the South --
Warehouse included, extra mall space and owner's garage-
Lisa gotier, president of the trust company 12-12, said the volunteers planned to cram it into a nylon filmyear-
An old environmental organization in San Francisco.
You wash your hair because it collects oil, so why not clean it up without hair, says gotier?
"If we allow it, nature will do a lot of work for us," she said . ".
The idea is to use hair.
Nylon was installed in the oil fence.
How and when and whether these furry donations will be used is still pending.
No one suggested that the fur fly into the ocean by itself.
Robert Coast Guard spokesman Michael D. New York Stock Exchange in Los Angeles
Over the past week, he says, he has received inquiries from more than 10 people who suggest hair boom.
"We have not yet taken action on this proposal," he said . "
Currently, the staff are using a boom made of other absorbing materials.
Even so, the concept of a hairy solution for a hairy situation is certainly popular.
Staff at the Platinum salon spa and boutique in Wichita, Kansas.
Hair collection began on Thursday for the project.
Michelle Regen, the receptionist at the salon, said it had not collected enough dandruff to ship, but the customer thought it was a good idea.
"It will be a good business, not putting their hair in the trash," Regen said . ".
They were surprised, but they were also surprised.
Gautier said her donation network has jumped from 16,000 salons, pet beauticians and individuals to more than 70,000 including Petco.
Hanes donated 50,000 pairs of nylon this week.
"Everyone is jumping in," said Gautier . ".
Cut was held at the salon-a-
Thons, the farmers asked about the donation of camels, pigs and moose hair, and volunteers in the states of Luis Anna, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama have begun to organize "prosperity-b-
"Clues to building sausages"
Like a device.
"Everyone wants to help," said Gautier . ".
Paul Berkowitz, owner of the Agura Mountain Dog Day
Care and camp says the recent warm weather marks the best time to collect actorsoff fur.
"Dogs are falling off, especially at this time of year," he said . ".
Camps for more than 40 dogs are cleaned three times a day.
The group set up a collection box on Thursday.
Richard Ambrose, professor of environmental health science at the University of California, Los Angeles, said he had never heard of hair being used to clean up oil.
"As long as it's cost-effective and works well, it looks great," he said . ".
Gotier says a pound of hair absorbs a quart of oil in a minute.
"The hair is insulated, it's a filler, it's all sorts of things," she said . ". nicole.
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