the rachel maddow show, transcript 06/08/10 - containment boom

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the rachel maddow show, transcript 06/08/10  -  containment boom
Keith olbermann, host of "Countdown": Now, discuss the reasons for the head loss of Lady chicken in Nevada tonight --
Ladies and gentlemen, here's Rachel Mado.
Good evening, Rachel.
Host: Good evening, Keith.
I have to say that Lawrence O'Donnell would be very close to the top if I had to say I wanted to see anyone from the MSNBC family impersonating Cher. (LAUGHTER)
MADDOW: don't simulate.
This is tied.
That's not his problem. I‘m sorry. MADDOW: I know.
You just found it by chance.
I think it's perfect.
Thank you, Keith, anyway.
See you later tonight.
Yes, that's great. (LAUGHTER)
MADDOW: Thank you for staying at home for an hour with us and all of our insiders.
Tonight, we will start live from the beautiful Los Angeles, California, and the vote will be over in two hours.
Tonight is the night of the national election.
If it's not super Tuesday then Tuesday is at least pretty good.
This is the excuse we need to play my favorite song. (MUSIC)
MADDOW: voters in 12 states across the country vote, which will help determine the big mid-term elections in November.
From now until election day on November, today is actually the biggest day in terms of the number of races held at the same time.
Polls in Georgia, Maine, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia have officially ended in the past few hours.
Several of these matches have been decided tonight.
In the Virginia Federation, Republican Senator Robert Hutt won seven wins easily.
Primary election in the Fifth Congressional District. Mr.
On November, Hurt will compete with Tom Perriello, the current Democratic congressman.
Yes, sir.
One person he defeated in the primary election may consider forming a third party --
Even in the general election, the tea party has to challenge.
Of course, we will keep a close eye on developments there to see if this will happen.
Of course, that would be good news for Democrat Tom Perello.
Also in Virginia, Republican Congressman Rob witman has postponed the main challenge of the Tea Party's favorite Catherine Crabill.
Catherine clargil may be famous all over the country.
If nationwide, she was famous last year, when she ran for the Virginia House representative, she said we had a chance to fight the fight in the ballot box and then we had to get into the bullet box. Bullet box?
She lost anyway.
Congressman vitman won a big victory tonight.
He is the only Republican congressman to face major challenges tonight.
These matches have been decided this evening.
But maybe not a game tonight has received national attention as it happened in Arkansas tonight.
The vote in Arkansas has ended in the past half hour.
Now conservative Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln is fighting for her political life there to win the nomination of her party.
Senator Blanch Lincoln's main challenge tonight is roughly from her left.
Bill Holt, deputy governor of Arkansas.
After Senator Lincoln helped undermine public choice in last year's health care reform debate, he drew major challenges.
Tonight's campaign in Arkansas is a runoff because Senator Lincoln failed to win 50% of the vote in last month's Democratic primary.
She and Bill Halter won 45% and 43% of the votes, respectively.
Third-party candidates are young.
Whoever wins the second round tonight between Lincoln and Holt will be the Democratic nominee for the Arkansas Senate in November.
This is the latest number we get.
The reported area is less than 1%, so do not infer from these figures.
But at this point we have about £ 54% for Senator Lincoln and £ 46% for deputy governor Holt.
But again, this is less than 1% of regional reports.
In this case, the results are very early and we will keep a close eye on them throughout the evening.
Chuck Todd, NBC's director of journalism and politics, joined us.
He is also NBC's chief white house correspondent. Mr.
Todd, as usual, nice to meet you.
Chuck Todd, NBC's political director of journalism: Here's-
You know, you're right.
The weather is good on Tuesday.
It got great in Washington this Tuesday as our boy Stephen Strasburg looks really good in a national uniform and we need some sporting goods. But I digress.
MoDo: Chuck, you don't want to focus on things outside politics on Tuesday.
Todd: good Tuesday.
It will catch up.
MADDOW: good Tuesday. TODD: Right.
I think so.
I mean, it's hard to call it Super Tuesday.
This year is the mid-term election year.
This year is not the year of presidential election.
It's hard to keep track of what happened any night.
But, obviously, anyone's big deal
Now everyone is looking at Arkansas.
The vote there was over about half an hour ago.
We only report in less than 1% of the regions.
At this point, is there any good sign in which direction it is heading?
Todd: not in the actual numbers. it's hard to see the results and infer them.
Look, the rule of the runoff is this: when a person in power is forced to become a person in power, she also performs poorly in the first round, Blanche Lincoln, it's hard to imagine how she could have exceeded 50%.
She did a good job in Africa.
First round of American votersIf turnout—
She needs a good African turnout. American voters
This is something the president supports, a little bit of help there.
Bill Clinton ran for her and helped her a little.
This is the key to her being here, and people have always expected that you will not see a large number of voters in Africa
S. voters, this will be one of the keys to Halter's ability to top the list here.
But one thing we should mention, you know, is that whoever wins is a Republican loser.
Keep in mind that this is one of four states where Barack Obama has performed worse than John Kerry's previous four years.
This is a state where Republicans are more inclined even in the year of the 2008 Democratic Party.
So both of them will be losers.
Your question is, if Bill Holt wins, will the Labor party invest heavily in this primary, even if he looks like a huge loser, will they be with him?
This will be an interesting test of these loyalties, as he is certainly there in this primary, able to convey this message.
But how far do they take this information?
Of course, Labor's interest here is-
For the Blanche Lincoln people in the world, this is more important than Bill hails in the world --
In a sense, they are trying to get Democratic candidates to go further on Labor.
So giving up Bill Halter's defeat in the general election seems to have weakened their view of putting so much resources into beating Blanche Lincoln, isn't it?
Todd: Yes, that's where you fight inside the Democratic Party and inside the organization.
It was a friendly battle.
But, you know, if you want to call it the "Democratic salon" in Washington, they're sitting there, and you have a part of the party body saying, what are you doing?
You have spent so much money and now you have promised.
For example, you spend $6 million, which is about the same amount of money these labor groups spend on behalf of Halter.
Do you really spend that much money when candidates need more money in Ohio? Or maybe you have a better chance in Kentucky, or maybe you could do a better job in Missouri in a place like this?
You know, will you lose weight?
That's why Democratic internal and institutional bodies are so bitter about this major challenge, as they fear it will shift the party's likely resources to name more Missouri Kentucky Senate campaign in Ohio.
MADDOW: Well, Chuck, as far as the relationship between this game is concerned, I think this is an exciting and interesting thing for democratic foundations and democratic institutions, and there is a view that, the White House has taken a step back from the race.
Of course, they don't actively support Bill Holt, but their apparent support for Blanche Lincoln is not entirely in front of him.
The White House feels a bit like Blanche Lincoln is leaving --
Is this view accurate and will the lack of support affect the outcome here?
Todd: If you say they're back, what I want to know is, let's say they're taking a step forward somehow.
When the president lent his name to Blanche Lincoln for direct mailing, he did use-
He did record several radio ads, but he was not active for her.
As far as the White House is concerned, Bill Clinton is the agent to help Blanche Lincoln.
But you're right.
The White House has that view, they just-
To be honest, they saw the text on the Wall in autumn.
They said, you know, it was a tough game for both of them.
They think Blanche Lincoln is better suited to survive in ideology.
More likely than Bill Holt to win in the fall.
But you have to say this for Bill water.
In this primary, he somehow made the game less left and middle, which could help him in the fall and more outsiders and insiders.
The only thing, and one that everyone needs to do, is take a deep breath for three weeks and if Bill Holt wins, write him off --
Everyone needs to take a deep breath and say, you know, can he run a similar campaign against John Bozeman, the current member of Congress and the Republican candidate? Citing the bailout, Blanche Lincoln voted for only one of the Wall Street rescues? Is that an—
You know, can he replicate the campaign against Bozeman?
I think three or four weeks after the dust settled, suppose Halter did win the runoff as many people expected, and then, we will really understand if this will be a competitive game in the fall.
I totally agree with you. I think that‘s—
That's what I think, Chuck.
I think there is a simple common wisdom in this race on the left, a mirror image that reflects the ongoing ideological struggle within the Republican Party, in which, people are apparently running from the right to the Republican candidate --TODD: Right.
MADDOW:-I do think it's not easy to call Halter challenge from the left.
In a sense, he is, in a sense, he is not.
But I think the results will be great tonight, Chuck. Thank you.
Thank you very much for your help understanding.
TODD: You see.
Mado: I think we will check in with you in the future. Thank you.
TODD: You see. OK.
Chuck Todd, NBC's director of journalism and politics. All right.
To be honest, the biggest and most important result everyone is waiting for tonight is the Arkansas Democratic Party's runoff.
Again, we still have very few regional reports, less than 1%;
Blanche Lincoln leads 53% to 47%
As Chuck Todd mentioned, many observers expect Bill Halter
Win in this game
As far as the results are concerned, it is too early to say.
Turnout will be important.
Turnout is hard to predict in-
In the midterm elections
But this is a major democratic outcome that everyone is waiting.
Watching these results will be an exciting evening tonight.
But, frankly, everything is about Republicans tonight, except for a big Democratic campaign.
It's about Republicans flying their unusual flags.
Especially in South Carolina, California, Nevada, it's hard to narrow down the most interesting Republican storyline of tonight's game, so we won't try to narrow it down.
Next comes the Maddow story of "I can't believe you didn't make this up. (
Business break)
MADDOW: So, the Arkansas Senate election has received a lot of attention during this election season.
But the real entertainment tonight is Republican.
In Nevada, South Carolina, especially California.
When we come back, we will tell you the stories and follow the results.
Please stay with us at MSNBC, where politics is. (
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Voting ends at 7: 00 in South Carolina. m.
East tonight.
Currently, 54% of regional reports say Republican candidate for Governor Nikki Haley is ahead of her nearest challenger, Gresham Barrett.
Similarly, 54% per cent of regional reports showed that she rose 48% per cent to 23% per cent.
To avoid a run-off, Nikki Haley needs to clear 50% of the vote tonight.
Now, Andre Bauer and Henry McMaster are two leading candidates behind that race at 17% and 12% respectively.
However, 54% of the regions reported.
Nikki Haley leads.
But in order not to end up with a runoff, she must get 50%.
This is a competition for Republicans to compete for the governor of South Carolina.
Currently, one of the funniest primaries of the season in Nevada is the last hour.
Voting remained open until 10: 00. m.
Eastern Nevada.
Republicans chose to compete with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the fall.
Now, there is no doubt that Harry Reid is politically weak in his home state, and Republicans are very excited about challenging him.
But the first two Republicans who entered today's primary are known for things you don't usually want to be famous for as political candidates.
At least for the 21 st century, or for most of the 20 th.
Maybe 19?
Sue Lowden is considered a Republican power candidate and is popular in the campaign. Most famous—
She is now the most famous in the country, I think, because she suggests using poultry as her high medical cost solution. (
Start Video Editing)
Sue Lowden®Nevada Senate candidate: You know, before we all start enjoying health care in the past days, our grandparents will take a chicken to the doctor.
I'm not quitting that system. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: I'm not going to hold back.
My friend, that's why today people in Nevada are banned from wearing suits hanging out at polling stations.
Thank you, Sue Lowden.
However, it should be noted that when I was just hanging out at a polling station dressed up as a chicken, it was already verboten, and the vote actually dressed up as a chicken is still completely legal in Nevada.
Obviously, we are still a free country.
Thank you very much.
Of course, if Sue Lowden is not over yet
Known for "paying your doctor with chicken", late last month, when she said this to Jon Laston of the "Las Vegas Sun", she would”(
Start Video Editing)
Ron Laston of the Las Vegas Sun: Do you think Rand Paul is right that the Civil Rights Act should not be extended to private businesses?
Lorden: this is-
That's what I said.
I'm more interested in what we do in Nevada. I haven‘t—
This is a simple question.
LOWDEN: It's a simple question, but it's a problem.
Frankly, I don't even know Rand Paul if I see him on TV.
If it's not about Rand Paul.
I haven't been watching that game.
I haven't been watching.
I think you want to change the topic from what's happening here.
Nobody asked this question, Jon.
So, don't you answer? LOWDEN: No. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: So, in the world of Sue Lowden, we should all be able to pay for food to family doctors, and whether or not you agree that the Civil Rights Act is a tricky question.
As you might imagine, although Sue Lowden was the most popular person in the early institutions, her poll numbers in Nevada have been falling, as if the stone had fallen into the water.
Entering Nevada's conservative Tea Party-backed candidate Sharron Angle, who took the lead from Sue Lowden in the campaign
Until election day. Ms.
Since then, she has become very famous herself. Policy-
It is wise that Sharron Angle wants to get rid of the social security system and shut down the ministry of education because you know who needs them.
But what she might be most famous for is what she said in 2006 about alcohol, about how she opposed it to being legal.
Quote "I will tell you that I feel the same way about the legalization of cannabis, not medical marijuana, but marijuana legalization.
I feel the same way about legalizing alcohol.
The impact on society is so great that I am more than just a true supporter supporting the legalization of any drug or encouraging any substance abuse.
"Remember, she wanted to be a senator in Nevada, and the last time I checked was where Las Vegas was.
Now, look at what happened when it was her turn to speak to Jon Laston and she was forced to explain herself
She acknowledged the position of banning beer, and she acknowledged the position against the legalization of beer. (
Start Video Editing)
You want to bring the ban back now?
Cape Sharon®Senate candidate for Nevada: No, John.
We actually removed the ban through 21 amendments.
OK, thank you for telling me.
What are you talking about?
You said, "I feel the same way about legalizing alcohol.
"You will go back and want to put the prohibition order back?
Angle: No, I think you lost focus here.
Reston: Is that what you mean when you say it?
Let's take it off the table now.
We will continue to discuss a more important issue.
Angle: Well, we are talking about the impact of these things on our country and our people.
You know, mothers who oppose drunk driving, I don't think you would call them no-alcoholic, but of course, they 've brought attention and education to the issues that we 've been focusing on for a long time --
So you don't want to ban drinking? ANGLE: No. (END VIDEO CLIP)MADDOW: Good.
These are the first two Republican candidates to compete with Harry Reid in the Nevada primary.
Their most famous position is: we should be able to pay for the doctor with the chicken, maybe the wine should be illegal.
In the future of Nevada, I saw a very interesting fall sport.
Join us by Jon larston, columnist for the Las Vegas Sun, who is the host of face-to-face with Jon larston and also by all politicians in Nevada
Jon Laston, thank you so much for your time tonight.
Hi Rachel. So, Jon. Hi.
Nice to meet you, Jon.
Tell me who Harry Reid is supporting in the Republican primary tonight.
Reston: Well, it's hard to choose between the chicken and the prohibition order, right, Rachel?
But I think he chose the ban and the Scientology, and that's the Sharen corner of the game.
The main reason, of course, is because of the Sharron corner-
You mentioned some of her positions.
She wants America too. S.
To get out of America,N.
She wants to get rid of the social security system.
These things.
15% of voters here are registered nonpartisan.
Sue Lowden may be back in the middle.
Cape Sharen is just not-
She could not return to the middle, according to the Constitution.
In fact, she was the Tea Party, Rachel, before the tea party existed.
So I think Harry Reid
That is why he has been attacking Sue Lowden every day for months to issue these press releases.
MADDOW: Another candidate is considered competitive in the Republican primary in Nevada, and of course, he's Danny taqqani, son of the famous former UNLV basketball coach Jerry taqqani
If this is a normal election, and if other candidates don't talk about paying your doctor's fees with chickens or illegally making beer, then tucanian will be the most famous candidate in this competition.
Does he have any footage tonight?
I think he has a chance.
Of course, the only reason he is competitive is because of his last name, the son of the legendary basketball coach.
But I have to tell you that I think he is the best candidate of all three candidates, at least in the Republican primary.
Earlier, he felt the opposite.
The build-up enthusiasm in the electorate correctly depicts Loden, because the build-up candidate pointed out several of her votes in the legislature, one of her comments on the bailout, and he also talked about the issue, of course, this problem is completely illegal immigrants who are not sincere.
But in Nevada, Rachel was a 85% support rating problem in the Republican primary.
So he got some traction.
In the last few days, the massacre between Loden and angle will still benefit him.
But I still think it is difficult for him to win.
Jon, I know you can vote against everyone in Nevada.
There is no "these candidates" option in the vote.
What do you think of Sir? or Ms.
"None of these candidates will win in today's election?
Reston: You know, it would be interesting to look at this because "any of the above" is actually not close to winning some elections in Nevada.
So, I don't think there will be much progress in this election, but more importantly, Rachel, what will this get in the general election?
That's why Harry Reid wants to save him because from tomorrow he will release his arsenal to the chicken or the banned and then we will have a good time.
Let me ask you about the last election.
The last election issue in Nevada, in short, Jon, is the governor's campaign.
Your governor, Republican Governor Gibbons, is likely to be the first governor in Nevada's history to fail in the primary.
What brought Jim Gibbons down?
Oh, we don't have time, Rachel.
If I have to tell you all these different things, we will do a TV show.
But, you know, he's got a lot of personal issues, he's filed a divorce, and his wife has made some very ugly accusations publicly.
The divorce has been going on for several years.
But, you have to admit that he is not respected among his own party members, basically the people of his own party recruited a federal judge, Brian Sandoval, from the bench, an attractive Hispanic defeated him in the primary.
He could win by 10, 15, or even 20 tonight, giving Republicans the chance to continue as governor.
MADDOW: Jon larston, columnist for the Las Vegas Sun, the host of Face to Face with Jon larston, and a friend of the show,
Jon, thank you very much for joining us.
I know it will be a very busy night in Nevada.
Rachel, it's a pleasure to come back with you. MADDOW: Thanks. All right.
Tonight we will continue to watch the results of the election, if not Super Tuesday, then at least Tuesday is quite good.
Keep in mind that polls in Nevada, Montana and Iowa end this hour.
The big hotel in California is closed at 11: 00. m.
8: 00 Eastern timem.
By then, our MSNBC coverage will continue into the middle of the night.
New news about the BP oil disaster and more election reports is coming.
Please stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: we are still waiting for the final result of tonight's very important Senate campaign in Arkansas.
My monitor is over there, which is why I have been looking at it without my eyes wide open.
Now, with 4%-4% of the votes reported, Blanche Lincoln walked bilwater in the Arkansas Senate campaign, 53% to 47%.
Again, this is only 4% of the area.
There is no statistical basis on which the final result can be inferred.
But as the numbers in these constituencies continue to climb, we will keep you informed.
Yes, tonight's Democratic election in Arkansas is very important.
But, to be honest, I have to tell you that the Republican campaign tonight is spectacular.
Can we do this?
I want to start in California.
Voting ends at 11: 00. m. Eastern.
While Jerry Brown, the Democratic candidate and governor's Democratic candidate, was basically able to take part in this round of campaigning to prepare for his election and to raise and save money for it, the competition for the Republican governor's nomination in California has turned into a scene where an armored vehicle had a car accident on a highway, and everyone got off the bus and panicked for hundreds of dollars. Yes.
So far, state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has spent $24 million of his own money-$24 million just in the primary, a ton of money, which is too bad for him
Because his opponent spent about three tons.
According to reports, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman has so far spent $81 million on this initial election-spending $71 million from her own account, making impressive decisions with the money, like hiring a campaign, they told her it was a good news strategy. (
Start Video Editing)
Woman: Come on, guys.
Unidentified male: please clean the room. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Clean the room.
This should be a press conference. Clear the room. Get out.
The candidate will not speak to you.
Thank you for attending our press conference.
Meg Whitman has also used her wealth to buy many campaign signs, many of which have the word "Sac" on them.
They said, "bring Sac back.
But at any reasonable distance they seem to just say, "Sac," which should make you want to vote for Meg Whitman.
In the Senate campaign in California, Carly Fiorinak. a.
The demon sheep cost $6.
The 7 million money HP, her former company, gave her to leave is likely to beat Tom Campbell, a career-rational Republican of her life, and Chuck Devor, the Tea Party's favorite, he spent most of his campaign fighting Don Henry.
Devore captioned Don Henley's songs and turned them into a jingle to compete with other candidates.
But the Senate campaign and the governor's campaign are not actually the most stunning Republican phenomenon in Golden State today.
The honor was awarded to the Republican nomination of California's secretary of state.
It was a contest, and the winner was really, really, very surprised to say, "I'm not making this up --
Ly "may be queen birthers, Ollie Taizi, who is trying to lead the way to seek to make President Obama secretly declare as a foreigner, so secretly declaring is not a real president.
Even if the Tea Party group refused to let Ollie Taz attend their event earlier this season for fear of looking too crazy, Ollie Taz began to be welcomed by California Republicans.
Two days ago, she was present with Republican Carly Fiorina, Chuck Devor, Carl ROV, and Minnesota lifelong professional, rational Republican, Norm Coleman.
Two days ago, the Republicans made public appearances with the Republican. (
Start Video Editing)
Ollie Taiz, California, candidate for secretary of state: many volunteers called every hospital in Hawaii and no one had any records of Obama or his mother being hospitalized there. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Orly Taitz is running for secretary of state in California to play against former NFL player Damon Dunn.
Of course, Orly Taitz has filed a lawsuit challenging his qualifications.
Orly Taitz may win, which is conceivable.
I mean, the name recognition does make some sense, and also, she came first in the vote, so she won the vote "too lazy to read from start to finish.
She was listed as a lawyer in the vote, not Queen birthers or a dentist.
She will also be sure to win the vote of all the Republicans in the state who agree with her, and the president is a secret foreigner or someone else.
Tonight, Ollie Taiz is likely to be the Republican candidate to become the highest elected official in the country's largest state.
Oh, yes, the Republicans are back.
Then South Carolina.
Voting ended about two hours ago.
So far, we have only had some results in the Republican primary for governors, and so far, 70% of the region has reported.
Nikki Hayley has 49% of the vote against her latest challenger, Congressman Gresham Barrett, who has 21% of the vote.
Obviously Nikki Haley is way ahead, but she needs to clean up 50% in order to avoid runoff.
At this point, the third and fourth winning candidates are Andre Bauer, the deputy governor with 12% of the votes, and Henry McMaster, who has 18% of the votes.
Now, the Republican Governors primary in South Carolina is a game we 've avoided talking about so far on this show, because it's easy for me to feel embarrassed and frankly, it makes me
But since today is the real primary, the race has now been forced into it.
We ran away but couldn't hide from election day.
Remember, this is competition to replace the government.
Mark Samford, who is not loyal to the re-definition of hiking the Appalachian Trail.
Among the revived Republicans, the Republican candidate for governor of South Carolina is 38-year-
American Indian Nikki Haley
If elected, she will become the first female governor of the state.
It is well known that in the past few weeks, two Republicans have claimed that they have had an affair with Nikki Harry, but they have not provided any real evidence other than public charges. One of Ms.
Hayley's charge is a conservative political blogger named Will Folks and a former spokesman for Mark Sandford.
Another plaintiff, former campaign advisor to Deputy Governor Andre Bauer, was a lobbyists named Larry Marchant.
Now, of course, there are media reports here about Republican primary politics in South Carolina.
After all, this is the same despicable gutter that George W gave us.
In 2000, Bush told McCain's campaign leaflet that McCain had secretly given birth to a black child.
So this is an elegant crowd doing more there. around by Gov.
Sandford gracefully stood up to guarantee Nikki Hayley's sexual morality because of the governor.
You're going to ask Sandford.
When it comes to Mark Sandford, the guarantee may be good enough.
Can we suggest a lie detector test for others?
I'm not kidding.
Deputy Governor Andre Bauer actually tested the allegation that "Nikki Harry has at least one thing" to prove that he was not the source of rumors he had previously consulted, Larry Macon
Now, for Larry Macon, the second person to say that he has done something to Nikki Harry that he should not have done --Mr.
Marchant was also tested with a lie detector.
I will tell you what the result is, but that's fine.
People are being tested with a lie detector about an alleged affair. It‘s (UNINTELLIGIBLE).
So competition for the Republican nomination for governor of South Carolina is over.
What I'm going to tell you is, the less
Annoying ending
Republican State Senator Jack nowz, referring to Nikki harlysys, ran for Keith's "the worst man in the world" Hall of Fame edition, and I quote him, because her family is Sikh, she is a broken head ". Sen.
"We have found a broken head at the White House," said Noz.
We don't need another one at the governor's house.
"The moment Mark Sandford went missing, we first went completely missing, then hiking the Appalachian Trail and then missing again, we actually tried to book
In this program.
We ended up having to cancel his appearance because we didn't have time.
But even if we plan to make me feel so dirty at some point, it's like I can wash and never clean.
It was an important night in South Carolina and 11 other states.
We will track all the results on MSNBC until 1: 00.
At that time, we will know more about the players in the mid-term exam in November.
But when we sleep through the night, when we track many casual fun games in California, South Carolina, Nevada, and elsewhere, comparing these political realities with the wisdom of the Republican Party's rising traditional detour, the Republican Party is a force that cannot be stopped this year. Maybe it is.
Maybe so.
But then again, perhaps the Republican Party has fallen into a battle of political death --a-Graffiti inside.
Either way, it will be a very interesting political year. (
Business break)
MADDOW: We're back in Los Angeles where the vote is still open tonight and voters are going to vote in 12 states today.
Over time, we will update the status of all these races.
But first, we want to give you an update on the oil that is still pouring into the Gulf of Mexico tonight.
The government has finally confirmed that British oil officials have been denying the existence of one of the submarine oil plume, which is a 10-
A mile-long plume is located 42 miles northeast of the surge well discovered by the University of South Florida team.
Last night, on this show, we spoke to the lead researcher Dr, one of the teams that tested another feather stream
Samantha Joyer from the University of Georgia
Today, at a press conference, she presented her team's concluding documents on their second plume.
The effect of the plume so far is opaque at best, but as a doctor
Joye explained to us last night that the atomization of these Petroleum particles and these huge submarine plume means microbial bacteria
Microorganisms are trying to eat oil in essence, which sounds good on the one hand.
But it also has disadvantages when microorganisms absorb oxygen from water. (
Start Video Editing)DR.
Samantha Joyer from the University of Georgia: this age, if you like.
Oxygen is sucked to a very low level.
The minimum concentration we measured was about 3 mg per meter.
Basically, the degree to which animals are beginning to feel stress is two mg per liter.
So we're almost at the point where fish and other creatures that need oxygen are under pressure in the water. MADDOW (on camera)
: To clarify and forgive me-
Because I am not a scientist, I absorb the speed of these things.
But what you're saying is that when microbes are basically oil-eating, they're also using oxygen in the water.
So, while this creature
From the point of view of removing oil, the repair of these microorganisms is a good thing, and it also produces potential dead zones where water cannot maintain organisms?
JOYE: That's right.
Things will survive the trough.
But any higher creature that needs oxygen cannot survive in the water.
It will be avoided if possible. (END VIDEO CLIP)
So now we have confirmed two huge feathers.
One of them is at least 10 miles long, 2 miles wide, 600 feet thick, and the other is 22 miles long, 6 miles wide and 3,300 feet thick.
This means that if the massive plume of the Bay Area is unable to sustain life, what we may be talking about is about 150 square miles of water that cannot support life in any large moving death zone.
No, in decades of oil spills and all (UNINTELLIGIBLE)
Profits, oil companies have never bothered to develop any technology to remove oil from the water in deep-sea plume.
This clean-up technique does not exist because they never bother to do it.
I need to make quick corrections to several items.
On Friday, I said that the Deepwater Horizon was involved in oil production when it exploded.
This is not in the technical sense.
When the Deepwater Horizon explodes, after the drilling process is over, it should be sealed so that the production rig can pump out oil later.
I'm sorry for this mistake.
Last night, at some point on the show, when I was talking about the total amount of Gulf oil, I also accidentally said "barrels", meaning "gallons ".
What was in the script I should have said, but I blew it out because I was very hot under the collar and so far the Bay Area is estimated to have 39 million gallons of oil.
I said 39 million gallons.
I said 39 million barrels.
I'm sorry about that.
That is to say, I may not be as wrong as I hoped.
We still don't know how much oil is leaking in the Gulf.
BP estimates that in order to open the helmet, the riser that cuts the bottom of the sea could result in a temporary 20% increase in oil flow.
But today, the front line of the New York Times
Interviewed a scientist who is a team member who estimates oil flows for the government.
Cutting pipes could lead to several times more weight of flow from the well than just 20%, he said.
Quote, "Well Tubes are obviously easier to melt than before.
More importantly, I don't mean 20%. I mean multiple factors . "
The proper technical science response is "Oh man. Holy mackerel.
"In the end, it was 50 days of BP's oil disaster, and Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints traveled to prakming Parish to celebrate the moment in the state of Luis Anna.
They hang out with the residents and clean up. up crews.
They announced they would auction a Super Bowl ring to raise money for the recovery along the Gulf Coast.
You can buy a lottery ticket for $2 at "San guffosterneval. org.
"The winner will be announced in front of the Saints --
The Vikings game, the first of the season, was played in September 9. Believe that.
MADDOW: The Associated Press now reports that Nikki Haley has failed to avoid a runoff in the Republican primary of the South Carolina governor's campaign.
Of course, she won the most votes in the competition.
But the Associated Press reported that she did not reach a critical threshold of 50% to avoid runoff.
Nikki Hayley has a constituency of 84%, leading her latest challenger, Gresham Barrett, 49% to 21%.
In this case, the runoff will be June 22, and Nikki Haley and Gresham Barrett will replace the governor as the Republican nominee.
South Carolina Governor Mark Sandford.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
US President Barack Obama: It will be a mess. It already is.
But I have been there and the people there are strong.
These ecosystems are more resilient than I thought, if we act quickly, if we act seriously.
For example, there will be swamps, where oil will enter, where marine life will be greatly reduced in one season --maybe two.
But it is possible that we can protect these mouths and swamps so that things will recover after three years.
Things have rebounded. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: this is President Obama's attempt to bring a little optimism to the 50 days of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico on NBC's "Today" program this morning.
He said that if we act quickly, if we act seriously and possibly, we can protect these mouths, swamps and the lives on which they live.
What is our reaction?
A large part of the response plan is concentrated in onesyllable word. (
Start Video Editing)
Obama: We have deployed more than 3 million feet of total prosperity to stop oil from going ashore.
Today, more than 100,000 feet of the boom is pouring into the parish of the state of Luis Anna, which is at the biggest risk of oil.
National accident commander Admiral Sade Allen: We 've actually deployed 30 miles of prosperity there in the last 48 hours.
Obama: try to invest more prosperity where needed.
We continue to prosper in Alabama. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: every day, on the Deepwater Horizon response site, BP will brag about how much prosperity they have deployed.
They had deployed more than 2 yesterday.
The enclosure boom is 19 million, more than 2.
The 46 million-foot absorbent boom.
Today, they announced that they have deployed more than 2.
Fence boom 25 million. That‘s 0.
There were 6 million more people yesterday.
Today, they reported that they are deploying more than 2.
The suction boom is 55 million, which is 0.
9 million more than yesterday.
It seems to give us some sense of progress.
We really have to lick this thing with these numbers, right?
How much this boom looks like I saw last week on a trip to the United Nations Bay town
Because there was no one around to maintain it, it was tied to the pickets and the anchors piled up on the shore and did nothing.
Or it might actually make things worse, like in these photos taken today by Greenpeace photographers, the prosperity of the absorbent that shows inappropriate tendencies around Queen Beth Island is actually captured on the wrong side
It puts oil on the island.
This is the island I visited last week, an important habitat for brown pelicans, an island, and a habitat that Louisianans have struggled to save for decades.
Rick Steiner is now joining us as a Marine Protector, flying over Queen Beth island with Greenpeace today.
Rick is a marine consultant for the Prince William Bay area of Alaska during his time in Exxon.
Valdez oil spill
He is now engaged in oil spill prevention and response around the world.
Rick Steiner, thank you for your time tonight.
Rick Steiner, Marine Protector: Hi Rachel.
Good to be here.
MADDOW: is the burning situation in the bay as bad as I thought now?
Until Friday, what I saw there looked pitiful and seemed to be doing something wrong.
Yes, your intuition is absolutely right.
These numbers are meant to put people to sleep and give the illusion that they respond effectively to this.
But one of the things we have learned around the world is that none of them work --
A truly effective response to the massive ocean oil spill.
Rarely recovered to more than 10 or 15%.
So far, BP may not have found more than 2% or 3% of the Deepwater Horizon leak.
They really enjoyed reciting numbers, the prosperity of millions of feet and something like that.
But actually, what I'm trying to say is that 70% or 80% of them didn't do anything at all.
As you mentioned, we saw something worse today than doing nothing.
This creates more problems than solving them, because it is actually leaving oil around a key seabirds nesting island, the island you were on last week, Queen Beth.
So these numbers are-
Part of myth.
Mado: Rick, given everything you see and all your knowledge of the technology and the oil spill response, you feel --
I know it sounds dramatic, but we shouldn't do it at all.
We better not-
Without this false sense of security, what good is it doing?
Or do you think it's worth trying to do it?
Steiner: I think it's worth doing the right thing.
We must try to keep oil out of sensitive habitats.
And the prosperity of the adsorption agent.
White sausage-
Cylindrical Boom-
This is a good thing because it absorbs the oil in the water.
But what you have to do is take it out of the water and put it in something fresh when the saturated absorbent is saturated a lot.
They did not.
They're not really doing this.
They put the boom out and went home.
The anchor is broken-
You saw some.
The oil-coated suction boom is flushing to the coastline where the bird's nest is located.
Instead of trying to solve the problem, it contributes to the problem.
But we need to be realistic and understand that in this case there is nothing that can be done by all the king's horses and all the king's people, whether they take thousands of people, thousands of ships, millions of feet of prosperity are there, but they definitely need to try.
One problem with this leak, as you know, is that it comes out from 5,000 feet deep.
When the oil reaches the surface, it is fully dissolved by water.
It is so naturally dispersed and then chemically dispersed over it.
For mechanical recovery, there is no surface oil slick that is very easy to define for use.
To be honest, it's a futile effort, but we have to try.
There are oil puddles on the sea, where seabirds can be removed with buckets.
It's not rocket science, you know.
So they need to try something at least.
Rick Steiner, the Marine Protector, we have limited time tonight because we're going to cover all these primaries and everything that's going on.
But we will continue to report on the response in this regard, not just what happens on the bottom of the sea, and what happens with the oil that has leaked day after day until someone starts to correct the situation.
I can ask you now, would you like to come back and talk to us about the technical issues in this regard?
Steiner: I 'd love.
One last thing.
This will cause some permanent damage to the south Louis Anna State Wetland.
This is an unfortunate reality.
Rick Steiner, thank you very much for your time tonight and we will see you again soon for this show.
I really appreciate it.
Nice, Rachel. Thanks.
Next, a special live version of the "Countdown" was launched with Keith Olberman.
But first, in this show, the latest results of the primary election.
We have some new results to give you and some new additions to the total number of constituencies to give you.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
There are 12 states holding primary elections tonight.
It may not be Super Tuesday, but at least Tuesday is good.
In the Arkansas Democratic runoff election, incumbent senator blanch Lincoln faced the challenge of Deputy Governor Bill Holt to nominate her party, which could be the biggest game of the night.
The Arkansas vote ended about an hour and a half ago.
There are 27% area reports and we are looking for 52% for Sen.
Lincoln is 48% to Bill Holt.
In the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, Nikki Haley, the leader, looks like-
She will run a decisive election against her latest rival, Congressman Gresham Barrett.
Nikki Hayley is way ahead, but 89% of the area reported that she did not clarify all the issues
Important 50%
She made up 39% of Gresham Barrett's 22% people and did not get the 50% she needed to avoid a June 22 runoff.
The vote ends at 11: 00 tonight. m.
Eastern California.
Then we can live at 11: 00. m.
The election results came out.
The live version of "Keith albeman Countdown" is now on.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
End Copyright 2010 roll call
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