uh-oh. diaper shortage possible after plant explosion - absorbent polymer powder

by:Demi     2019-09-03
uh-oh. diaper shortage possible after plant explosion  -  absorbent polymer powder
As often happens, the mothers are left to deal with the confusion.
An explosion at a Japanese chemical plant this weekend has caused a global shortage of diapers.
Located in the coastal city of Himeji, the factory is operated by Shokubai Co. , Japan.
Is one of the largest acrylic manufacturers in the world, acrylic is the main ingredient of disposable diapers.
When firefighters tried to control a fire in a tank containing the chemical on Saturday, a powerful explosion shook the facility.
In the explosion, a firefighter was killed and 34 employees and emergency personnel were injured.
Acrylic acid is a key component of a highly absorbent polymer or SAP that absorbs a large amount of liquid.
Shokubai, Japan accounts for about 20% of the global SAP, with a global market share of 10% in acrylic.
According to Japanese media, the plant has been increasing production to meet growing global demand, especially from China.
Before the accident, the factory in the County of Arsenal produced 460,000 tons of acrylic acid per year, providing acrylic acid to customers such as Procter & Gamble, which relies on Shokubai, Japan, to sell products in Asia.
About 4 million tons of acrylic acid are produced in the world, Germany and the United States are the largest manufacturersS.
According to Akira Kurusu, a Japanese spokesman.
Kurusu said the company had contacted other producers to ensure that the customer's needs were met, but he could not comment on whether the closure of the Japanese factory would affect global costs and supply.
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