the super, ultra, maxi revolution : practical view: the feminine-protection boom is producing a mind-boggling array of space age pads. some even have wings. - where can i buy super absorbent polymer

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the super, ultra, maxi revolution : practical view: the feminine-protection boom is producing a mind-boggling array of space age pads. some even have wings.  -  where can i buy super absorbent polymer
You cruise in Aisle 3-
Night Pharmacy, think about one of the most confusing questions facing women in the US Today: How to choose women once a month --
Protection products that don't go crazy?
Do you want the maxi mat? How maxi?
Normal or super maxi? Regular-Fine or finethin maxi? Long-
Curved super maxi
Super maxi or Ultra Plus-
Long maxi with wings? Wings? !
How about thin? Garden-
Thin or slim? For light-day or every-day freshness?
Is there baking soda? . . . deodorant? . . .
Peach guards? . . .
Is there any wings? . . .
As the saying goes, if the difficulty in life is the choice, then this is the biggest --difficult.
Aunt Winnie carefully handed you what happened on an ordinary day.
Packed box, tell you not to worry, that's the end?
Those days are over. The $1. 9-
Billion Women
With the outbreak of the space age, the protection industry has become high-tech.
Pad structure and design.
Aunt Winnie's normal box has been made to be located in microfibers and melted
Super blown fabric
Absorbent synthetic core and LaTeX
Stock of adhesive polyester covers arranged in dazzling flexible shapes and sizes (
Including a thinas-a-wafer Wonder-pad)
"Customized comfort, fit and protection.
"Suddenly, choosing a sanitary pad is as complicated as choosing a high one --speed, high-
Performance car.
"I start over every month.
I never remember what I bought last time, "said a 36-year-old lady. year-
The old coach of the University of Auckland used cotton strips instead of cotton pads.
Of course, once super
Cautious tampon threatens the extinction of the largest volume of mats. But after post-
Toxic electric shock awareness changes hygiene habits, and no one wears it except the mat your mother's canasta partner used to wear, which becomes the protection of choice.
They are growing up.
Or shrink. Thinning out. Curving up.
Side accessories sprout. . .
What happened here?
Some say the highly competitive pad industry is playing "fancy" marketing gimmicks designed to stimulate the oldest woman in the heart of women --hygiene fears.
The choice on the shelves, they say, promotes the concept of a health crisis that requires a group of paper chemists to bear.
Others say the technology boompads--
We now have 175 styles and sizes to choose from-
It reflects the diversity of women's roles in society.
In any case, the pad boom has opened up discussions on one of the world's most obvious taboo topics, as consumers, industry observers, female health advocates and others will ask: is it health or hype?
"Whether you call it 'health protection' or 'Women sanitary, 'the name means it's a dirty little business and you have to cover it up at all costs," said Ann Warda . " Professor at the University of Utah School of Nursing, responsible for an ongoing study on women's menstrual habits.
Manufacturers are optimistic about this.
Once, wearing a mat could be an excuse to skip classes, but today it is a veritable way of life.
Latest trends in Pad usage--
It means that if a woman is working properly, a pad can be used for a month!
Katie Seifert, Woman of the president-
Kimberly's care departmentClark--
Largest manufacturer of pads-
In this way, "Women are like snowflakes ---
No two are the same.
"Is it reassuring to know that you are not alone in Aisle 3?
You share this moment of personal choice with 71.
Last year, 3 million American women spent $1.
17 billion buy 11.
8 billion of sanitary napkins can reach about 1 if laid end to end.
6 million miles, enough to travel to and from the moon three times. (
At the same time, women bought five for $0. 69 billion.
6 billion sanitary cotton strips. )
This is a big, thorough consumer group.
Yes, but industry surveys show that the situation is relatively variable in choosing pads.
In fact, industry watchers say the pad boom-
To a large extent, a three
The Kimberley war-
Clark, P & G and Johnson & Johnson-
Designed to use pad-User volatility.
"This is a competitive market," said Bonita Austin, a cosmetics company . "and-household-
Product Analyst Hillson Lehman Heton.
"There is a lot to compete for in market share.
"But if consumers don't want these options, the product won't be there," she added.
"Consumers tend to choose the best pad technology.
Once there is no "pad technology", there is no super
Water absorbing core without elasticity
Bend the sides for better fit.
There are napkins and tampon. one is considered a little retro. that's it.
Then tampon.
The related poisoning shock syndrome panic in the early 1980 s.
The use of tampon dropped sharply.
Pad pick up slack. New pads--
Chain stores including their own brands such as quotes "and Safeway--
Began to appear in Aisle 3.
In fact, Tambrands, the manufacturer of Tampax Tambrands, entered the competition with its biggest advantage.
The panic subsided and the tampon recovered, but the habits of women have changed.
Some surveys showed that the number of women using tampon specifically fell by nearly 40%.
The pad manufacturer sat up and wrote it down.
Aisle 3 starts buzzing.
The real competition started with P & G, which withdrew its dependence on cotton strips after toxic substances --
Startled and decided to make a cushion. P&G;
Launched its "always maxi" in 1984 ".
Then there is "always Plus", which is the first mat with wrap-around underwear --
"Wings" or "guard ".
Then, as one industry observer said, "everything is out of control. "P&G;
Always line up.
Johnson & Johnson responded by advertising, promotions and price cuts.
Added private label for wings.
Even the sleeping giant Kimberly
Clark woke up and added new products to the production line.
In 1989, the type and size of pads increased from 18% to 143, an increase of 169.
That was two years before the "ultra-thin" revolution, which broughtCautious, paper
Thin liner capable of absorbing, dispersing and storing multiple times its weight in the fluid.
It's all about being more cautious, comfortable, and more-powerful-than-an-oil-
Boom leak control.
Aisle 3 used to be a forbidden aisle, a signal for you to visit the red Primary School, the sixth
The grade girls in your grammar school often say this.
Whatever you call it--
Curse, the wrong time of the month, Bloody Mary, Red Baron, visiting aunt with Red Bluff ---
The basic theme is the same: you are afraid to have to put a friend's cardigan on your waist and back without being noticed.
Obviously female.
Health concerns have not changed much.
A recent survey by Johnson & Johnson showed that 70% of women surveyed "complained that their maxi pad disappointed them every month" and that their "main source of frustration" was the lack of "leak control ".
A survey by Shearson Lehman Hutton puts "all the protection needed" at the top of the list of pads women want.
In battle with the leak, women tell the story of double fill, at that time of the month they didn't wear the best underwear and slept in certain No.
Wearing white clothes below the waist can cause a leak in the position.
"We're sending women to the moon, but we can't make a perfect mat," said a 44-year-old woman . "year-
Old San Francisco lawyer
"I want a thin, absorbent, no leakage in the front, no leakage in the back, which will not distort, so you have to remove the adhesive through surgery.
Is the request too high?
Manufacturers say they give women what they want.
Although each brand is slightly different, the basic idea of pad technology is: fluid passes through the lid (
As a sweating agent or-way valve)
Water absorption core (
By pulp and some called super-
Absorbent Polymer
Never seen again.
The more mature Pad technology is--
Most of them are derived from the diaper design of the new era. -
Better liquid
Barrier performance. . .
The larger the volume of fluid stored on the smallest and most compressed surface.
Finally, is this really important?
If Joan of Arc is wearing a new free thin super maxi pad with the comfort and discretion of a thin pad, but increases the length to increase the protection, she will reach the new
If Anne Bolin knew the residue-free Ultra Plus of nature's own sphagnum sea moss absorbent core, would she stay awake? Not necessarily.
"The market for women's products has always been like this.
In terms of the fiber content used, the product quality is basically the same, "said Harvin Smith, director of Tex Lubbock International Textile R & D center.
He said: "The company will add this or that feature and argue about the tape here or there, but in the end, most of the product costs are in advertising and marketing ---
Let consumers believe that this product can solve all problems.
"It may not end tomorrow.
So, buy your mat and leave aisle 3 before the delivery truck catches up with the latest night carsided all-
Dayers, reconstructed olds and revolutionary news.
Says Ed Vaughan, a non-
Fabric expert at the College of Textiles at Clemson University: "In terms of product innovation, it is completely open. "Ultra-super.
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