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the twisted fate of ‘madman murderer’ thomas ley - prickly pear

the twisted fate of ‘madman murderer’ thomas ley - prickly pear


the twisted fate of ‘madman murderer’ thomas ley  -  prickly pear
Australian politician Thomas Leigh died in prison on 1947 after his sentence was commuted.
Image Source: Australian News Group on November 30, 1946, when a man named Walter Combs came home from work in Surrey, England, caught a glimpse of a bundle of rags in an abandoned chalk pit.
Looking closely, he was startled to see a body under his coat.
When the police were summoned, they found the dead man loosely tied with a rope and a rag around his neck.
It seems that he was strangled by the former and blocked by the latter.
The documents on the coat show that he is John Mudie, the bar owner of the nearby Reigate Hill hotel.
The evidence shows that he was killed elsewhere and thrown into the chalk pit.
A pathologist's report found that at some point in the past few days, the man was brutally beaten before he slowly suffocated.
The police conducted a two-week secret investigation without any progress.
On December 14, 1946, Scotland Yard asked the public to help solve the murder of John Moody.
The three men stood up and admitted that they had kidnapped him.
But the three men claimed the murder was innocent.
They said Thomas Leigh, Australia's former state and federal politician, was responsible.
On 1946, Ley killed a man in the so-called "Chalkpit Murder.
It is believed that he may be responsible for the death of several people in the new state.
Photo source: Thomas Leigh was born in a poor family in Somerset, England, on 1880.
When Tom was two years old, his father died in a workhouse and his family moved to Australia in 1886.
His mother and grandmother settled in Sydney and ran a host family and grocery store.
Young Tom went to Crown Street Public School, but his education was uneven because his mother had him go to work.
In his newspaper in Glebe, he was fascinated by the mansion owned by politicians and lawyers.
Even though Tom was still wearing shorts, he decided to grow up as a rich power broker.
During his early adolescence, he was sent to work at a dairy farm in Windsor.
In the evening, Tom taught himself shorthand and practiced copying the long political speech published in the Sydney newspaper.
At the age of 14, he found a job as a clerk and stenographer at the City lawyer.
Tom, who serves Law and Public Affairs, joined the Sydney Institute of Mechanical Arts to become a skilled debater.
In June 1898, Thomas married Luisa Vernon from the well. off family.
The couple lived in Glebe with her widowed mother and soon had three sons.
In 1908, he moved to another law firm in Sydney, where he moved his young family to the south to take part in the election of the hearthville Council.
He won easily and served as a city councillor for the next three years.
Thomas Leigh showed voters the power to be moral and temperamental.
At that time
The alcohol movement is becoming more and more popular and he is pleased to be in line with the cause. His nickname —
"Lemon Water Conservancy"
He mentioned with ridicule that he was against drinking.
But it is suspected that Thomas himself invented this "insult" so that he can proudly wear it as a "badge of honor.
In 1917, Ley, now a lawyer, was elected to the State Council as a nationalist.
Two years later, he moved to the Progressive Partyelected.
At about this time, he was also active in promoting the organization "Million clubs" of immigrants to New South Wales.
In early 1921, the club's business took him to Perth, where he fell in love with a married woman named Maggie Brook.
Luckily, he was with her very quickly, as her husband died suddenly --
Stung, a bee, reportedly died.
So, the moral Ley took Maggie to Sydney and placed her in an apartment near the State Council.
She will continue to be his mistress for the next 25 years.
Was re-opened in 1922
Elected after a solemn commitment to the prohibition movement, he will hold an "no-license" referendum immediately.
But when he got back to the office, he quickly reversed him.
Alcohol allies by delaying a five-year referendum.
This has brought a great victory to the hotel industry.
Activists claim-
As later proved, this is correct
To change his mind, Ley accepted a bribe of 3000.
Despite his fame and nickname, he is also a boozer.
In fact, Jack Lang wrote in 1954: "In Parliament, we soon learned that he was a secret drinker.
"It even reached the media at the time, the labor force.
The support paper mentioned that Lemonade Ley would never have lunch without a bottle of red wine.
Under the leadership of the new state prime minister, Sir George Fuller, Ley was appointed Minister of Justice, and it was in this role that he revealed his political ruthlessness.
A poverty in early 1924
A music teacher named Edward Williams, who lost his mind, tried to take care of his three little girls in Paddington's single room.
His wife is a patient at the asylum and Williams is becoming more and more convinced that one of their daughters has shown the same madness.
He is also concerned that his children will eventually be taken care of by the state and become prostitutes.
When one of his girls naively said she wanted to go to heaven, Williams was sure it was the only way he could choose.
On February 4, just before midnight, he cut the throat of his sleeping daughter and later admitted that he did so out of love and sent them to heaven.
In his trial, medical experts found that Williams was mentally normal.
The jury found him guilty by strongly recommended kindness.
However, the judge sentenced him to death.
Thomas Leigh was nicknamed "lemonade Rey" for his apparent aversion to alcohol ".
Image Source: News Corp.  of Australia has expressed public sympathy for the lonely figure.
The prison reform organization, the women's organization and the Labor Party have all made requests for mercy.
But the final decision is on Judge Thomas Leigh.
Jack Lang, the leader of the opposition, led a representative of Labor, nationalist politicians, and trade unions to the RAI office and asked him to mediate with the cabinet.
They think it's cold to hang an obvious madman. blooded murder.
Ley is indifferent.
The death penalty is the law of the land, he said.
"This is murder," he said.  "There is no justification under any circumstances.
In April 29, 1924, Edward Williams was hanged in the Long Bay prison.
Ley's decision may be seen as a principled position of moral conservatives, except for how he deals with another person who kills a child.
In May 1923, a British immigrant named Leonard pudiford killed five people in ayncliff. year-
The little boy named Percy Carratt.
In order to sexually assault the child, he put a hand over his mouth and kept him from screaming.
The boy suffocated and died.
It is worth noting that the jury admitted that he had no intention of killing the boy and found him guilty of manslaughter.
The judge then sentenced pudiford to three years in prison, adding insult to the injury.
Sparked outrage across the state, with Ley promising legislative reforms to stop sex offenders from coming again
Enter society so quickly and easily.
But this is only a political gesture, and he will turn his head if it is convenient.
This moment came after the failure of the fuller government in 1925.
When Ley kept his place, he was leaving the Justice Department soon.
So he threw a grenade on the leg of the upcoming Lang government, secretly ordering the release and expulsion of pudiford, only 18 months from his sentence.
Ley's plan is that when the matter is made public, it is a problem for his political opponents to clean up.
But the ship that brought pudiford back to the UK was delayed by a dock strike, and the new attorney general overturned the order.
Ley responded to the hustle and bustle, saying he was just trying to save the country from the release of the monster.
By November 1925, Ley had given up state politics and is now competing with Labor politician Frederick McDonald for a federal seat on Barton.
Labor politician Frederick McDonald supported his allegations, and Ley tried to bribe him, but then mysteriously disappeared.
Image: Supplier Source: it now appears to the supplier that Ley has taken advantage of the dispute over his pudiford to make him look like a victim of a vicious Labor libel campaign.
He made an amazing request at a rally.
"Voters have been hurt," he said . " "Those who are making vicious false statements think that pudiford is the illegitimate child of an abandoned sister and a New Zealand Knight.
Can these chaotic minds summon evil fantasies, is there no limit?
To be honest, my sister died twenty years ago.
Two years before pudiford was born! ”No-
This "rumor" has been heard before ".
A painted slogan appeared around the voters, saying no child was safe and accusing Ley of being a monster.
Again, the suspicion was that Ley had them apply and made him look like he was under unfair attack.
Then the real political blockbuster.
On November 10, just four days before the election, Frederick McDonald gave a speech accusing Ley of trying to bribe him out of politics.
He said that as the Minister of Justice, Ley provided him with a government job if he resigned while Ley was preparing for the election.
Recently, if McDonald's pretends to be sick and quit as the election approaches, he offers a £ 2000 stake in the King's Cross apartment building.
The Labor candidate claimed that he had been racking his brains in hopes of solid evidence, but later Leyi became suspicious and never mentioned bribery.
Ley responded that McDonald's was a madman and directed Harry Andrews, his legal partner, to issue a 15,000 warrant for defamation.
It's obvious, he added.
"My opponent accused me of almost all of my crimes except for the most serious ones.
But . . . . . .  I believe there will be a reasonable charge of murder against me one day.
Even in the shadow of these allegations, Ley won the election.
He's a federal member now.
He wants a section of the Stanley Bruce administration.
But Prime Minister-
He has known McDonald's for three years and thinks he is a man of integrity and fairness.
Be skeptical about Ley and be wary of any scandal related to his government.
At the beginning of 1926, Ley's worries were even more serious.
MacDonald filed a complaint with the disputed electoral court, demanding that the election be invalidated on suspicion of bribery.
If he succeeds, he may lose his place, his cabinet dream, and even his freedom.
Ley offered a truce to McDonald's.
If he cancels his request, he will withdraw the writ of defamation.
McDonald's refused.
Ley threatened to take him to court.
McDonald's nerves were affected.  he realized he was facing an economic crisis and dropped the charges in March 1925.
In response to ending his slander, Ley said he would formally accept McDonald's apology once he formally withdrew his court application.
But McDonald blamed himself for a while.
He now refuses to withdraw the petition, saying that he must stick to the end for the sake of the truth.
In April 14, 1926, McDonald's met his wife at a hotel in Sydney.
Things are looking for the couple.
She made a lucrative property deal in tazhou and he was summoned to meet with Prime Minister Jack Lang to discuss work with the Ministry of Education.
The next day they had lunch at a restaurant on Castlereagh Street and arranged for dinner at six o'clock P. M. At 2.
At 40, they left the company because McDonald's will meet with Prime Minister Lang in 20 minutes to discuss his new job.
Frederick McDonald never showed up again.
The imminent execution of Rey and the mysterious disappearance of McDonald's made headlines across the country.
Source: a handwritten letter, April 16
Address to Parliament for Prime Minister Lang
Signed Frederick MacDonald, who said he supported the accusation that Ley was trying to bribe him.
But it also apologized for leading Ley, for not reporting bribery attempts at the time, and for subsequently withdrawing the charges.
He said he was on the edge of the grave --
He "must leave ".
The suggestion of suicide and guilty admission means that Jack Lang has not made the letter public for nearly 30 years in order to protect McDonald's honor.
He later handed the letter to Dan Morgan, whose 1979 book, The Murder minister, was the final study of Lee.
The author asked a calligrapher to compare the handwriting to a known Ley calligraphy sample.
Experts concluded that there was a high probability of Thomas Leigh writing this letter.
If this is true, it means that, in order to transfer the suspicion, Ley cleverly charged himself.
This is the same tactic he used to insult himself as a victim of lemonade and the pudiford smear campaign.
Frederick McDonald's body has never been found despite extensive searches.
With his departure, as a federal member of Barton, Ley no longer faces challenges.
Thomas Leigh is in about 1900 of the images with his wife Emily Luisa and his son Clive.
Photo: Source of supplier: Australian news group, but Li can't avoid trouble.
Soon he became the main behind the scenes of a company called S. O. S.
Prickly pear poison Co. , Ltd.  was established to sell a patented chemical that can kill wild cactus, which has prevented tens of millions of acres of land from being used in agriculture and real estate development.
Ley persuaded many of his fellow politicians to invest heavily, and the public then bought shares.
A preliminary test of patented poison is promising, and in April 1927, the company reported that it had made healthy profits.
But Ley knew it was a scam.
Without a patent, profits are achieved through creative bookkeeping.
On the day after shareholders were told how SOS performed, Ley sold 4400 of his 5000 shares --
He didn't pay a penny.
£ 9200, equivalent to $750,000 today.
Then he took off with his mistress for 6-
Holiday in Europe.
When Ley returned to Australia, the collapse of Prickly's pear threatened to destroy him again.
Prime Minister Stanley Bruce is now at a further distance from members of Barton.
Meanwhile, Harry Andrews, the legal partner of Ley, broke off their professional relationship and wanted their money back on behalf of Prickly pear shareholders.
But Ley's most outspoken rival is Hyman Goldstein, a new state politician who has also invested in the company and is now leading an investigation into the company.
Goldstein will provide evidence in the medium term
On September 1928, if successful, the gates will be opened for other shareholders to sue Ley.
Heyman Goldstein, a new state politician, was Ley's most outspoken opponent before he was found to have been brutally murdered.
Picture: supply.
Source: on September 3, Hayman Goldstein's dilapidated and broken body was found at the foot of the kuji cliff.
It looks like suicide, but the meticulous man has not left any record.
A survey concluded that he often walks early in the morning without wearing glasses.
He was almost blind without them, and he was dead.
These glasses have never been formally explained.
Did he leave them at home?
When he hit the rocks, were they hit off his head?
Or were they knocked out when he was hit in the head by the attacker?
Hyman Goldstein is known for his frequent walks.
-It's feasible.
Or the person he hired because, as a former attorney general, he had access to a lot of criminals --
Could push Goldstein to death.
However, it happened, and in less than a decade, one of Ley's competitors suffered a third sudden, unexpected and unusual death.
But this sudden death didn't help Ley.
The Prickly pear case went on and he lost thousands of poundsof-
The court ruled that he raised funds by selling the property.
Thomas Leigh lost Barton's seat in 1928 federal election.
He's been washed now.
In Australian politics.
So he and Maggie Brooks went out for England.
There, for the next 15 years, Ley was involved in some shady business.
He promoted the £ 1 draw, a scam that only left with his full pocket.
He made some honest property transactions, but later he and his son Keith tried to refuse the deal with forged and defamatory documents.
Ley and his son avoided jail but had to pay nearly £ 20,000 in compensation. While Louisa —Ley’s wife —
After moving to London in the 1940 s, he was still with Maggie Brooks.
But in the year after the war, he began to doubt his 66-year-
Old Mistress and 35-year-
Old man John Moody
In fact, Maggie and John Moody have barely met each other.
Still, Ley wanted revenge.
He made up a story that Moody was Maggie's former lover and is now blackmailing her.
Ley brought the story to Lawrence Smith, a construction foreman he knew, and a former wrest man named John Buckingham.
What does Ley want?
He will be generous for what.
These guys helped him kidnap Mudie.
Once they kidnapped him, Ley said his plan was to sign a confession to blackmail.
Then he will give Mudie 500 and let him leave the country forever.
When Ley was charged, the newspaper had a day in the wild.
Image source: John Buckingham invited his son and friend Lillian Bruce to participate in the program.
Their trick is that Lillian will pose as a wealthy hostess and talk to Moody in the hotel.
She would say she needed a bartender to attend the party she had and hire him for the job.
On November 27, they cheated and Moody agreed.
The next night, the conspirators picked up Mudie and sent it to Ley's house.
He threw a carpet on his head and he was tied up.
Then platinum Han and Lily Bruce left.
Thomas and Lawrence Smith then brutally beat and strangled Moody.
Later, Smith casually put the body in a chalk pit, and a witness had seen him looking outside the day before.
It is vital that this means that he knows in advance that Mudie will be murdered.
After a public call at Scotland Yard on December 14, Lilian Bruce and Buckingham spoke about what they knew.
Police arrested Lee and Smith two weeks later.
The trial of London's Old Bailey caused a worldwide sensation, known as the "Chalk Pit murder ".
Ley insisted that he was innocent, but the testimony of the other conspirators was harmful, and so was the money Road he left behind because they put all their efforts.
On March 24, 1947, after less than an hour of deliberation, the jury found Ley and Smith guilty of the murder of Mudie.
Lord Goddard sentenced two people to death, which is scheduled to be executed on May 8.
However, unlike poor Edward Smith about 25 years ago, Lee's plight has received sympathetic attention.
Two doctors examined the prisoner, saying he had paranoia while planning a murder.
Three days before Ley was hanged, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.
Smith, his associate, was also commuted. Thomas Ley —
Now officially a madman.
Transferred to the criminal psychiatric hospital of Broadmoor. But the 66-year-
He has not escaped his fate for a long time.
On July 23, 1947, he suffered a severe stroke and died the next day. —
Michael Adams is the creator of the forgotten Australia podcast, where you can find more amazing true stories.                                                                            

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