u.s. parents buying fewer diapers as economy suffers - super absorbent diapers

by:Demi     2019-08-25
u.s. parents buying fewer diapers as economy suffers  -  super absorbent diapers
The tight U. S.
The economy even turns necessities into luxury goods. Now consumer-
Commodity companies have seen something they think will never pass --
Dow Jones Newswires reported on Tuesday that the number of diapers purchased by parents is decreasing.
In times of recession, including the recent recession, spending on children has traditionally stabilized, with parents sacrificing other items rather than scribbling about their children's health or well-being.
But recent data show that sales of diapers are slowing as the economy continues to slow.
The rash ointment is rising.
Number of diapers sold in the United StatesS.
Fell 1% in the end four weeks.
According to data from Consumer Edge Research firms, a series of similar or more drastic declines have continued from a year ago until August 2010.
Sales tracking does not include Costco Wholesale companies.
Or Walmart stores.
Dollar sales have fallen by nearly 3%, indicating that both parents are cutting and trading cheaper private brands.
In the past four weeks, global diaper maker Kimberly's dollar sales have fallen by 4%. Clark Corp.
Procter & Gamble, the maker of Pampers and Luvs, saw sales drop by $2. 5 percent.
Even sales of generic drugs have fallen.
Slip label diapers 0. 5 percent. The U. S.
The birth rate has fallen since 2007, and it is unclear how much the diaper decline is.
The purchase was due to stingy and how many results were brought by fewer children.
Changing Technologies
More absorbent diapers, for example
It also makes the comparison difficult.
Finally, the people surveyed are always changing because parents buy diapers for a few years and then continue to live.
Still, Consumer Edge Research analyst Javier escal sees the economic pressure behind the data.
"This has never happened before in this country --
"This is a very rare situation," he said . " He added that there are fewer and fewer children born, which in itself is a strong indicator of the economic impact on parents' behavior.
"This is a huge decision.
At the same time, the sale of diapers
According to market data, Rash Ointment has increased by 8% in the past year
SymphonyIRI, a research firm.
Analysts and pediatricians say the growth in sales may reflect lower frequency or lower quality of changing diapers.
Most pediatric clinics do not count benign conditions such as diaper rash, but doctors in poor areas say they see long-term
The economic downturn began to have a significant impact on children's health.
Anjali Rao, a pediatrician at Chicago Northwest Memorial doctors, said she had seen a peak of 5% to 10% in diapers --
Rash this year.
Daniel Taylor, Saint.
Christopher of the Philadelphia Children's Hospital says he and his colleagues have heard from more and more parents that they have to choose between buying diapers and paying for food and calories.
"We certainly see the main impact of the economy: diapers are very expensive, and the longer you sit on dirty diapers, the more likely you are to get infected," Taylor said . ".
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