to vajayjay or not to vajayjay - super absorbent diapers

by:Demi     2019-08-25
to vajayjay or not to vajayjay  -  super absorbent diapers
There was a moment in the vagina.
This was highlighted in a recent New York Times article when the three television networks refused to use the V word to play Kotex ads.
Replacing it with "there" is considered inappropriate by two of the three.
While I'm not sure who they are, Vajazzling is currently popular in some scenarios.
Jennifer Loff Hewitt, who promoted artificial diamond treatment on late-night television, admitted to George Lopez with a smile that, in fact, she is currently having a binge.
Before we proceed, let me record directly: although many say the process is wrapped in a crystal to the vagina, they are actually attached to the lower pubic area, right above the vulva
If you stick the shiny part on the real vagina, menstruation and/or sex will soon ruin the design.
Mooncup, a popular menstrual cup company based in the UK, has just launched a "love your vagina" initiative in which they ask people about the name of their favorite vaginal pet, and share information about their products and alternatives to menstrual management.
After sweeping the list, I couldn't help but mention: box office. Tunnel of Love.
Field and flow. Boris. Love muffin. Rufus.
The seventh generation has been talking to women on the street about organic cotton tampon and how important it is to be responsible for what we put in our vagina.
So what's going on with these vaginal conversations?
On the one hand, it is a good thing to talk openly about the body parts that have been kept secret.
But there is an asterisk.
As mentioned above, the dialogue is not always that open.
We live in a society where language is a powerful tool.
Advertisers and media create a cultural mindset through carefully crafted event information.
When this information is covered up by euphemism, does anyone know what we're really talking about?
In FLOW: The Cultural Story of Menstruation (with Susan Kim)
We talk about effective strategies for women care advertising, how we are trained to some extent to understand what the four wall protection is, what wings are used to do, this super absorption does not always mean diapers.
If you check the packaging of most menstrual products, the word menstruation or menstruation almost never appears, however, we still know what we are looking.
Since proper terms are not used, we limit factual conversations to the back. the-hand whispers.
This bad language habit is the first to bear the brunt of a woman's body.
Saying that aunt Flow is in town, or that a person is on a rag, does not help to promote dialogue.
Referring to the name of the vagina (Mrs. Winky anyone? )
Can be seen as belittling, childish.
When many women often do not know exactly what their vagina is and where it is, it is misleading to sell a service called vajazzling.
I can only imagine a discussion between a woman and her gynecologist if she has a problem with her jujube bee. Or peach. Or sex tunnel.
We don't call a nose dryer.
Underarm is not called a scent pit.
People don't call their penis ramrods or love sticks on state television.
So why do we say OK to vajayjay?
The vagina of any other name is not the vagina. It's a not-particularly-
When talking directly about our bodies, effective work is long overdue.
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