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Host: Thank you, Chris.
Have a good weekend.
Host Chris Hayes: So are you.
MADDOW: Thank you for being at home and also for joining us this hour.
Many things have happened. OK.
There are 435 members of the United States. S.
Yes, of course, some of them have been there for a long time and they are famous.
But to be honest, they have more than 400 people.
You can't pick it out of the lineup, can you?
This guy, you can pick it out of the lineup.
You remember this guy. (
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New York 1 Daily reporter Michael Scoto: So, Congressman Michael Green doesn't want to talk about some of the allegations about his campaign funding, and we want him to be interviewed in this regard.
But as you can see, he refused to talk. Back to you. SCOTTO: What?
I just wanted to ask you.
Michael GreenR)
Let me make it clear to you.
You treat me like this again, and I throw you away.
Delete dirty words)balcony. SCOTTO: Why?
I just wanted to ask you.
Green: If you do this to me again, why? Why?
This is an effective question. (CROSSTALK)GRIMM: No, no.
You're not a man.
You're not a man.
I will divide you in two like a boy. (END VIDEO CLIP)
I will divide you in half like a boy.
I never understood the "like a boy" part.
But that's Michael Green, a congressman on Staten Island in New York, who is going to split the young reporter into two halves like a boy.
A broken door like a boy should have happened before or after a congressman threw him off the bloody balcony he also threatened, which is not clear at all.
But Congressman Green made these threats on the cameras, and he noticed the cameras, and you saw him looking at the big cameras as he made them.
On January, on the night of President Obama's 2014 State of the Union speech, Congressman Green made these threats in front of a big camera.
At first, Congressman Green defended his behavior, basically saying that journalists from New York came.
About 12 hours later, he apologized to reporters late. he threatened to beat reporters in half and then threw them off the balcony.
After that, Congressman Green pulled out of the headlines for the time being.
But later this afternoon, there was news that New York Republican Congressman Michael Green would be charged with a federal felony.
In the past two years, we have learned that Congressman Green has been under federal criminal investigation for potential illegal campaign contributions.
In his first 2010 games to win a congressional seat.
But despite the findings that arrested two of his fundraisers, one of whom acknowledged the visa fraud charges, even though the two arrests had taken place, one plea had taken place and it was not clear at all tonight, over the years, allegations surrounding his campaign funds have been linked to what he is about to be prosecuted.
Mr. lawyer.
Green said today that the allegations are a product of "politically driven vendetta.
The lawyer said.
Green is innocent. he will be proved innocent. He said, “Mr.
Green will continue to serve his constituents until he is confirmed.
"Despite the prosecution, no one has talked about his resignation from Congress.
The news that the member is about to be prosecuted today, on the one hand, to be honest, it doesn't feel like a big deal, because after all, he is a New York politician and politicians in New York are always prosecuted.
However, it is usually a New York politician in Albany, at the State Capitol, who is usually prosecuted.
Michael Green is a member of Congress.
He works in Washington.
Members of Congress will not be prosecuted in the end, nor will they often be put in prison.
To be fair, in fact, it may depend on the meaning of the phrase "all these often.
Former Congressman Jesse Jackson
In prison now.
The Illinois Democrat served 1/2 years for buying himself something awesome with campaign money, like Michael Jackson's old fedoolas.
In addition, former congressman William Jefferson, who is also a Democrat, is serving 13 years in prison for taking bribes from nearly a million dollars.
They found some money wrapped in aluminum foil behind his fridge.
Arizona Republican Rick Renzi was sentenced to three years in prison for corruption.
He's on appeal.
At least he submitted his campaign finance report this month.
Very embarrassing.
Ohio Republican Bob ni got two years of time and change for conspiracy and false statements in the Jack Abramoff India casino lobby scandal.
Ohio Democrat James Trafficante, the most stunning figure in Congress since 100.
James Traficant, who has forged tax returns for seven years, accepted bribes, extortion, and used his staff to do household chores on his family farm and a bunch of other things.
James Trafficante was the first congressman to be sent to the house in the 21 st century.
But, really, he just went on for a long time, no-
Proud family tradition
Before the old Great "Washington independence" went out of business, they left a list of congressional crime members, and God bless the souls they already did not exist.
You're in 1990 and you have 10 congressional criminals, starting with Democrat Mel Reynolds and doing something really great.
In their 1980 s, they just couldn't stay away from prison.
Democrats, Republicans, people taking bribes, drunk drivers, influential hawkers, are in a mess over the age of 80 when lawmakers go to jail.
1970 is not so good.
Meet with Idaho Republican George Hansen, convicted of violating campaign finance laws on 1975.
Or New York Democrat Frank Brasco was convicted a year ago of plotting to take bribes.
If you're looking for someone from Capitol Hill to hosego it's kind of likeyour-pick situation.
If you want to participate in World War II and end World War II, do so.
Old Harry robutton, let's pick him out of the list just because Harry robutton has an amazing name.
He was convicted of bribery in 1931 by an Indiana congressman and sentenced to one year and one day in prison.
Of course, not every member of Congress who has been indicted will eventually be convicted.
It is reported that MP Michael Green is about to be prosecuted.
But getting sued doesn't necessarily mean you're guilty or you're going to jail.
Many members of Congress were prosecuted or pursued, but were eventually acquitted.
Tom dillay, Texas, also known as "hammer", was convicted of money laundering in 2010.
But he was acquitted on last year's appeal.
He was tried on 1996 for bribery and extortion.
He was acquitted.
So is old Harold Ford.
In Tennessee in 1993.
18 counts of conspiracy, bank fraud and mail fraud were not established.
He was charged, he was tried, and he was acquitted.
Being sued doesn't mean you did it.
This does not mean that you will be convicted.
Congressman Michael Green seems to have joined a long-team member today, who has been brought up on various charges and has achieved various results.
It is unclear exactly why he will be prosecuted.
He won his first congressional seat in 2010.
Part of the reason he did so was that he raised more money than anyone thought.
In the summer of 2012, the federal grand jury held a meeting to consider allegations that he might illegally raise part of the money.
The public corruption department of the FBI interviewed several green campaign staff.
On January, the FBI arrested a former Greenm fundraiser, accusing him of illegally injecting thousands of dollars into the campaign.
As I said last year, another key figure in Michael Green's fundraising world acknowledged visa fraud.
One of the things that is reported to be the federal investigation is whether Michael Green or his campaign donors are never legally allowed to say to them because they are not Americans. S.
Because they are foreign citizens.
But the news that he is about to be prosecuted tonight coincides with the conflicting reports about possible charges. Politico.
Com broke the story.
They reported,
Green will be charged with violating campaign finances and is expected to be charged with mail and wire transfer fraud.
The New York Times followed the "political" report and also described the expected allegations of mail and cable fraud.
But the Times said they had nothing to do with his campaign funds, and they had something to do with a healthy food restaurant owned by members of Congress in the Upper East Side called "health"
Alicious-a restaurant he owned before running for Congress after the FBI's secret service career.
NBC News also said tonight that the charges are linked to his private deals, private business deals, and campaign fundraising.
But even before Michael Green threatened to throw reporters off the balcony earlier this year, he was really his own brand.
After that, another local journalist came forward and said he was also threatened by Congressman Green after an interview on December.
A few years ago, the news brought back Michael Green's experience as an FBI agent from the New Yorker magazine.
According to that story, the anger of the time
FBI agent Michael Green allegedly said to a man at a Caribbean nightclub in New York, "I will let him disappear where no one has found him.
The writer Evan Ratcliffe spoke to one that night.
Green Left, but then he came back with a gun and threatened. Mr.
Green denied the charge, saying he was attacked at the club and returned with the help of the police.
He said that he did not commit any misconduct that night and quoted him as saying, "I am 100% years old and completely innocent.
Ten years later, he became a New York congressman from Staten Island. to-
Lawmakers have been sued from this fair city.
Now we are joined by Evan Ratcliffe.
He is a special writer for The New Yorker magazine.
He has been following the career of Senator Green. Mr.
Thank you, Ratcliffe.
Evan Ratcliffe of the New Yorker: Yes, I'm happy.
MADDOW: based on what you 've been reporting to Senator Green over the years, is this indictment the next step expected or is it a real mystery to you as far as what's going on here?
Ratcliffe: No, I think the indictment has been expected for a while.
The people I spoke to hoped it would drop.
But the question is what charges are involved and, as you said, whether this is related to campaign financing or whether it is related to some of his other business transactions.
The truth is that since he left the FBI, even since he went to Congress, he's a bit close to so many allegations that you barely know what charges will be in the indictment.
MADDOW: One thing that makes him a congressman is that because of this volcanic temper, you can pick an unforgettable person from the lineup.
There are both stories of his volcanic temper and
Camera evidence.
Is this aspect of his personality key to what he is related to in all these different investigations and all other investigations-including News surveys and legal investigations?
Ratif: Well, what I'm trying to say is that a lot of the accusations are not strictly related to his temper, which is undoubtedly his temper.
I mean, it came up in my story.
Apparently, the New York No. 1 reporter made allegations that he threatened people.
But I think the idea that he's a bit untouchable might be the intersection of all of these ideas, and the idea that you can threaten a New York journalist and a member of the US Congress without getting stuck is, this kind of thing tied it to one, just as he was found guilty of fraud in Texas, and another former FBI agent was convicted on suspicion of fraud with the restaurant, the restaurant has violated rules for not carrying workers' compensation insurance-like all of them, when the charges come out, it will be found that green or his lawyer said it was a Democratic conspiracy
Someone came out to find me.
In the end I will be proved to be correct.
So far, you know, he's kind of like a member of parliament at tefulon.
You know, he was not prosecuted for anything.
But now, obviously, it's finally here.
In response to this, his lawyer's response today is that he will be defended, which is a conspiracy.
There is no possibility of his resignation.
He will remain in Congress.
To some extent, this is the legal strategy.
But, he does have a pretty good record of making incredible greed charges against him in many venues and surviving, skating.
Is it because the allegations prove false?
Why does he always run away?
RATLIFF: Well, in all these cases-I mean, in most cases, they haven't actually been tried yet.
I mean, they were charged with a healthy food restaurant in New York.
For example, in my story, the man accused of being threatened at the nightclub was an officer of the New York Police Department, who later told me that he had dropped the charge, because he was told that pursuing these allegations was not good for his career.
So, you know, usually, they're either alone, like in these campaign financial allegations, and they don't know him very well, or in other cases, somehow, it was solved before it arrived, you know, a real indictment.
MADDOW: Can I please-it's clear that once the indictment comes down, the report on the career of Senator Green will get more national attention. It`s a high-
A personal incident by sitting members of Congress.
As a person who covers him, is it a terrible or difficult thing to cover him as compared to covering others in public life or politics?
Obviously, we saw him threatening other journalists in real time.
Is this something people should know?
Ratif: What I want to say is that it's not terrible for me to report his experience.
I mean, he did get angry when I tried to interview him in his country's office at some point, and he did escort me out.
But he did not threaten me.
So I almost felt that I didn't have enough to stir him up and that he would threaten me was disappointing.
But let's say that he does have a certain amount of confidence, of course physically.
He served in the Marine Corps.
He's at the FBI.
That's why he entered the office.
I mean, in fact, he did that, and there's a history of that.
This is also part of his appeal to voters.
So, you know, the fact that this makes you angry is-that's where the problem is.
But I never saw it myself.
Special writer Evan Ratcliffe for The New Yorker-thank you for spending your birthday with us tonight.
This is a sad birthday party.
I appreciate you before that.
Ratif: You're welcome.
MADDOW: Thanks. All right.
We have a lot to do tonight.
If there is a Mt.
The political scandal in Rushmore will have to make room for something new and important in the news tonight.
This story is in front of you. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Do you want to have a big wedding in Denver, Colorado?
One of the options is Grant-
Humphries building. Pretty, right?
It is on the National Register of Historic Places of interest, the official landmark of Denver, you can see its photos and learn all the information about planning the wedding there, you can see the history of this building on history.
Colorado-Historic Coloradoorg.
Or if you don't want to go to historic Colorado.
You can go to hauntedhouses.
Because Grant-
The Humphries building on Capitol Hill in Denver is considered a haunted house.
It was built by Grant in 1902Humphreys.
But the man who died there, which is why everyone thinks the ghost is now, is Grant's Humphries --
He is a very rich oil man.
In the 1920 s,. E.
Humphries made a lifetime of oil trading.
He sold 0. 3 billion barrels of oil to a company that did not exist at all.
By taking advantage of the fake company and the huge oil deal, he began working on what has been and has been one of the biggest political scandals in the United States.
The 0. 3 billion barrels of oil he sold to a group of oil executives and executives from other oil companies for $1. 50 a barrel.
Executives of these oil companies then turned around and sold the same oil to their respective companies for $1. 75 a barrel.
They kept the difference.
They need fake companies, middlemen, to cover up their retention marks.
The mark is a huge deal.
The deal generated $8 in the 1920 s.
3 million of the money for these guys.
What did they do with huge amounts of money?
They paid off the campaign debt of President Warren G. Harding. Yes.
Do you know what people say about Warren Harding being a bad president?
That's why Warren G.
Harding is terrible.
In the 1900 s, the United StatesS.
The Navy began to shift from coal-powered ships to oil-powered ships.
At that time, the Navy made a decision, so they will buy a pile of oil fields around the United States to ensure that the United StatesS.
The supply of oil for naval vessels has been safe.
So if there is an emergency that affects the rest of the world, or there is a supply shortage for some reason, because they have their own oil, at least the Navy can ship the oil to their own ships.
They have six sites around the United States that are considered naval oil reserves.
However, it becomes too tempting over time, right?
The government can't stand sitting on all the oil without making money from it.
So they started renting out these fields.
In 1915, they moved one of the fields from the Navy to the Interior Ministry.
So the interior ministry can rent this piece.
Rent it out to the oil company and finally start making money from there.
Terrible President Warren G. terrible minister of the Interior
Harding, he is responsible for handing over the leases to the oil company to pump oil from that oil field.
He gave them no-
He offered the oil companies a super cheap, super sweet deal.
It turned out to be surprising that, in order to give them those sweet deals, he took huge bribes from these oil companies.
Oil workers paid off campaign debt for President Harding.
They bribed his interior minister to secure an oil lease.
They bribed newspaper publishers not to cover the scandal.
When reporters and editors began to realize what had happened.
Still, you get a big bribe story.
This is the story that the Wall Street Journal broke on Good Friday 1922.
This led Congress to begin an investigation into what happened there.
When the Denver mansion's Humphries found out that he would have to testify to Congress and testify to the congressional committee investigating the scandal, he committed suicide at the mansion, making it haunted.
The head of Sinclair petroleum testified to Congress.
He eventually went to jail for a scandal.
The head of another oil company involved in the same scandal, less than a year later, his son died in a mysterious murder/suicide, which is still not fully explained. Warren G.
Harding's interior minister, Albert Fall, has been convicted of taking bribes to secure cheap oil leases for hundreds of billions of dollars in bribes.
With today's money, it would be millions of bribes.
One of the lasting historical implications of the scandal is that Interior Secretary Albert Fall became the first former US president. S.
Cabinet officials were jailed for what he did during his tenure.
Even before Albert Fall went to jail, the Wall Street Journal broke the story for less than a year and a half, and President Harding himself died during a trip to California, he was thought to be a diversion from the Washington scandal. So, Warren G.
Harding has never even served as president, but he is considered one of the worst presidents in American history.
We have a lot of bad presidents.
The Supreme Court ruling, which came out of the scandal, proves that when a congressional committee looks into something, they can force people to testify.
The law had never made this clear before the scandal.
But the Supreme Court has to say so.
The scandal is a huge consequence.
It destroyed the president.
It sets a very important political precedent that still exists.
People eventually died in prison, wandering in a gloomy mansion.
Until some of the most powerful politicians and some of the richest businessmen.
I mean, there are a lot of scandals in American political history.
But before the water gate incident, it was considered the worst and most greedy political scandal in the history of the United States.
It all started here.
It was the naval oil reserves they decided to rent out to those private companies, where they took all the bribes and everything else.
This caused the whole scandal.
The rock formations above the oil reserves are the source of the site and scandal in Wyoming.
It's called the Teapot Dome.
Sadly, on 1962, a big storm blew the spout off the teapot and blew the spout off the teapot.
It doesn't look like a teapot dome anymore, it looks like a little castle or a lump or something.
But after the scandal of the 1920 s, the Navy decided, no surprise, that when they transferred their rights to the oil field to this den of thieves, right, when they handed it over to the Interior Ministry, and then this huge bribe.
The Navy decided it was actually a fraudulent transaction.
After the scandal, the US Navy recaptured the teapot field in Wyoming.
It's okay, Warren, they said.
It doesn't matter, the Interior Ministry, it doesn't matter, oil company, we're going to take this back.
It's ours again.
They have persisted since the terrible scandal.
Over the years, all the other fields, all the other naval oil reserves, we were rewarded in the 1900 or 1910 s, and the others were leased to the private industry or sold to the private industry.
You can understand that they are a little sensitive to not doing it with the Teapot Dome.
This is one of their only oil reserves.
First of all, because they tried to sell it for the first time, it created the largest American market. S.
Scandal before the water gate incident
But the other reason they stuck to that place, even if they sold all the other places, didn't sell it was that the Teapot Dome was a bit bad as an oil field.
Over time, they have extracted about 30 million barrels of oil from there.
They think there is still about ten times more oil, but it is hard to extract from the ground and expensive.
For these reasons, for these economic reasons, the government decided ten years ago that they would eventually sell the thing.
Now this week, the plan has finally begun.
The government hired a Denver man.
The energy consulting company, headquartered, arranged to sell the Teapot Dome field to the highest bidder, and this time it was really the case.
They're very excited-front.
It will be a competitive process of sealing bids, they said.
We have to do it this time.
Hopefully no one will die this time, no one will go to jail and no one will pester anything.
Part of the reason this deal is going through now is because I think the Teapot Dome scandal has been a long time ago, and even if you heard the name, no one really remembers that it's about oil, right.
No one really remembers that this is about a particular oil field owned by the government.
To be honest, the Teapot Dome scandal happened so long ago that the Teapot Dome no longer looked like a teapot.
But another reason the deal is going on right now is-another reason the deal may now be economically meaningful is that the oil that used to be considered unobtainable was too expensive, oil that cannot be mined is technically not feasible, without any hope of profit, oil like this is now considered a fair game.
No one knows exactly how the oil industry is going to take these 0. 3 billion barrels out of the Teapot Dome, which is the 0. 3 billion barrels that no one can get before.
But no one doubts that the oil industry will find a solution to the problem, because now, unlike in the past, we can now drill anywhere.
It turns out that this has caused huge political consequences.
Next is another part of the story. (
Business break)
MADDOW: On New Year's Day last year, January 1, 2013, it was the day when residents of the great state of Alaska woke up.
Happy new year.
Enjoy the huge rig that just hit your coast.
It is a Shell oil rig called the kurouk, which has been drilling before the sinking of the Alaska Arctic Ocean.
The New Year's Day was a fitting end to a truly disastrous year for Arctic Shell Oil.
They started predicting from the bay that Arctic drilling was "relatively easy" for them ".
But Shell spent £ 2012 to crash the Kulluk rig into the island of Alaska.
They almost ran aground on the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.
They suffered a catastrophic fire in the cabin of the rig.
They have new equipment to deal with the oil spill there, but they totally messed up when testing, and finally, quote "crushed like a beer can.
"They also detained a rig at the port because it was a mess.
It was eventually handed over to the Justice Department for potential criminal offences.
On 2012, Shell launched two rigs into the Arctic.
Both were eventually investigated by the federal criminal investigation.
After all this, as you expected, Shell announced that they would withdraw from the Arctic. Yes, you think?
After a year like this?
Shell's experience in the Arctic is a big deal because they are the first oil company to be allowed to drill in the Arctic.
They totally screwed up.
I mean, for decades, oil companies have been asking for access to Arctic drilling.
Now they finally have a chance, and the-Shell is completely screwed up.
After they failed, they failed and failed again.
While no one was happy when the rig crashed, it turned out that Shell's catastrophic disaster in the Arctic could be a disguised blessing because this week, the USS.
The government approved shell.
Before we started the Arctic drilling process, we just learned that as a country, we absolutely don't know what to do if there is a problem.
This week, a report commissioned by the United StatesS.
The conclusion of the government and the oil industry is that, although technically, we have decided to drill in the Arctic, although the oil industry has wanted to be politically cleaned up in order to drill there, but quote, "respondents are unlikely to respond quickly to the Arctic oil spill.
"We know that the oil companies themselves do not have the best oil spill response capabilities.
But now, we know that we are the same as a country.
Citing "the report found that there are currently insufficient personnel, equipment, transportation, communications, navigation and security resources to monitor the Arctic oil spill response.
"It's not like a Greenpeace report.
This is a leading expert in the government and the oil industry itself, as well as in marine and disaster response.
Everyone said we were not ready to drill in the Arctic.
There is no way for us to deal with any problems.
This is an amazing part-because the policy decision that we should drill in the Arctic has been made, and this report suggests, what we should do now is basically retroactively prepare for what has been approved, and what we should do now is to cause oil spills in the Arctic.
So, we can figure out how to react in flight.
When the oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico, we were very terrible in cleaning up and controlling the oil spill, right, the BP oil spill that happened four years ago this week, this confirms how bad we are in cleaning it up.
But we have at least a lot of experience in dealing with relatively warm water spills.
We hardly know how spilled oil reacts in cold water like the Arctic, or what happens when oil interacts with something like Arctic sea ice.
So, to make this clear, the report calls for the planned and controlled release of oil in the Arctic to help us understand how oil behaves in this environment.
What may be the problem?
We are drilling places in this country that have never been drilled before.
The oil that used to be considered difficult to get, we now think we are fully capable of getting it.
We 'd at least like to get it now.
From the scandal
Wyoming's famous Teapot Dome, a mile under the sea in the state of Luis Anna, just across the ice in the Arctic Ocean, we are now going anywhere with oil, we don't know what to do even when we get there.
As of this week, the official news from the experts is that although the Arctic oil drilling is politically approved, technically, we don't know how to clean up the oil if it happens.
So far, the plan to solve this problem is to cause some intentional oil leakage in the Arctic to see how it is.
This is the plan.
This is how we deal with this problem as a country.
Elizabeth Burnbaum joined us.
She is the director of the United States. S.
Mineral Management Services at the time of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Ms.
I really appreciate your time tonight.
Thank you for coming.
Elizabeth Burnbaum, former United StatesS.
Mineral Management Service Center: Thank you.
MADDOW: especially after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, are we better at cleaning up the oil spill?
Do we have any technical breakthroughs in cleaning up?
BIRNBAUM: there is no technological breakthrough, in fact, the technology to clean up the oil spill has not improved much for decades.
When we cleaned up the BP leak, we used most of the same techniques for cleaning up the Santa Barbara blowout in 1969.
It only removes a small amount of oil from the ocean.
When you're talking about the Arctic, it's a lot more complicated to clean up, because what you're dealing with is that there's an ice environment for most of the year.
There is only a short time in summer. they have clear water.
This makes it more difficult to clean up and no one knows how to do it.
MADDOW: for example, the issue of the Santa Barbara leak was raised, which is such a notable comparison to see similar technologies, as the Santa Barbara leak occurred in such shallow water.
Obviously, we have taught ourselves how to drill in such deep water on the Deepwater Horizon without the need to upgrade our responsiveness in case of any problems.
Four years later, I was surprised when I talked to you about this, whether it's in the regulatory environment or the industry itself, that didn't get them to start proving better responsive technologies, in order to be allowed to continue to push the extremes of their exercises.
BIRNBAUM: We 've been putting more money into oil spill cleanup technology since then.
Without any major breakthroughs, we really need to invest more if we want to find breakthrough technologies for this.
Prosperity holds oil better than the prosperity of Santa Barbara.
But maybe we have more absorbing material.
But basically, technology is the same.
Similarly, if you do this in an environment where half of the ocean is covered with ice, no one knows how these technologies work in this environment.
MADDOW: look at Shell's experience in trying to build drilling practices in the Arctic in 2012 and 2013, and as far as I can tell, they are considered to be the best in the industry trying to do this kind of thing.
When I look at their records like a layman, I see a wrong comedy, or at least a comedy of Shell's unfortunate events, in which, things keep making mistakes after mistakes.
They don't handle the overflow.
Should we think that the industry can provide-safe operation in Arctic environments even if they are not overflowing?
I have to say I was shocked when they ran aground.
I mean, in this case, Shell invested $1 billion in ships, equipment, licensing processes, but really invested in this project to make it an Arctic region
They will prove that it can be done and that it can be done safely.
Then they ran aground.
I can't believe it.
I haven't read about it yet, and I know they may have been forced out of Alaska waters to avoid some expense or something.
But it really makes you wonder if they can do it.
Mado: Elizabeth Burnbaum, former director of the United StatesS.
Mineral Management services-we 've covered a lot of the energy industry in this show, in part because I'm always standing at my desk and taking my face and trying to believe in the news coming out of the industry
It is a real asset for us to be able to visit you to help us understand it.
Thank you for coming tonight.
I appreciate it.
Mr. Burnbaum: Thank you.
MADDOW: Thanks. All right.
We will be back soon. Lots to come. (
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Okay, fast, Google's voice from me.
The creaking of the first word, the spelling of the same adjective, creaking. The second, F-R-O-M-M-E.
Google it and see me here in a minute.
I will be back soon. (
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The first second of this tape is black and audio.
The visuals on the screen pop up after a few seconds. So watch. (
Start audio clips)
Man: so, sir.
President, would you please stand up?
You can guarantee that all the testimony you will give in this matter is the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so God helps you?
President Ford: I swear.
Man: Thank you.
Well, you can start asking questions.
Man: Thank you, your Honour. Mr.
Mr. Chairman, I would like to draw your attention to Friday, September 5, 1975, Sacramento, California.
Where were you at Capitol Park before the incident?
Ford: as far as I recall, I used to be at the senator's hotel on L Street, just across from the state Capitol. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: this is the first time I 've been sitting in the United States. S.
The president testified at a criminal trial.
On 1975, President Gerald Ford sat in the Old Executive Office Building next to the White House in Washington, D. C. , and testified on the tape. C.
But the trial in which his testimony was used was not in Washington. C.
The trial was conducted in California.
The people tried in that criminal case were tried for trying to kill the president. (
Start Video Editing)
Ford: I noticed a lady in a brightly colored dress who apparently wanted to approach me and I wanted to shake her hand.
So instead of moving forward as usual, I hesitated.
When I stopped, I saw a hand walking through the crowd in the first row, the only active gesture I saw.
But weapons are in hand.
Great weapons.
As far as I know, it covers all or most of her hands.
I just saw it in an instant because almost automatically, a Secret Service agent plopped, grabbed hands and weapons, and then I was pushed away by other members of the Secret Service details
Unidentified male: How close is the weapon to you and your people?
Ford: I estimate 2 feet. (END VIDEO CLIP)
President Gerald Ford gave this testimony on 1975.
There was no indication at the time that this would be open.
Testimony was recorded in Washington.
It was then taken to California so that it could be played for jurors hearing the Lynette frome case, which was tried to kill President Ford.
But it should be the only use.
In the end, the tape of the president's testimony was released because of the advocacy of the so-called Eastern District Historical Society, which tried to preserve the court history of the place of trial, the Federal District Court in Sacramento
A little weird, right?
But that historical society wants to put the tape out because it's a bit weird, right?
The historical society wants to publish the video because it is part of the history of the court.
At this point, the only time the president testified at a criminal trial, right?
Eventually, the Sacramento Bee newspaper also joined the historical society's request that a federal judge order Ford's testimony to be digitized and released on August.
Now, in the same court, the judge who released the Ford tape agreed to release another incredible tape from trial and assassination attempts.
It was Lynette Flum in the band, squeaky Flum, and the accused said at trial what she had done. (
Start audio clips)
Unidentified male: What are you accused of, Lynette?
LYNETTE Flum: the attempted assassination of the president of the United States.
Unidentified male: What penalties would you face if you were convicted of such a crime?
From years to life in prison.
Man: OK.
So this is a fairly serious crime you are accused. FROMME: Yes. (END AUDIO CLIP)
The new tape has only more than two hours of audio, and so far she has spoken to the psychiatrist for 20 minutes to discuss why she thinks she should be allowed to represent herself at trial.
At the time of this mental exam, she was 26 years old and the exam was on tape.
About two weeks later, she put on a printed dress and then put on a flowing red robe on the dress.
To cover up her huge pistol tied to her thigh with her belt, everything got better.
She was only 105 when she did it.
When the president went from the hotel to the Capitol, the gun she pulled out was a huge one.
It's ponies 45.
She never really fired a weapon, whether it was intentional or she just messed up and never finalized it.
Assassination attempt at Sacramento outside the state capital
At that time, squefromme lived in Sacramento, partly because Charles Manson was held near Folsom Prison.
She attempted to assassinate President Ford in 1975.
It was six years after the horrific murder of the 1969 Manson Family cult in Los Angeles.
Manson was put in jail for these murders.
Squeak Flum is a member of the Manson family.
She often visits Manson.
She took part in his trial.
To show her loyalty to Charles Manson, she carved an X on her forehead.
But she wants to be considered rational at trial because she wants to represent herself. (
Start audio clips)
Man: How do you feel overall?
I feel good.
Unidentified male: Are you troubled by anxiety, tension?
No, never.
Even in this case? FROMME: No.
In any case, I try my best to do my best.
Unidentified male: At this point in acquittal, what percentage of your odds are you estimating?
FROMME: I have decided what I want from the jury.
Male: wellhuh.
I don't know if I should answer this question.
Male: wellhuh.
Well, when we get stuck, most of us have some kind of estimation of how likely we are to succeed.
Oh, I think-I think I have a 70% chance.
Man: not guilty?
FROMME: calculated by percentage.
Man: OK.
The media made some comments to the effect that you are a-a rather stupid person wandering around the world, after being ill
Reasons, etc.
What do you think?
Me: I am trying my best to solve this problem.
I feel that this trial with a little bit of dignity may be of great help.
Man: Well.
So you're looking for your image?
Well, no. Wait a minute.
The judge has indicated that this is not a forum for me to express my views, nor is it a forum for me to do anything for my own image.
In other words, by the way-unidentified male: You think your actions in court will improve your image.
MADDOWE: Actually, when she was in court, there was a time when she threatened the judge and told him that she knew where he lived and described his living room to him.
He strengthened his security.
She also took out an apple at some point and tried to use it to teleport the judge's head. But she missed.
She hit him during the prosecutor's closing debate.
She hit him on the head and knocked off his glasses.
The judge replied whether she still had Apple.
She said she didn't.
She was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.
On one occasion, Squeaky escaped from me, but two days after she escaped from prison, they caught her back again.
But the new version of all the tapes of that strange event in our recent history does clearly remind us how strange those times were`70s.
I mean, a well-known member of the Manson family, six years after the murder of the Manson family in Los Angeles. A.
Really 2 feet from America. S.
The president pointed to him with a bullet-packed pony 45.
It took place on September 5, 1975.
By November 1, 1975, when the president began recording the first --
The testimony of the sitting president at a criminal trial, in terms of his will
Became an assassin, and when President Ford patiently answered the question of this member of the Manson family, the member had killed him at that time and someone had tried to kill him again
Seventeen days after Sarah Jane Moore opened fire on President Gerald Ford in Sacramento, she fired not only on him in San Francisco, but actually on him. She missed.
But she did shoot President Ford.
It was the second assassination attempt against the president in less than three weeks.
When the president sat down calmly to testify, both attempts had just taken place.
The squeaky sound from my tape and Gerald Ford tape doesn't include the history that we didn't know before we knew these things happened, but never before this week was almost unbelievable.
The "Sacramento Bee" is a big part of the reason we have it now.
For this reason, historical geeks and news geeks among us should be grateful to the "sarramandos Bee ".
We found the video of the newspaper and the link to these original tapes on MaddowBlog. com right now.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
MADDOW: Although it's Friday night this evening, I'm not going to send you to jail because the president of the United States is in South Korea now. He`s in Seoul.
Seoul is actually Saturday morning.
President Obama is about to address some of the 28,000 U. S. presidents. S.
The troops currently stationed in South Korea.
So, we're going to start the MSNBC special report on the president's live speech to the United States. S.
Army in Seoul
US President Barack Obama: The Seventh Air Force in the house. (
Cheers and applause)The U. S.
South Korean navy. (
Cheers and applause)U. S.
South Korean Marine Corps(
Cheers and applause)
Special Operations Command(
Cheers and applause)
We have good defense civilians. (
Cheers and applause)
We have our beautiful America. S.
The staff of the embassy are also here. (
Cheers and applause)Yes! Good job, V. A. , in the house!
I know, I know, you know, we have some good spouses. (
Cheers and applause)
Family members, children, at home, I think-and I want to thank you too, because you also bear the burden of service, whether it's separation from a loved one or a transition to a new country.
I just want you to know that the United States is grateful for your sacrifice and for your service.
Now, President Park and I have just attended a briefing led by General Scaparrotti and the Joint Forces Command.
I signed a guest book on a table with the Korean War armistice agreement written on it.
Both of these moments prove the fact that after more than 60 years, our alliance is as strong and effective as ever.
There is nothing more obvious than the professional and interoperable nature of our army.
Even if Scap had to travel to Washington last month to testify in Congress, he was just a phone call or a conference call.
This is because the US and South Korean forces we are on duty here are well trained, coordinated and fit to fight tonight and every other night. (
Cheers and applause)
But it is clear that, in addition to dealing with threats from North Korea, it is also an alliance that represents an incredible bond between the two peoples.
So, I know that you have provided quick support for dealing with the terrible ferry tragedy of last week, because we understand that the United States will help when our friends are in trouble.
Our hearts are broken for our Korean friends, especially the young people who have lost so many good people.
But the story of heroism and selflessness inspired us.
A young woman who tries to make sure everyone else has a life jacket, even if it means her own death.
The last sentence is, "I am on my way to save the children.
That is why the United States will continue to support every rescue and recovery effort.
It is this spirit that continues this alliance.
Katchi kapshida!
"Let's go together.
That's what we have to do. (
Cheers and applause)
That's what we do.
For more than 60 years, both in good times and in bad times, this is our shared commitment.
In 1950, five years after the end of World War II, the Communist army crossed the 38 th line for the first time.
At that time, many Americans could not put North Korea on the map, but we knew as much as we were wary of war, and we had a stake in what happened on the Korean Peninsula.
We have to turn the tide of communism around.
As Americans, we must stand with our Korean friends.
Then the Americans came in September.
We landed in a raid with the South Korean army-led coalition.
I said almost 1.
Over the next few years, 8 million Americans will join the battle.
The conditions are very difficult.
The battle was cruel.
The danger is approaching.
At the end of the day, nearly 37,000 Americans will dedicate their final dedication to this distant land.
But this is not the case without pushing the invading army back to the line they dared to cross.
If you want to know what that isearned, long-
Defending victory looks like you look at this country, the Republic of Korea-which has risen from occupation and destruction to become one of the most dynamic and open democracies in the world.
Seoul, a city that surrounds the rise of the fortress, is one of the world's most advanced and dynamic economies.
When our veterans witness the progress of this country and when our veterans come here and witness this great and modern country with their own eyes, they can proudly say that their efforts and sacrifices
They see the real outcome of what they do-South Korea is the world leader and true partner for security and stability in Asia.
They see a country like us where children can't just dream, but these dreams are encouraged and he or she can grow into a secretary
The secretary-general of the United Nations, or the president of the World Bank, or even the ambassador of the United States. S.
The country where he was born
All this is not an accident.
Freedom is not accidental.
Progress is not accidental.
Democracy is not accidental.
These must be fought.
You are part of this legacy.
They must win.
They must be constantly protected and defended.
At the forefront of freedom, they are made up of every man and woman serving and standing on this divided peninsula.
Parallel 38 now has a contrast between the world, just as it has borders between countries, between open societies and closed societies.
Between a developing democracy and an abandoned one, the country would rather starve its people than satisfy their hopes and dreams.
This is not the result of the war.
This is the result of the path taken by North Korea, a path of confrontation and provocation, and a path towards the pursuit of the world's most dangerous weapons.
What I want to make clear is that the United States of America's commitment to the security of the Republic of Korea has only become stronger in the face of aggression.
Our alliance will not be shaken by every attention they have. seeking.
It is supported by the rest of the world.
North Korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is a path that will only lead to more isolation.
This is not a sign of strength.
Anyone can threaten.
Anyone can move the army.
Anyone can show off a missile that won't make you strong.
It does not bring security, opportunity and respect.
Those things did not come by force.
They're making money.
The real power is to allow an open, participatory democracy in which people can choose their own leaders and their own destiny.
The real strength is to allow a vibrant society where people can think, pray, and speak their minds as they wish, even if it is not good for their leaders, especially if it is good for their leaders
The real strength is to allow free and open markets that have built an increasingly prosperous middle class and lifted millions out of poverty.
We will not impose these things on others with our military power, but we will not hesitate to use our military power to defend our allies and our way of life. (
Cheers and applause)
So, like all the countries on Earth, the people of North Korea and North Korea have their own choices.
They can choose to continue their lonely path, or they can choose to join the rest of the world-looking for a future with greater opportunities and more security, greater respect-citizens at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula already have a future.
If they choose this path, the United States, South Korea and the world will help them build the future.
But if they do not, they should know that the United States commitment to the security and defense of the Republic of Korea has never wavered over the past 60 years, and it has never, and never will.
This alliance is very special. it was built on the battlefield.
This is reinforced by the common values, common interests and mutual respect of our peoples.
The United States and South Korea are not just allies, we are friends.
This foundation of trust, security and stability has enabled our two countries to prosper and develop economically and socially, it is a diplomat through the service and sacrifice of each of you-our soldiers, sailors, pilots.
You are the leading edge of freedom.
You inherit all the people fighting and serving here and the legacy left by family here and South Korea, waiting for you to go home.
I also thank you for your service.
Because of this service, with the service of generations of soldiers and diplomats, our country still stands still, and our founding principles still shine.
Countries in the world who once knew only the bitter taste of fear now know the blessing of freedom.
That's because of you.
I'm so proud to be your commander. in-chief. (
Cheers and applause)
Now I want to come down and shake hands with you. thank you in person. God bless you.
God bless the Republic of Korea.
God bless the United States of America.
May God bless our Union. Thank you. (
Cheers and applause)
MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin: in Seoul, South Korea, President Obama is already on Saturday morning.
After 11: 00 on Saturday, President Obama spoke there for about 10 minutes, addressing thousands of soldiers stationed in Yongshan.
As you can see now, President Obama is working in the crowd.
NBC News White House reporter Peter Alexander has been traveling with President Obama.
Peter, we look forward to the president talking about North Korea. And, Mr.
Obama, speaking of North Korea, did not waste time saying that any country could threaten or show off the army, but it was not a sign of strength.
White House correspondent Peter Alexander, NBC News: Yes, Craig, that's right.
I think the president wants to reiterate his commitment to the security of South Korea and some other allies in this region, especially given the series of territorial disputes with China.
But, as the White House has described, efforts to rebalance have been challenged by a series of crises around the world.
The most recent one is what is currently happening on the border between eastern Ukraine and Russia.
Just a few minutes before the President stepped onto the Yongshan garrison stage, we did see the White House representative G-
He said they will act quickly to impose more sanctions on Russia.
A senior government official told us that we had a conversation in the past few minutes or so, and these new sanctions against Russia may be implemented as early as next Monday.
This is actually in the past 24 hours or so, new tensions have emerged in the region.
We heard from the prime minister of Ukraine, who warned that Russia was trying to start World War III.
Russian troops are getting closer and closer to the border.
They have been through some accounts blocking the border 1,100 yards from the eastern Ukrainian border.
As described, jets have been crossing the border.
Late yesterday, the Pentagon, Pentagon Secretary Chuck Hagel tried to get in touch with Russia's defense minister, but did not get a call back.
Reports say Putin has cut off talks with senior officials in Washington.
So this is the background of the president's visit to the region.
Global concerns have been expressed about Russia's intentions, what they will do next, the annexation of Crimea and these latest tensions, indicating that they may have plans for the future.
Very clearly, the understanding that we are now getting from senior government officials is that I spoke to many of them here last night, here Friday night, Friday day, because where are you, they say, this is not the current departmental sanctions, these may be sanctions against more Putin's cronies.
Not Putin himself, but some of the top leaders around him.
They will be affected by this.
Departmental sanctions could have an impact on energy, weapons, banks, etc.
But at this point, President Obama has apparently spoken to Italian Prime Minister Renzi, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, at a time when there is no such common desire within Europe, maybe further.
Craig, as you know, it's really Europe that will bear the brunt of some sanctions because they are so closely linked to the Russian economy.
Melvin: Pete, to get back to the president's speech, we'll be back in Crimea in a moment.
We should note here that Colonel Jack Jacobs, the Medal of Honor winner, and former Congressman Patrick Murphy are also standing.
Pete, in 10 to 12 minutes, we didn't hear President Obama talking about China to the military at all.
We now know that in this region, in addition to the concerns you have just mentioned about North Korea, this country threatens its fourth nuclear test.
As a rising superpower, China has spent more militarily than in the past few years and decades.
Why didn't China be mentioned at all in that speech?
Alexander: it is clear, I think, that the purpose of this speech is to express his appreciation and support for the troops here, and to commend the commitment of the United States. S.
Over the years, South Korea has shown North Korea the differences between South Korea and its neighbors.
Just yesterday, we heard from President Obama, who mentioned that I think two days ago, he mentioned the North Korean regime led by KIM JONG-UN --
The United Nations, a mystery that doesn't even know his age.
President Obama called the regime dangerous.
There are reports from South Korean officials that even during the president's visit to the country, frankly, it will end in a few hours.
He traveled to Malaysia for the time being.
But there may be a fourth nuclear test, and fortunately, we haven't seen that so far, at least.
But the White House said that our policy is not to contain China.
Our policy is to find a good balance where everyone's interests are met.
Melvin: Let's move to retirement America. S.
Army Colonel Jack Jacobs was awarded the Medal of Honor again.
Colonel, let's take a look at the news that has just been released here-now the sanctions against Russia, against Putin have increased.
Do we believe that, at this point, additional sanctions will have a significant impact on the conflict in eastern Ukraine? COL. JACK JACOBS (RET), U. S.
Army: I think most people would be surprised if it did have an impact.
They are already a little crowded.
Russia's economy is falling.
I don't think further sanctions against Putin's friends will necessarily have any positive impact on the outcome.
Few people doubt the mentality, and Putin's objection is that as much as possible in eastern Ukraine, because it may be canceled.
He also understands that the United States will not do much other than the economic instruments of power, in fact, in order to use the instruments of economic power, we have to get the consent of the EU, which Peter mentioned, I am a little reluctant to participate because their economy is inseparable from Russia's economy, especially in terms of energy.
So, even economically, we can only do limited things.
This is the first thing.
Second, Putin already knows that we will not use military force at all.
So, he feels very good about being as bold as possible.
Melvin: Peter, his stay in South Korea is very fast.
Peter is gone.
Peter Alexander just left.
Colonel, hurry up and help us pack this up.
Let's talk about how the situation we are seeing in Crimea may develop.
Just a general idea of how this situation might develop.
Jacobs: Well, there is currently a dueling military exercise where the United States uses ships to demonstrate in Western Europe, in the literal waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with about 40,000 Russian soldiers on the border, there are a large number of special operations forces, Russian special operations forces, in Ukraine.
This is what Putin is doing, and it will make it difficult for the West, if not impossible, to respond when you have a masked Russian Army, a trained special operations force, working among people in eastern Ukraine.
In the military, nothing else would do.
Melvin: Okay.
Colonel Jack Jacobs, always thank you for your time on Friday night. Thank you, sir.
Thank you to our White House reporter Peter Alexander, who will travel to South Korea with President Obama.
South Korea, President Obama's second stop at four
Countries in Asia.
He left Malaysia.
He also has the Philippines.
I will be here with you this afternoon.
On President Obama's trip to Asia, we will have more content.
We will also talk a little bit more about the news that has just been broken here-increasing sanctions against Putin and Russia.
There's still a lot to do on MSNBC later.
Now, however, we will take a break and we will join the "lock" that is already in progress ".
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
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