tips to raise a greener pet - oil spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
tips to raise a greener pet  -  oil spill absorbent
In the $55 billion pet care industry, owners who want to adopt environmental practices have a better choice than ever before.
"More attention (green)
"In the past five years," said Michael Rose, director of sustainability at PetSmart, the country's largest pet retailer.
Until recently, it has been difficult for pet retailers to sell eco-friendly products to their owners, but this is changing. "(Green)
"This is clearly gaining traction," said Steve Lossing, sales director at Petco . ".
"The market share always exceeds the market share, and now the market share is starting to catch up with the market share.
"People's awareness has also prompted the establishment of the pet industry sustainable development alliance, which includes influential companies such as PET intelligence, pet toys and cat and dog accessories manufacturers PetSmart, Petco and KONG
"We are working with our suppliers for a long time.
I think we can work together to use the power of all pet retailers to help push (change)," Rose says.
In addition to recycling pet food cans or using biodegradable poop bags provided by companies like Earth Rated, pet owners may not know that they can make greener choices.
But the most basic thing is familiar: Look for products in packages made from recycled and recyclable materials; follow in-
Educational activities in stores tend to point to nature, the United States-made products; buy filling-free, long-lasting toys;
Choose foods that use the identifiable sustainable protein listed on the ingredient label.
In fact, Lossing advises owners to be as picky about their pet's food as about their own.
"Natural foods are nutritious and waste less," he said . " He reminded pet owners that they may need to reduce the amount of food due to less padding.
"While the price of a bag of food can be much higher, there are fewer items used per meal, so the price difference is not as significant as you originally thought.
Holly Moran, smiling dog toy (smilingdoggie. com)
Embrace Another Major concept of sustainability: creating new things from leftovers.
Moran began to make stuffing.
Get a dog toy free of charge from the pieces of wool left on her coat and kimono for Durbin.
It turns out that dogs like durable double
Stitching and double
Layered wool toy.
The Petco planet Petco line of "Earth -"
Conscious "products include biodegradable natural pine pellet cat litter produced by dog collars made of wood industrial by-products and plastic bottles.
PetSmart sells food and snacks from companies such as Organix and Blue Buffalo, which have recyclable packaging and organic ingredients.
The chain also offers compost bags.
In addition to offering greener product options, the two major retailers are also working to reduce store energy consumption and streamline transportation processes, encouraging more "made in the United States" products to reduce fuel costs.
PetSmart focuses on reducing the amount of water used in store beauty salons and ensuring that there are fewer chemicals in pet bath products.
Petco said it is lobbying suppliers to save the ocean by looking for aquaculture sources for saltwater, freshwater fish and corals.
One problem that the industry is working on is how to deal with all pet hair generated by beauticians, Rose said.
Pet hair is very easy to absorb and it is actually used in the boom that helps contain the 2010 m Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
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