the truth on creatine monohydrate digestion - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-04
the truth on creatine monohydrate digestion  -  absorption of water
It has always been a staple food for almost any fitness enthusiast supplement group, as it began to be notorious after 90 s.
Whether it's Phosphagen for EAS or Power Creatine for Champion Nutrition, almost everyone I 've talked to has ever taken some form of creatine product.
Some positive aspects of the use of monophosphate are: better muscle pumps more endurance muscle fatigue strength starts at a slower pace, compared to which the work intensity is stronger, the one I heard from different people also had some negative effects on the one-tap.
Fortunately, I have never dealt with these issues during my 15 + years of use of a variety of water-based supplement.
So you can ask.
What causes these unfortunate people to have these negative aspects of muscle acid?
The answer is quite simple-poor absorption of creatine molecules.
If it is not digested correctly, it will enter your intestines.
Still, creatine does what it should do and draws water for itself.
This inflow of water will be attracted to your intestines and interfere with the normal digestion process.
A lot of water has to be treated, which is why diarrhea is caused.
As for the problems of swelling and cramps, this may be caused by the absence of pure creatine acid products.
I am referring to the one that is mixed with filler or a lot of sugar.
When your body is digesting these water creatine acid supplements too quickly, your stomach and intestines produce a lot of gas (GI)Tract.
This is the root cause of inflation problems and cramps.
Many foods and drinks can cause swelling and gas, for example: fiber-rich carbonated drinks and beer food excess alcohol high sugar food starch food many medicines many supplements companies load your muscles with their creatine using a boat designed to quickly shuttle the "trans body" of creatine.
Their main transporter is usually glucose, a simple sugar.
To cause a peak in insulin, simple sugar is quickly digested, and then it will soon allow the creatine flavor to enter your muscles.
As you have just read above, rapid digestion can cause gas and swelling.
Power Blendz offers a pure monohydrate, such as Beverly International's creatine selection or 1000 of the total, which should be properly absorbed by your digestive system, and that's what you want, and created these skins.
Stretch pump!
If you feel that you have a high quality product of creatine tablets, but you are still dealing with these negative effects, you may want to study the need to supplement some enzymes, such as digestive necessities in the food science laboratory, to help your gut, or possibly some healthy bacteria, such as nature's secret ultimate probiotics, help your digestive system when using a water-based supplement.
These simple tips can help make sure that the stomach problem with a supplement to creatine water has become a thing of the past!
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