the science behind hangovers - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
the science behind hangovers  -  absorption of water
Tony migalele was not drunk.
The restaurant manager and bartender of coriander is a small part (
About 23 of the population)
They seem immune to the effects of excessive indulgence in happy times.
After too many Manhattan people, he may be a little "groggy", but Migliarese makes up for it by drinking water and "sweating" at the gym.
"I'm not drunk.
"Mentally, I'm not going to get myself drunk," he said . ".
Instead of hating him on the principal, researchers are looking at people who share a common enviable trait with Migliarese, trying to understand the complexity of hangover, a notorious situation that has surged during the holiday season, scientists still know little about it.
First of all, what's the difference between Cilantro's cocktail man, who can knock down Negronis all night, and if they can figure out a way and bottle it, they won't suffer the next day, in fact, there may be a treatment for hangover.
"For centuries, people have been looking for a hangover treatment," said Darren creisel, a professor of motor function at Acadia University and a researcher at the school's lifestyle research center.
Kruisselbrink is also a member of the International Alcohol Hangover Research Group (AHRG)
The goal of the organization is to "clarify the pathology, treatment and prevention of alcohol hangover.
Before scientists fully understand the physiological process leading to hangover, he said, finding a cure for hangover is a bit like putting a car in front of a horse, or in his words, "it is generally believed that, finding a hangover treatment is as effective as finding sasquatch.
"We may never get there," he added . "
There are so many unknowns.
"If you drink too much, how much do scientists know about hangover --
The loose definition is to make your blood alcohol more than 0. 1 per cent —
Most symbolic (77 per cent)
May wake up because of some kind of hangover.
If you have experienced the symptoms, you know the symptoms: headache, cotton mouth, dehydration and fatigue, and in more severe cases, accompanied by nausea, vomiting or other stomach discomfort.
Heart rate or palpitations, anxiety and difficulty in concentration, mood changes, memory disorders in hangover patients, occasionally shaking or shaking.
There is even a scientific term for what you are going through: venous pain.
"It comes from" post-depraved uneasiness "in Norwegian, says David Liu, an endocrine scientist and professor in the department of medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Calgary.
Endocrine scientists treat metabolic disorders and diseases associated with hormone imbalance.
Although technically speaking, hangover is neither a metabolic disorder nor a disease (
Even if you might feel like you're going to die)
It is believed to be caused by the way the body metabolizes alcohol and the effect of alcohol on the lower brain glands. This pea-
The size of the gland located at the bottom of the brain is responsible for producing resistance
A water-like hormone called vascular boost.
Basically, alcohol inhibits the secretion of this hormone, so drinkers end up peeing a lot.
"It speeds up the dehydration process and partly explains a little bit of science behind hangover," Liu said . ".
The other part of the equation deals with how alcohol is metabolized.
It is broken down in the liver by alcohol dehydrase, an enzyme that turns ethanol into a toxin called aldehyde.
This toxin, in turn, must be broken down, a process involving another enzyme, an aldehyde dehydrogen enzyme, and a substance called a grain peptide that collectively converts the aldehyde into a No.
All of this takes time for your poor liver, so the more you drink, the more aldehyde toxins you accumulate in your body, which scientists think is the reason for many hangover symptoms.
"We are not sure, but this seems to be the theory that is generally held," Liu said . ".
"But there are other things that can make the hangover better or worse.
"The severity of the hangover depends on how much wine a person drinks, the gender of the drinker (
Women have fewer enzymes that metabolize alcohol, so after drinking the same amount of drinks, they are more likely to have a more severe hangover than men)
And whether this person is a person who drinks a lot, so it is more likely to establish a tolerance.
The AHRG researchers found that the emotional state of the Drinkers affected the severity of the hangover;
In other words, when you drink, the better your mood is, the better you feel the next morning.
It's also important if you drink on an empty stomach-
Foods, especially greasy snacks like pizza, slow down the absorption of alcohol and reduce the impact of hangover.
Finally, how painful your head is the next day depends on what you drink.
The Calgary bartender believes certain drinks can lead to more serious hangover.
At their worst. morning-
The behavior of red wine, bourbon or other dark spirits and mixed drinks (
For example, someone starts with a cocktail, changes to a beer or wine, and ends the night with a shooter).
Interestingly, red wine and dark spirits contain more similar substances, which are produced during the fermentation of alcohol.
AHRG found alcoholic beverages with high similar content-
Brandy, red wine, rum and whiskey in particular
Causing the worst hangover.
So if you're going to overindulge, it's a bad idea to mix drinks with the four above.
Whether there will be a hangover cure, because there are still many unknowns about the hangover pathology, and multiple variables that determine the severity of the hangover, researchers like Kruisselbrink have given up looking for treatment
Instead, AHRG is looking at how hangover affects performance, which is an important topic as the cost of hangover is estimated at $160
In the United States alone, billions of dollars of income are lost each year.
They found that the driver's hangover reaction time was similar to the person who sent a text message or the person whose blood alcohol content was 0.
08, far higher than the legal restrictions in Alberta. “What (Colleague AHRG)
"I found that in the first 20 minutes, there was really no difference in performance," Kruisselbrink said . ".
"After that half an hour, the ability to park a car in the driveway becomes more difficult.
With this in mind, it seems that we should all look for ways to prevent hangover and ways to relieve symptoms of hangover.
In addition to insisting on beer, vodka or gin, experts and bartenders agree on what helps.
Before you go to a holiday party, have a big meal and remember to drink water between each alcoholic drink.
"I personally drank a lot of water when I was drinking," said Migliarese . ".
He drank more water before going to bed and refuel for brunch the next morning.
He is not in favor of "dog hair" therapy --
Drinking more wine can relieve the symptoms of hangover.
"It's just an inevitable delay," he said . ".
Science does not support this theory either.
"This is contrary to the popular view, but more hair from dogs will actually make you worse," Liu said . ".
"In other words, treating alcohol with alcohol will not make you better.
"Migliarese's prescription is effective: Water for water and a hearty breakfast.
Lau recommends eggs because they are rich in semi-cysteine acid and help the body metabolize alcohol more quickly; bananas contain potassium and help replenish the electrolyte lost by dehydration.
Aspirin can relieve headaches.
Liu concluded: "The bottom line is: it's better not to stay drunk, but if you stay drunk, take two aspirin, drink a glass of water or two, eat eggs for breakfast, and a banana.
"On the night of the carnival, the Calgary bartender stood on the front line.
When the bar opened the next morning, they were also behind the bar.
Three Cowtown drink slings weigh what makes the hangover worse and how it feels better the next day.
Reason: red wine, mixed drinks and quantity.
Hangover treatment: spicy Virgin Caesar and greasy breakfast.
Reason: spices, clams and powerful flavors "trick the brain" and eliminate hangover symptoms.
When it comes to over-indulgence, the word of wisdom is: "If you are going to commit a crime, be prepared to do time.
"Spicy Virgin Caesar recipe: add celery salt to the Collins Cup.
Fill the glass with ice and then add worch, Tabasco, olive salt water and Clamato.
Stir and decorate with bacon strips. —
Recipe by Darren Fabian, Candela laukett Tracy Burton, sandstone lazy hangover reason: mixed drinks.
Hangover treatment: screwdriver high ball.
Why: "The work the next day is really the hair of the dog.
Vodka and oranges seem to be a good answer.
When it comes to over-indulgence, the word of wisdom is: "After a drink the next morning, you will see the difference between people.
They can talk again.
"Screwdriver receiving Method: Add vodka and orange juice to a Collins glass full of ice.
Decorated with bacon strips. —
Recipes are caused by Tracy Burton, sandstone recliner Tony migliao Reze, Silento: dark spirits such as bourbon whisky or rye.
Hangover treatment: water and adville, plus a hearty Italian meal.
At home, he made his grandmother's Bologna sauce recipe from scratch.
At the coriander shop, he ordered a small lemon dish.
Shell noodles for scallops, sausages and lobster).
Why: Water will replenish water, relieve headaches, and let the food settle the stomach comfortably and cheer the body.
When it comes to over-indulgence, the word of wisdom: "hangover will pass.
You won't die.
You will feel better tomorrow. ”—
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