tips for eco-friendly christmas gift giving – advice on reducing paper, packaging & waste when christmas shopping - meat wrapping paper

by:Demi     2019-09-12
tips for eco-friendly christmas gift giving – advice on reducing paper, packaging & waste when christmas shopping  -  meat wrapping paper
Christmas is great, but not the greenest.
All the holidays are friendly.
All the bows, wrapping paper and cards presented by the gift will create a lot of extra waste.
In order to prevent all of this from causing damage to the environment, there are ways to give up waste without giving up the gift of exquisite gifts.
Consider sending emails only for necessary Christmas gifts
I won't send you Christmas cards this year.
You will save some money on the cost of the card and postage.
Consider sending paper cards only to those who do not have an email address or should get something more formal, such as a mother or spouse.
If you are going to give a gift, don't use wrapping paper, but send it in reusable bags.
The recipient can reuse the package over and over again.
Knowing that you don't generate unnecessary waste from wrapping paper or gift bags, these are most likely to be thrown into the trash can and you will feel better too.
If you receive a wrapped gift, please recycle any wrapping paper you receive and save the paper for reuse.
You can use it as a packing material, a note, and even tuck it into a soft shoe head to help them keep their shape.
Suggesting that you want a reusable bag may also encourage people to not use wrapping paper as a gift at all.
Choose a gift made of natural, organic or recycled materials. In addition, there are many stores offering products that are natural, organic or recycled.
Many brands of beauty products, clothing and chocolate are made from recycled packaging and are organic or natural.
With all the green items you can choose from, you can almost certainly find a gift for everyone on your list.
Give a gift that was previously owned, and while that sounds strange, it's a great way to give you a unique gift that you can't find in many places.
For example, if you have a chef in your life, consider giving them an antique recipe that you can find at an antique shop in your area.
For the fashionista on your list, consider going to a local thrift store to buy a vintage wallet.
You can find many special gifts for almost everyone on your list, and they may even be around you.
Purchases are limited to gifts that are not packaged. There are many items packed in boxes, plastic and a variety of other materials and it is likely that they will eventually be thrown into the trash can.
Instead, buy products that are completely unpacked.
One option is to give away homemade gifts such as crafts or food, where you can choose the number of packages you use.
When choosing a Christmas gift and gift, first consider its impact on the environment and whether it is worth it.
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