the road ahead needn't be a lonely one - small gel ice packs

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the road ahead needn\'t be a lonely one  -  small gel ice packs
Nicole Bestard, 27, received a pair of running shoes on her birthday last year.
She has never run before, "she can hardly let herself run for three miles.
She hates running.
Despite her lack of enthusiasm (
Or maybe because of it)
Bestard joined a team called the "team", took part in the long run marathon training and raised funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association.
Meeting in Pasadena every Saturday, she slowly increased her endurance and completed the marathon five months later.
She lost 20 pounds along the way and now plans to run the second Marathon this Sunday.
"Anyone can do it if I can," she said . ".
"Take your time and believe in yourself.
This is the most important thing.
"The most difficult part for those who have never run is getting motivation.
Even the benefits of improving mental and physical health may not be enough.
For Bestard, the anger of breaking up with her boyfriend left her there;
Friendship and charity kept her going.
"The team totally inspired me," she said . ".
"I don't think I can do this without them.
I might get burned or hurt.
"Even if your ambition is limited to two-or three-
Jogging miles, joining the running club may be the best way to get the support you need to start.
Dozens of companies around Los Angeles will guide new runners at the lowest cost.
Pat Connelly, the official coach of the Los Angeles Marathon and its training programA.
Within five months of the first jog, teach thousands of novices to complete the marathon.
Connelly advises newcomers to have a physical check-up before they start and ensure easy access to a project.
"Most people who quit their jobs are over-doing.
"Aggressive, do it too fast," Connelly said . ".
"Know that you can do more and finish every meeting.
"Connelly suggested from 20-
Exercise for 30 minutes, jog for 30 seconds, and walk for 1/2 minutes.
Add five minutes a week, extend the run interval to one minute after reaching 45 minutes, then two minutesminute walk.
Continue to run-
Walking ratio and total distance from there.
Bestard trains for her marathon, running three to four times a week, on three-
Jogging for a minute-minute walk.
She grew slowly from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, adding 2 miles a week, from 6 miles to half a marathon, and finally 20 miles.
She also took part in some mountain training and track and field training.
Be sure to buy a good pair of running shoes, a belt and a watch that holds the interval before you start.
"If you plan to run for more than 45 minutes," carbo-
Eat pasta the night before and drink a little water every 15 minutes while running.
The electrolyte gel package is conducive to the explosion of energy, and the body sliding can prevent friction.
If boredom is a problem then change your route to keep it fresh.
The best running surfaces include gravel and grass found on many runs;
The worst is cement and asphalt.
Connelly says the beach may sound attractive, but it's "no way" to run on the beach ".
"The plants of the feet and the excavation, the extra strain can cause damage.
"Be sure to eat breakfast and stretch your muscles before and after running.
Breathing through the nose and mouth;
Stand straight;
Complete relaxation of your body can cause cramps when you jog or lactic acid build up.
It's also important to take small steps and put your feet under your hips to reduce the impact of gravity, Connelly said.
Muscle and joint pain is inevitable for runners, but ice and fat usually work.
Don't take painkillers before running, though, or you may cover up the injury.
The shin splints and knee pain at Bestard, but she persisted.
"This is the hardest thing I 've ever done," she said . "
"It's like going through every emotion from boredom to runner excitement to extreme pain.
Every step hurts after 22 miles.
After the age of 24, I was a little numb.
"Across the finish line, her predecessor
"I scream, I'm so happy," she said . "
A month later, the two were together again.
"There is a happy ending. "*(
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Help you invest £ 1 feet in front of most of the other * running clubs in the Los Angeles area, welcome people of all ages, little or no running experience at all.
Here's a list of groups that can help you go further: the Los Angeles Marathon is the official training program for the Los Angeles Marathon.
Coach Pat Connelly trains new people for $6 a month.
Group runs were held in Venice and Ventura. Go to www. laroadrunners.
The Com * training team will guide you to the Los Angeles Marathon for the benefit of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Weekly runs are held in Pasadena.
Members learn fundraising skills and are asked to raise at least $1,800. Go to www. teamintraining. org*The L. A.
Santa Monica-based Lego athletes train people to run marathons and short runs.
After running together every Saturday, the group went out for breakfast. Call (310)577-
8000 or go to www. laleggers.
The Los Angeles athletics club usually attracts some experienced runners.
The group held weekly interval training at Santa Monica High School track on Tuesday and a long run at a coffee shop in Brentwood on Saturday morning. Go to www. trackclubla.
Organize or call head coach Eric Barron (310)471-8988.
* The Los Angeles frontrunner is a running and walking club for gay men and women as well as their friends and supporters.
They hold annual pride events and participate in other competitive and non-competitive events.
Weekly runs are held across Los Angeles from Tuesday to Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Go to www. lafrontrunners. com or call (323)460-2554.
* Snail speed running club has branches in Pasadena, Laguna Hills, Fountain Valley and Breia.
They have training sessions for a few days a week, competitions every month, and social events like running and beach parties.
The annual family fee is $50. Go to www. snailspace.
The Los Angeles running club, also coached by Pat Connelly, meets several times a week on the Santa Monica and Birmingham High runways.
The group includes runners and walkers, participating in competitions, social events, entertainment and tourism, and community outreach. Go to www. larunningclub.
Com * Pasadena Walker is a free running club that trains people of all levels to run 5, 10, and half kilometers
Marathon and Marathon.
The group provides pre-treatment for new runners and snacks for everyone.
Runners meet each Saturday morning. Go to www. pasadenapacers.
Org * The new basin blues running club has a loosely structured training program to be held in places such as Mount Granada, Calabassas, Agura and Encino.
Members can take part in trail runs, long runs and track and field exercises, as well as pizza parties and charity events. Go to www. newbasinblues.
OrgTo finds another running club near you, visit: www. at-la. com/sports/@la-run. htm orwww. longstride.
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