the science behind fifa world cup's football jerseys - super absorbent polymer manufacturers in the world

by:Demi     2019-09-01
the science behind fifa world cup\'s football jerseys  -  super absorbent polymer manufacturers in the world
Perhaps one of the best places to showcase new technologies in the evolving sports apparel sector is the global arena.
What better display platform than the football World Cup scheduled to start next week?
There are 32 teams around the world ready to compete for the top prize, and the team's kit vendors have been speeding, overtaking each other in ensuring players have kits optimized to improve performance. (: )
While it all sounds good, what the hell is going on with the making of these jerseys and how it helps improve
For a sport, a slight drop in attention may be the difference between winning and losing, and both the team and the kit vendor must take their designs very seriously.
There are three major jersey sponsors in this World Cup, covering most teams-
Nike 10, Adidas 9, Puma 8.
Other companies include Uhlsport and marathon.
While most people focus on patriotism, there are a lot of techniques on the jerseys that players wear on the pitch.
Taking Puma as an example, Puma provides kits to teams such as Italy, Ghana, Cameroon and Argentina.
The kits offered to the team include the latest innovations from Puma
Pwr actv combines sports tape with compressed fit fabric in the garment.
Rajiv Mehta, MD, Puma India, said, "the concept behind the New Jersey is simple --
Let the players play a role in the warm-up match in Brazil, while not letting it affect their performance.
ACTV tape is strategically placed in the garment.
It provides Micro
Massage a specific muscle area to the player, which helps to boost the energy supply of the muscles.
"ACTV technology is a compression technology that helps reduce muscle vibration in athletes.
Imagine stretching the rubber band tightly along the athlete's body and holding the muscles tightly to prevent vibration while running.
This gradual compression promotes endurance recovery at 90-
The game in minutes can decide the outcome.
Mehta said the new innovation was tested in the team kit of VfB Stuttgart club in Germany and Botafogo FR club in Brazil.
"It ensures that the product is tested under different weather conditions.
"More importantly, all eight teams are closely involved in the design of the product, so we also know exactly what they want," he added . ".
At the same time, Adidas also launched a technology called Adizero.
The Adizero technology used by Adidas earlier in the F50 series football shoes is now part of the player's jersey.
In order to reduce the weight of the shoes, Adizero technology was used.
This is with a super
A film-like design ensures that the player's feet are more perfect, thus increasing traction and control.
This has additional benefits for players, which can reduce weight and thus reduce stress.
The combination of Adizero technology and Climacool technology has created a new lightweight jersey.
Climacool is an old technology that uses highly breathable fabrics to improve ventilation.
Adidas launched the product for the first time in 2012.
In addition to moisture and sweat management, it can also resist the ball (
Bunching and breaking of fibers)and is anti-microbial.
This is just part of the whole scene. up.
In fact, Adidas claims that the New Jersey is also about 2012 lighter than the Jersey used in the 40% European Cup --
The weight of New Jersey is 100 grams, less than 166 grams.
This may not sound like much, but it can have a big impact when a football player pushes himself to a 90-minute limit.
Chirag Tanna, director of operations at Pune Football Club, explained the concept (PFC)
He said, "the PFC is already equipped with Adidas jerseys, similar to the one used in the World Cup.
One of the most important criteria we need is a lightweight jersey that helps players stay healthy in hot and humid conditions.
The Climacool technology used in team uniforms helps players stay fresh during training hours and games.
The sweat removal feature on the Jersey ensures that the player stays dry.
"The highly breathable fabric removes moisture from the skin and pushes it to the surface to quickly evaporate," added Tanna . ".
"This is combined with the mesh lining of the key heat zone, helping the player to be comfortable on the pitch.
One of the main reasons for fatigue is sweating, which reduces the breathability of the athlete's main muscle group.
This has been addressed, which has greatly helped to improve the performance of the players.
"While weight and breathability are the main concerns for developers, different types of fabrics have been tested and tried.
Take the kit provided by Nike as an example.
Sponsored 10 of the 32 World Cup teams, including host Brazil, and launched all the jerseys in April 28.
Nike says the Jersey contains the Dri-
Technology suitable for improving air permeability. Dri-
According to Nike, FIT is a high-performance microfibre that removes sweat from the body and keeps the player comfortable.
This, along with the laser cutting holes that form a mesh layer, is dedicated to creating a body-
Mapping fabric designed considering the natural body profile.
Combined with the ventilation area, this allows more air to pass through the fabric.
However, the latest feature is different from the old NikeFIT design, which is almost entirely made of polyester fiber.
The new jersey features a combination of cotton and recycled polymer.
The shorts are made of 100% recycled polymer, 96% shirt and 78% stockings.
Recycled plastic bottles are used to make polymers, according to Nike
On average, 18 of these bottles are used to make a kit.
On the other hand, combining player opinions also helps to better design the kit.
Martin loty, global creative director of Nike Football, said, "When we asked the players to talk about what kind of protection they needed in the game, they showed us the scars and scratches on their upper body --
From the sliding rear hip area.
Several players showed us the same damage, so we started adding more protection while balancing the need for lightweight fabrics and breathability.
"Again, Puma put ACTV tape in the strategic position of the shirt on their latest World Cup jersey.
According to Mehta, the tape on the front of the shirt is designed to relax the abdomen for deeper breathing and stimulate the abdominal muscles to maintain stability and balance.
"The tape on the back of the shirt is located on the shoulder blades and lower back, helping to assist in posture and increase stability," he added . ".
But for all the innovations offered by Jersey suppliers, how effective they are actually for the football player Arata Izumi who plays for the PFC and Indian national football teams, he said, "maybe the jerseys are as important as football shoes.
In the tropical climate of India, jerseys and shorts play a vital role in our performance, especially in the long game (
Extra time to enter).
This kit, currently available at Adidas, is lightweight and also helps us stay dry and comfortable. "The Japanese-
Born springs, which has become an Indian citizen, added, "in 90 minutes of the game, if the kit is comfortable, it will serve as a psychological booster for players.
The cumulative effect is positive.
The energy level is good and there is better stress and fatigue management, which leads to more physical comfort.
All of this ultimately helps players a lot.
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