timeline - gulf of mexico oil spill - oil spill containment

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timeline - gulf of mexico oil spill  -  oil spill containment
In April 20, a rig explosion left 11 workers missing and presumed dead, followed by a collapse of the rig that triggered a serious oil spill that threatened the US ecosystem and economyS. Gulf of Mexico.
The heart of the United States is also threatened. S.
As a huge, unprecedented underwater leak, energy production is spreading north of the Gulf of Mexico, threatening areas from Florida to the mouth of the Mississippi River.
S. President Barack Obama's plans to expand offshore drilling have been suspended, and the energy giant BP Plc faces a reputation and billions of dollars for cleaning up the mess and paying for losses.
Here is the chronology of leaks and their effects: * April 20, 2010-
Explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon of Transocean Ltd's drilling platform
Eleven workers were missing and 17 injured.
The rig is drilling 42 miles into BP's Macondo project. 68 km)
About 5,000 feet southeast of Venice, USA (1,525 metres)
13,000 feet of water (4 km)
Under the Sea.
The blowout preventer designed to prevent the leakage of crude oil failed to start.
* April 22 -
The Deepwater Horizon rig, worth more than $0. 56 billion, has sunk and 5 miles of oil.
* April 23 -The U. S.
The Coast Guard suspended the search for missing workers.
All are believed to be close to the scene of the explosion and are believed to have died.
* April 25 -
The Coast Guard said the remote underwater camera detected 1,000 barrels of crude oil leaking from the well every day.
The agency described the leak as a "very serious leak", threatening the ecosystem along the Gulf Coast.
It approved a plan to get the remote underwater vehicle to start the blowout preventer and stop the leak.
The effort to start the blowout preventer failed.
* April 26-
BP's share price fell 2% on concerns that clearing costs and legal claims would be traded in London
The energy giant suffered a heavy financial blow.
* April 27 -U. S.
The Interior Ministry and the Department of Homeland Security announced plans to conduct a joint investigation into the explosion and fire.
The Coast Guard said the leaking oil could be ignited to slow the spread of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.
* April 28 -
The Coast Guard says the daily flow of oil is 5,000 barrels (bpd)(
210,000 gallons/795,000 liters)
Five times larger than originally estimated.
There is a controllable combustion on the huge oil slick.
* April 29 -
Obama pledged "all available resources, including the United States ". S.
Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, said the oil spill was "national ".
Mr. Obama also said BP was responsible for the clean-up.
Due to the threat of natural resources in the state, the state of Luis Anna declared a state of emergency.
* April 30 -
An Obama aide said that until the cause of the Deepwater Horizon accident is known, it will not allow drilling in new areas, as the president recently proposed.
* Tony Hayward, BP chairman, said the company is fully responsible for the oil spill and will pay all legal claims and cleanup costs.
The Interior Ministry ordered safety inspections on all 30 deepwater drilling platforms and 47 Deepwater production platforms. * May 1 -
The Coast Guard said the leak would affect the Gulf Coast. * May 2 -
Obama visited the Gulf Coast and witnessed the clean-up. U. S.
Officials shut down areas affected by the oil spill within the first 10 days.
BP began drilling a relief well next to a failed well, and the process could take two to three months to complete. * May 5 -
A barge began to drag a 98
Tons of safety room at the leak site.
BP said that one of the three leaks has been closed by capping the valve, but this will not reduce the amount of oil being ejected.
Officials took control of Burns to remove oil from open waters, the first since April 28. * May 6 -
Oil rushes ashore on the chandrero islands off the coast of the state of Luis Anna, part of the Bretton Woods national wildlife sanctuary and an important nesting and breeding area for many birds. * May 7 -
BP engineers use undersea robots to move the sealing chamber on one of the two remaining leaks.
The company gave up its efforts to close a failed blowout preventer valve with an underwater robot.
The fishing ban in federal waters near the Gulf was amended, expanded and extended to May 17. * May 8 -
When the accumulation of crystalline gas forced engineers to delay efforts to put the chamber on the surface of the oil spill and siphon oil, BP's containment dome encountered obstacles.
Suspected "tar ball" from the leak along half
Crown Prince Island, Alabama is a mile long. * May 9 -
BP said it may try to plug the bottom of the sea by pumping materials such as tires and golf into the well under high pressure, a method known as "garbage shooting ".
May 10-
The latest forecast shows that with the increase in onshore wind, oil leakage may move significantly west of the Mississippi River Delta.
BP announced plans to place a small containment dome called a "gift hat" above the blown oil well to transport oil to the ground. (
Reports by Owen Seba and Ross Krasney;
Editor David Gregory)
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