tips to absorb more nutrients from your food - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-04
tips to absorb more nutrients from your food  -  absorption of water
The quality of a healthy diet depends on how it is purchased, stored, and cooked.
You should enjoy a wide variety of foods to make sure you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
Also, you should know what affects nutrients in your food.
The way to pick food from the farm and bring it to your table to prepare food and cook the temperature can be responsible for reducing the amount of nutrients in the food.
Here are some guidelines for increasing nutritional intake without changing anything you eat: 1.
Buy small fruits: it is said that the smaller one is the larger nutrition punch-in package.
Larger fruits contain more water and dilute the nutritional level.
The effect on fruits such as melon and strawberry with high water content is particularly strong. 2.
Black pepper seasoning: black pepper contains an ingredient called Pepper that promotes digestion.
This ingredient helps to increase the absorption of nutrients containing seleniumEnzyme and Betacarotene.
The black pepper is warm and therefore increases the heat to digest the fire.
Because of this, we feel that more hunger and complex nutrients are burning into a form of assimilation. 3.
Organic: breeding methods also have an impact on the nutritional value of food.
The study found that organic tomatoes contain high brown substances and organic oranges contain more vitamin C. 4.
Reduce energy density: every gram of heat, the Heat contained in the food is called energy density.
The lower the density, the higher the nutritional level.
You can pack the vegetables in half of the meat. 5.
Keep the fruit at room temperature: Several fruits continue to develop nutrients (Beta-included-
The vegetable hormone of humorobin)
If they are refrigerated in the refrigerator after picking, but still stored at room temperature.
This is due to an increase in activity at room temperature.
Some fruits, including peaches, oakrama, tomatoes and watermelons, thrive at room temperature. 6.
Fat consumption: various health-promoting compounds in fruits are resistant
Antioxidants absorbed deep in our gut.
Fat holds the responsibility of-
Antioxidants in the intestines. 7.
Supplement Vitamin C: supplement vitamin-
C from citrus fruits like lemon juice and lemon helps your body absorb folic acid. 8.
Never cut before cooking: a new healthy way to absorb available nutrients from vegetables is to boil them all.
In a recent survey, it was found that potatoes retain more potassium when cooking as a whole rather than chopping.
A better understanding of the reactions of different foods can help you get more nutrition from your food.
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