timeline: bp oil spill - oil spill kit

by:Demi     2019-09-10
timeline: bp oil spill  -  oil spill kit
On April 20, the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers, and the oil spill quickly became the worst environmental disaster in American history.
Here is the chronology of events over the past few months, as BP has been working to stop the leak, and oil has been washed ashore along the Gulf Coast, from the fragile Luiz Anna State wetland to the white sand beaches of Florida.
Sade Allen, a senior US federal official in charge of the disaster, said the broken well was eventually sealed and "effectively killed ".
After the BP was intercepted by the decompression well, the pumping cement sealed the damaged well.
In the internal report of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
First published since the disaster
BP is responsible for the April 11 explosion and leak. In a 193-
Page report BP took some responsibility for the disaster, but also blamed other companies working at the well.
"A lot of glitches" led to the clean U. S. Coast Guard officer BP spillThad Allen --
The BP well, located in the center of the leak, said that the well would not pose a "further risk" to the environment, although the operation of pumping concrete into the decompression well has entered the final stage, it has not yet been completed.
BP has no further risk of failing to stop the blowout preventer that exploded on the Deepwater Horizon rig from being removed by BP from the affected Gulf of Mexico oil well. The 300-
As part of an investigation into the leakage of 206 gallons of oil into the bay, the ton unit will be inspected.
At the same time, the cost of the oil spill has risen to $ 8bn (£5. 2bn), BP says -
It has risen about $ 2bn in the past month alone.
BP, a study published in a leading scientific journal, confirmed that there was toxic chemical residues a kilometer below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, but said that
1% of the total overflow.
The United States has announced that future applications of deep-water offshore drilling will require an environmental assessment, ending the practice of allowing BP's deep-water Horizon drilling platform to drill with little scrutiny.
The White House decided-
Knowledge of any potential environmental consequences must be "well informed" of production.
The United States has asked oil drilling to review bp's announcement that the total cost of the oil spill has reached $6 so far. 1bn (£3. 8bn).
The total includes the cost of cementing for leakage response, containment, decompression drilling and damaged wells.
It also includes grants to Gulf countries affected by the leak and payments of $319 in compensation to some countries affected by the leak.
BP's oil spill costs more than $ 3bn deposits from 6bn's markBP oil company.
Oil from the Gulf of Mexico has been cleaned up or broken down by natural forces.
At the same time, BP reported that the "static well" operation had made "encouraging" progress in blocking the well with mud and sealing it with cement.
BP says most of the oil spill has been a "static kill" success. The US government says the oil spill has officially become the largest oil spill in history, with four.
Before the oil well was capped last month, 9 million barrels of oil leaked.
Scientists say the leaking oil is only fifth.
About 800,000 barrels
Captured during the cleaning processup operation.
BP is prepared to stop the "worst leak," the US Environmental Protection Agency said in a study that the dispersion agent used after the leak is not more toxic than using oil alone.
Congressional investigators have been concerned that the use of dispersing agents may be wider than government orders.
American scientists say the oil in the well is cleared faster than expected from the sea, 100 days after the disaster.
Bp has confirmed that chief executive Tony Hayward will leave the company by agreement in October, but he may retain a position at the company.
BP plans to nominate him as a non
Executive director of its Russian joint venture TNK-BP.
Bob Dudley, Mr. Hayward's American colleague, is in charge of cleaning.
He will be replaced by action.
Meanwhile, the oil giant reported second-quarter earnings, showing a loss of $ 17bn in the three months from April to June --a UK record.
The company said it had set aside $32. 2bn (£20. 8bn)
To pay for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
BP has set the cost of the oil spill at $32.
According to the BBC, 53-
BP chief executive Tony Hayward will receive a year's salary and benefits, worth more than £ 1 m, after stepping down.
Once he turns 55, he will also be entitled to an annual pension of £ 600,000.
The BP boss, Hayward, will resign on ships involving BP's efforts to ensure bankruptcy --
After the Gulf of Mexico tropical storm weakened, the well is ready to resume work.
Coast Guard captain Sade Allen said the storm delayed drilling operations by seven to ten days.
The BBC has learned that BP chief executive Tony Hayward is in talks about the terms of his departure. Mr Tang was widely criticized for dealing with the oil spill.
BP's boss, Hayward, has negotiated exports of dozens of ships, including drilling platforms, and in order to permanently block damaged wells, they were ordered to be in tropical storm Bonny"
BP warned that the final action to block the well could be delayed by two weeks due to the storm.
The capped oil well will be unmonitored for several consecutive days.
Meanwhile, BP says it has been allowed to prepare for "static killing --
Enter the mud pump into the top of the oil well through the new lid
Steps considered as intermediate measures.
The company needs final approval from the US to implement it.
The storm forced the vessel to leave the leak site, and Allen told BP that he was concerned that "detected leakage" and other "undetermined anomalies" would occur on the seabed near the well ".
He said oil could also leak if methane leaks were found on the bottom of the sea.
With the new oil cap in place, the BP oil cap "closed for a Day", BP says it has temporarily shut down the oil flow in order to test the integrity of the well.
President Obama hailed "a positive sign ".
BP said it had stopped leaking. Sade Allen says a relief well is already within 5 feet, and officials and BP say it's the only way to permanently plug the well. 1. 5m)
Well hole leaking.
BP has begun to tender more strictly.
Leak the fitting cover on the wellhead.
The company warned that oil would flow freely when the cap was exchanged, but said it had brought 400 of the oil.
To cope with the increased flow, skim the vessel.
The leaking oil reaches Texas, meaning it has affected five states along the US Gulf Coast.
But officials said it was unclear whether the oil was drifting hundreds of kilometers off the Texas coast from the leaking site or falling from ships involved in the cleanup --up operation.
Texas Oil said it lost $3 from the oil spill. 12bn (£2bn)
Including the cost of controlling oil spills and cleaning up oil, as well as the cost of drilling a relief well.
The figure also includes $147 in compensation paid to some people affected by the oil spill.
BP's oil spill cost more than $ 3bn markA.
The suspension of deep-water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for a month said the ban was unreasonable.
The government soon issued another suspension order with revised provisions.
Meanwhile, BPto-
The day-to-day control of Bob Dudley's response has replaced chief executive Tony Hayward ). Hayward has been widely criticized for his slow response to the oil spill.
Tony Hayward, chief executive of Gulf oil, was interviewed.
At a hearing in the US Congress, he lashed out.
Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said BP's "complacency" before the rig explosion in April 20 was "shocking ".
Congress despised BP's announcement that it would provide $20 in compensation funds to victims of the oil spill and said it would not pay a shareholder dividend this year.
Speaking to the nation at the president's office, President Obama vowed: "We will have BP pay for the losses caused by their company.
"The oil spill: President Obama's fourth visit to the Gulf, Obama will" let BP pay ".
In response to a reaction from British media
S. President Barack Obama told British Prime Minister David Cameron that his criticism of BP has nothing to do with national identity.
Obama defended American criticism of BPThe. S. Geological Survey estimates that oil flows reached 40,000 barrels a day before the oil well was capped in June 3.
BP has announced that it collects 15,800 barrels of crude oil from the well every day.
Question and Answer of "double early estimate" of BP oil spill: scale of BP oil spill by US response commanderup of the oil-
The battered bay could take years.
At the same time, President Obama said he had been negotiating with experts to understand "who's to kick" in the matter ".
The US government says the underwater oil plume has extended 40 miles from the location of the leaking well. US oil clean-
Up' will take several years of underwater oil plume 'diffusion' bp to place a lid on the top of the leaking wellhead called "lower ocean riser bag.
The lid allows the company to deliver most of the oil and gas leaked from the well to a surface vessel.
President Obama visited the region for the third time.
BP has announced a criminal investigation into BP's oil spill.
The United States has begun a criminal investigation into President Barack Obama's energy policy adviser, spielcarol Branna, who said the oil spill was the worst environmental disaster in American history, even 1989 more than Alaska.
"The worst ecological environment in America"
Obama visited the Gulf Coast again and declared "this is the end of responsibility ".
BP is ready to plug the leaking well with heavy mud, a process known as a "top-pressure well ".
The attempt failed three days later.
What is "top killer "?
Oceanologists say the oil leaked into the ocean.
"Loop Current "-
This could take it to Florida and possibly reach the East Coast of the United States.
Gulf oil "arrived" at the current major researchers, who analyzed the underwater video of the leak site and estimated that as many as 70,000 barrels of oil leaked into the bay every day, with an error margin of plus or minus 20%, significantly higher than previous estimates.
BP is trying to screw a pipe into the cracked wellhead to collect some of the oil leaking from the surface vessel.
At the same time, President Obama condemned the "absurd sight" of companies that spewing oil from wells ".
At a series of congressional hearings, BP, Transocean and Halliburton, the three companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon drilling operation, blamed each other for the disaster.
BP officials said they pushed debris, including golf and rubber tires, into the leaking wellhead.
They also prepared a hat. a metal dome -
Put it at the leak.
Meanwhile, BP revealed that the oil spill caused $350 in damage to the company. £233m)so far.
BP "may use golf balls to stop oil", BP tries to place a huge metal box on the leaking well to contain the leak, but when the ice is piled up in the box, the engineer is forced
At the same time, officials raised their estimate of leakage to 5,000 barrels a day.
President Obama, who visited the Gulf Coast for the first time, said BP was responsible for the leak and paid for the clean. up.
"We are dealing with a huge, potentially unprecedented environmental disaster," he said . "
"The oil that is still leaking from the well can seriously damage the economy and environment of our Gulf countries.
It can last for a long time.
It could endanger the livelihoods of thousands of Americans.
"Obama's serious oil spill from the lost oil well began to hit the shore in the state of Luis Anna.
Soon the fragile coastal wetlands were flooded with thick brown mud.
S. President Barack Obama's administration has banned oil drilling in new areas off the U. S. coast for an investigation into the cause of the BP oil spill.
Prior to the leak, Obama said he would allow new offshore drilling.
The US Coast Guard has ignited several spills of oil to prevent the oil from reaching the fragile coastal wetlands of the state of Luis Anna.
President Barack Obama has promised that "all available resources, including the army," will help respond.
The U. S. Coast Guard warned that the oil spill could be the worst in U. S. history.
Officials said the well leaked about 1,000 barrels a day amid heightened concerns about the U. S. oil spill and warned of environmental disasters.
At the same time, BP sent the submarine robot to the wellhead to try to start the blowout preventer, but did not succeed. The blowout preventer is a heavy-duty kit installed at the top of the well to stop the flow of oil.
The Coast Guard said there were no signs of oil leakage from an oil well below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.
S. concerns over oil rig leaks eased Deep Water Horizon's sinking into the bottom of the bay after burning for 36 hours, sparking concerns about catastrophic oil spills.
A Coast Guard official said the rig's marondo well, which has been drilling, could release up to 8,000 barrels of oil a day.
The Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon rig exploded 52 miles from the Gulf of Mexico (84km)south-
11 workers were killed in eastern Venice, the state of Luis Anna.
Under BP's contract, operator Transocean said it had not had any trouble warning before the explosion.
The rig is about 5, 000ft (1,525m)
Boundary of deep drilling technology.
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