the rachel maddow show, transcript 03/24/14 - containment boom

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the rachel maddow show, transcript 03/24/14  -  containment boom
MSNBC host rachel maddow: You played a lot better than before.
Host Chris Hayes: I couldn't help but pat myself on the back.
MADDOW: every night at 10: 00, when I finished blowing, it rained on me. I suck.
I know it's a shame.
Thanks, man. Appreciate it.
Thank you for being at home and also for joining us this hour.
When you're the president of the United States, there's one thing that's on the side, right?
If you're the president of the United States, it's a dangerous thing to leave the script, even if it's just an impromptu comment.
In this sense, you can basically guarantee that someone somewhere in the world will take what you say very seriously, even if it is your most gentle and ironic phrase in brackets.
For example, on January, President Obama spoke to a group of students in wau Sha, Wisconsin. Watch. (
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President barack obama: many young people no longer think trade and skilled manufacturing is a viable career, but I promise you, people can have more potential through skilled manufacturing or trade than people with a degree in art history. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: I just want to say it here. Obviously, the president knew it right away. he made American art historians very angry.
He wanted to fix it right away. (
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Obama: compared to getting an art history degree, people can earn more potential income through skilled manufacturing or trade.
Now, there is nothing wrong with the art history degree.
I like art history.
I don't want to get a bunch of emails.
Everyone's mail
I'm just saying that you can live a very good life without four children and have a great career
As long as you get the skills and training you need, a year of college education. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
You can see that he knows what he has done.
But in fact, Obama has made such a unified decision.
A conscious joke about our history major, he flinch as soon as he said it, and tried to go back immediately, in fact, that's why he flinch because he knew what was going to happen.
As soon as he got to the podium, he felt the rapid raft of art historians and people who loved them.
The American College of Art Association wrote on Twitter: "President Obama today denied art history.
"Art history is just a big play for the president now.
This is President Obama's confrontation with the most moderate enemy you can imagine.
One of the mild enemies is Professor Ann Collins John, who teaches Italian art in the late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance at the University of Texas UTAustin.
After the president spoke in wau summer in Wisconsin about art history, the UT e-
She emailed the White House to tell President Obama what she thought about his comments.
She said she did not write to express her anger, and she just wanted to explain to President Obama what art historians did well.
How art history teaches students how to think, read and write critically, skills that are essential for both life and the modern job market.
Well, the professor clicked submit on her message ".
She's from the White House page.
She got an unexpected response a few weeks later. Look.
Handwritten letter
The president wrote, "Let me apologize for my impromptu speech.
Art history is one of my favorite subjects in high school and it helps me to get a lot of happiness in my life, otherwise I may miss those.
Please convey my apology for this sentence to the whole department.
Barack Obama said in good faith.
Professor Collins John seems to have accepted the president's apology.
She also said she felt guilty about wasting his time.
But if President Obama hasn't redeemed himself in the eyes of any other art historian, they still have a grudge against that joke in wau summer, Wisconsin, in January, president Obama may have gone a long way from art historians in the world today in terms of complete redemption.
He visited the famous National Museum of Dutch Art in Amsterdam.
Today, the president held a press conference in front of Rembrandt's artwork.
It is called "Night Watch ".
It was painted at 1642.
This is a landmark work of the National Museum.
It looks cute. Just like this.
But when you see it in context, oh, when you see it in context, it's not just in a book, it's not in the way we show it a second ago, when you really see it big hours, you will see how impressive it is actually.
I mean, part of the impact of this work is huge.
12 feet by more than 14 feet.
Today, it has become a huge and impressive backdrop for the president's press conference today in Amsterdam.
President Obama will hold a planned nuclear security summit in the Netherlands today.
This is the third Nuclear Security Summit since he became president.
The goal of these summits is to bring together 53 world leaders gathered in The Hague today to agree to protect loose nuclear materials around the world.
The idea is to cut off access to nuclear material by terrorists, terrorist organizations or any other person trying to buy it on the black market.
This idea, this issue is the priority that the US president should spend his time on, something President Obama promised during his campaign, and he started working as soon as he was elected.
This is his signature issue in the US Senate.
The first summit on loose nuclear weapons was held in Washington in 2010.
The second meeting was held in South Korea on 2012.
These parties are held every two years.
This is now happening again in the Netherlands.
The next plan is 2016, which will return to Washington.
Today, both Belgium and Italy have announced that they have completed the so-called large-scale removal of highly enriched uranium and plutonium from their own territories.
This is what was announced and agreed at these summits.
Thanks to the President for this priority, these meetings and all these summits, and the work that has taken place between them, to ensure that no one in these countries has access to nuclear material work and this priority in the last five years the number of countries that have nuclear weapons that could fuel terrorist bombs has decreased by more than third. one.
It has shrunk from 38 to 25.
So this work, the president's top priority, is the first reason why President Obama is holding a press conference with the Dutch Prime Minister today in the Netherlands standing in front of the great Rembrandt.
To be frank, although this work is important and equally important to our president, now obscures the work of these nuclear security summits to date and all of these achievements, and all the work that has not been done yet on nuclear security, and what is now covering it all up is, of course, what happened to Russia, which took over part of Ukraine.
The Dutch prime minister today called Russia's annexation of Crimea a blatant violation of international law.
He said the Russian government condemned Russia's actions in the strongest terms.
The comments were echoed by President Obama. (
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Obama: With the support of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people, Europe and the United States are united.
Together, we have paid the price for Russia's actions to date.
Later today, I will meet with the other leaders of the Group of Seven, and as we move forward, we will continue to coordinate closely with the Netherlands and our European partners. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Did you hear what he said?
"I will meet with the other leaders of the Group of Seven today.
Shouldn't that be the G8? Used to be.
The Group of Seven was once the Group of Eight major industrialized countries in the world and was called the Group of Eight.
The eighth member of the group is Russia, which has recently increased.
They're all here.
Putin circled there.
This is the G8 leader at last year's G8 meeting.
After what Russia has just done in Ukraine, the White House said that President Obama's goal at this overseas visit meeting with world leaders today is basically to kick Russia out of the G8, they were kicked out of the exclusive group to punish them for invading another sovereign state.
This is what happened later this afternoon.
The Group of Eight once again became the Group of Seven. Russia is out.
The Group of Eight summit planned for Sochi, Russia, will be held in Brussels from June.
Russia has just lost it and Russia has not been invited to another meeting.
Today's statement, which expelled Russia from the Group of Eight, is called the Hague Declaration, which cites "our leaders in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States reaffirmed their support for Ukraine's sovereignty.
We strongly condemn Russia's illegal attempt to annex Crimea.
We remain ready to step up actions, including coordinated sector sanctions that have an increasingly significant impact on the Russian economy.
We will not attend the planned Sochi summit.
Then, it's interesting.
It is essential that "we have decided that the G7, remember that it is no longer the G8," and that the G7 energy ministers will now also meet to discuss how to strengthen our collective energy security. ” Hmm.
The Russian foreign minister responded today to the statement that Russia was essentially kicked out of the Group of Eight by refusing to leave any club without his country.
He rejected the claim that Russia had been deported by the Group of Eight.
"Because the Group of Eight is an informal group, no one can be deported," he said.
In other words, Russia does not think this is really happening.
In any case, we have never really been involved.
It doesn't even exist.
However, despite their efforts to ridicule all of this, it is clear that the focus of the sanctions is to punish the Russian economy and to work together to eliminate the dependence of the G8 countries and European countries on Russian oil, from the perspective of Russia, these are serious and potentially terrible threats.
I mean, even though this conflict is about anything, it's about energy.
Russia is the world's second largest exporter of oil, after Saudi Arabia.
A large part of them are exported to Europe, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.
Germany, in particular, received more oil and gas from Russia than third.
But despite Germany's dependence on Russian oil, the head of the German government now says she supports an escalation of sanctions against the country, which provide Germany with a third energy supply.
Meanwhile, in the disputed area of Crimea, it appears that the Ukrainian government is also using energy to fight, and today it is reported that the Ukrainian government has cut off electricity supplies in Crimea.
Crimea has no land contact with Russia.
It is connected to the Ukrainian mainland only through a small piece of land, through that small piece of land, how they get a lot of water and most of the electricity.
They experienced a massive blackout today.
The escalation of the conflict involves countries cutting off oil and gas supplies from other countries, which will be a big deal.
This will have huge economic consequences, not only direct impact, but also from the perspective of the crackdown. on effect.
But European leaders seem to be preparing for the situation.
Moreover, if Putin decides to invade another sovereign state and decides to invade Ukraine more, he says he does not intend to do so because a lot of things have been said in recent days but have not been achieved in the end.
Or even if he refuses the UN
Occupying the countries he has invaded, is the United States and other world leaders willing to do further in terms of continuing to put pressure on the Russian economy?
Will efforts be made to sanction Russian oil and gas companies?
Will the international community try to stop Russian oil and gas companies from selling products around the world?
So far, President Obama has announced targeted sanctions and travel bans on 27 Russians and a Russian bank.
As president, he can act unilaterally.
He can issue sanctions.
He can punish Russia without the help of Congress.
But in order to spend money on the conflict, to aid, such as the newly formed Ukrainian government, to show us financial support for Ukraine, President Obama cannot do it alone.
So he needs Congress.
Congress did take action tonight. The U. S.
Tonight, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to start the process of providing billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine.
So what will happen next?
What is the next economic step in this conflict?
What is the president willing to do?
How far will Congress go to help him?
Ryan Grim is joining us now.
He is the president of the Huffington Post Washington Branch. ” Mr.
Grim, thank you very much for coming.
Nice to meet you.
Ryan grim from Huffington Post: Thank you for inviting me.
MADDOW: I know you were on Capitol Hill today when the Senate voted to advance the bill on Ukraine.
What do you think about voting or voting?
GRIM: Well, the Republicans who voted for moving forward didn't show their support for voting on the final passage of the bill.
So, in other words, it looks like an overwhelming victory.
This does not mean that it will cruise through in a few days when it appears.
They are very opposed to the White House's intended clause, which allows the IMF to reform.
Basically, it will allow $3 billion to be transferred from the emergency crisis fund to the general fund.
We agreed to do this four years ago, but we never implemented it because we agreed to do what we didn't implement all the time because we had this thing called the US Senate.
So, they say it's not the time to do it.
Now, there has never been a right time to do it in the last four years.
The rationale is that this flexibility is needed for the International Monetary Fund to be effective in Ukraine and for our billion dollars to be effective in Ukraine in order to obtain this $63 billion.
But the tea party hates anything that tastes alien, so its theme is to die when it arrives at the house.
So the whole thing is plagued by the IMF's reform provisions.
MADDOW: So we see, I mean, more and more-I don't think it must be warlike, but at least it's not just about Russia, and after the West, the United States is increasingly unable to push Putin around.
The conservative criticism of what is happening in Russia now is that the United States is not doing enough.
But are you saying that the reason why we may not be able to take any action through Congress is because of opposition to the accounting reform of the IMF rules?
Bleak: That's right.
And even more strange than that.
A lot of Republicans say, well, look, if you give us a clause on the IRS that says the IRS has to give up its investigation into the dark money group, we're going to give up the IMF stuff.
In other words, this is the international situation that we are doing.
Russian troops are moving around places in the United States and Europe that do not want them to move around.
Congress has been put on hold for preventing the IRS from enforcing laws against these dark currency groups.
These 501c4s cannot be spent on political activity, the law says, and Republicans fear the IRS will enforce the law.
MADDOW: so the Senate, at least so far, the objection is, no, the IMF has a mysterious accounting change enough to stop us from doing anything about what we call World War III, and compare with Hitler?
Or accept your choice, and the other option is that if you don't leave the Kohe brothers and Carl ROV alone, we won't do anything about what we call World War III and something similar to Hitler.
Griem: It's a very remarkable state.
I mean-MADDOW: I can hardly believe it's true.
I mean, that's part of the reason I want to talk to you about because I know you see that.
I can't believe what this is all about. I`m sorry.
GRIM: Yes, most people don't want to-most Republicans don't want to say out loud that's the case.
Speaking to Ted Cruz, he said, absolutely, it's a terrible thing if you allow this clause of the International Monetary Fund to pass.
He even said it would strengthen Russia's influence in the IMF.
Ted Cruz is a smart guy.
He, you know, he knows that Russia has basically no control over the actions that the IMF will take against Ukraine.
But that's the kind of thing he would say, and I bet it's the kind of thing you'll see the tea party group pick up and they'll start e-commerce
Mail each other and say, look, you know, Obama is trying to hand over the International Monetary Fund to Russia.
We cannot allow this to happen.
This is where we are now.
So, you know, what the House Republicans are saying to the Senate is, yes, well, maybe it's crazy, but, the only way we get through the IMF, if you give us this IRS stuff too.
Sorry, this is just the way it works, we have a crazy core group to deal.
This is the way we must pass.
It's just bananas. MADDOW: Wow.
So, if you want to know how the United States can cope with this situation, we can do what the president can do, but, anything positive that needs to be done requires dollars to help Ukraine or other countries, it went into the comment section of the blog post on the black helicopter on the World Web daily, where it died. Amazing stuff.
Ryan Griem, president of the Huffington Post Washington Branch-thank you so much for your time tonight, Ryan.
Dim: Thank you.
Tonight, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, there will be a lot of people announcing that he has clarified his identity.
This is good for him.
But tonight there's more to come out in Texas, Galveston Bay. Stay with us. (
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MADDOW: The largest refinery in the United States is Saudi Arabia.
It is called the Motiva refinery.
It is operated by Saudi Aramco and Royal Dutch Shell.
But even with the tradition of Benetton ad, the largest international refinery we have in the country is located in Port Arthur, Texas.
Point to the right of the screen.
The second largest refinery in the United States is located an hour west of Port Arthur, in I-
In Baytown, Texas.
If you map the driving distance between the first and second largest refineries in the country, Google Maps helps point out all wildlife reserves you pass along the way.
The second largest refinery in the United States, located in Baytown, is operated by ExxonMobil. Technically, it's an American company, but it's often bigger than any other country, including the company.
Exxon is celebrating an important anniversary for the company today.
Today is the millennium anniversary of Exxon-foot-
The long tanker hit the reef in Prince Williams Bay, Alaska.
The Exxon Valdez accident 25 years ago today contaminated Alaska's 1,300-mile coastline, some of the largest fishing waters on Earth, polluting more than 10 million gallons of toxic crude oil. Well, twenty-
Five years later, the number of otters in Alaska is still falling.
The herring fishery never came back.
You can still find oil along the coastline today.
Today is Anchorage Daily News, marking the anniversary of the oil spill.
Quote "pick up a stone on a rocky beach and dig a little bit and it is still possible to find the pockets of Exxon Valdez oil in Prince William Bay.
Marine biologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told the paper, citing, "I think, for all of us who have been doing this for the last 25 years, the biggest surprise is the continued presence of relatively fresh oil.
"The Exxon side denied that there was any ongoing problem with the leak site, which marked 25 years after the Valdez disaster.
Senior media relations consultant Exxon told Anchorage Daily News that "voice" refers to Prince William's voice, "which is booming in terms of the environment.
"We have achieved a very solid and complete recovery," said Exxon . "
It was in Alaska.
In Texas today, on the 25 th anniversary of the Valdez disaster, Exxon also had to partially close the country's second-largest refinery, the Baytown refinery, today because of another serious oil spill.
This is on the Houston Shipping Channel.
On the way to Baytown refinery
At noon on Saturday, an oil tanker collided with a barge towed away by Houston.
It is headquartered in Kirby Inland Ocean.
In the past 12 years, the crashed tugboat has been involved in a series of 20 accidents and other incidents, including the other two, the ship pushed the barge with asphalt or oil like Saturday.
This is a review of government records under the Houston Chronicle.
Well, the company that owned the tugboat and part of the wreck said they would pay all the cleaning costs associated with this new oil disaster in Galveston, but the Coast Guard was on site.
They have hundreds of people on dozens of ships trying to clean up this heavy, armed marine fuel oil.
The weather is windy and rough.
So far, they have not done well in controlling oil.
As of this morning, oil has spread about 12 miles to Galveston Bay.
When the sun rises tomorrow, we should better understand how far it has gone in the next 24 hours.
The latest response from the world's most profitable industries is once again prosperity.
You can see there, lying on the beach.
This is just the usual good job of keeping oil offshore.
Here you can see boom doing just as well in protecting coastal birds.
Along this part of Galveston Bay and the Texas coast, there are miles of so-called protected coastal bird habitat.
The leak occurred just two miles from the Bolivar apartment Audubon reserve.
Thousands of birds use wetlands as a stop point for spring migration.
So, the consequences of wildlife here can be devastating.
It could also have economic consequences.
The Houston Shipping Channel closed after Saturday's accident. This 52 -mile-
Long route is one of the busiest shipping routes in the country.
The actual intersection where the leak occurred was about 11,000 ships passing each month.
Many of these ships are supplying oil refineries there.
These large refineries in that part of the country, which rely on daily deliveries and constant incoming and outgoing goods to keep running. (
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Reporter: You have about 30 ships and nearly 400 people are trying to control and clean this oil.
We're talking about 168,000 gallons of fuel that's leaking from partially sunk barges.
The fuel is thick. It`s sludge-like.
It is not easy to evaporate.
It turns out that it's very tricky to control the leak.
You encounter strong winds and rough waves that push oil to the Bay.
So far you have about 69,000 feet of the safety gates that have been deployed into the water and more are ready.
This leak is likely to cause economic damage to our region.
Ship Channel closed.
As it stands, you have nearly 80 ships stacked together waiting to leave or enter the area.
You also have several refineries along the ship's passage that rely on the daily shipment of the vessel to maintain operations. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: some local reports from Houston's local channel 2, NBC's affiliate there.
It's a disaster, no matter what you think.
Throughout the Galveston area, tourist beaches have been hit by oil today in Galveston.
For local wildlife, for all migratory birds, and for fishing, local fishermen have said today that they are throwing the oily fish back.
But it could also be an economic disaster for all of us.
If the refinery at this bottleneck point, for our oil
Dependent economy, if this bottleneck is blocked and the shipping channel is closed, we will feel this disaster sooner or later.
Today, 25 years have passed since the Exxon Valdez disaster.
We're in Texas tonight to honor it in a very appropriate way, and it's disgusting. (
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MADDOW: Vice President Joe Biden is a popular speaker at political events across the country, in part because the person does not speak. (
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S. Vice President Joseph Biden: It's almost brutal.
I mean, think about this.
No, I mean it.
Imagine, imagine, 20 years later, when Americans look back, saying, how exactly is this allowed? (END VIDEO CLIP)
What Vice President Biden was talking about there and what is happening across the country at the moment, he said, is absolutely proof that his views are an incredible story.
The story is coming soon. Stay with us. (
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Start Video Editing)GOV.
Chris Christie (R)
We are conducting an internal investigation.
All of these things will come up in the right time, I will not be hysterical about the questions raised by people who have information today, I didn't when you said it, why didn't I ask certain questions?
I mean, I didn't ask these questions because I don't think they need to be asked. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie swore to the public on February that in his words, everything that the Fort Lee traffic jam scandal should know, "in the right time.
"Well, the appropriate period of time obviously started today when it was revealed to The New York Times, "There is no evidence that Governor Christie was involved in planning or directing the lane closure on the George Washington Bridge.
"Now, if you're governor Chris Christie, it's a great thing to somehow leak to The New York Times, right?
But it's also a great place to place a glowing giant asterisk, or as far as the New York Times front page today is concerned, at least the second part of the title, behind the comma.
It is reported that the findings show Christie's innocence, but this is the verdict of his lawyer.
"The content on the front page of The Times today is the result of the leak, at least reportedly the result of an internal investigation that Governor Christie ordered his government to carry out.
After the scandal came to light on January, it was reported that a staff member of the governor's Christie's office ordered the closure of the passage to the world's busiest bridge to punish a bridge for being reported, governor Christie called his close friend, who was also a veteran of George w. Bush.
Bush Justice Department
Her name is Debra Huang Yang. She`s also a U. S.
Chris Christie is also a lawyer.
She publicly called herself a close friend of the governor.
WNYC reported tonight that she was also a contributor to paying for Governor Christie's second inauguration, which happened about the same time as the scandal was revealed.
Tonight, Bergen Records reported that her daughter was working as an unpaid intern in Chris Christie's office in 2011.
So they're nearby. Lots of ties.
When Governor Christie was looking for someone to investigate what happened to his government around the bridge scandal and whether or not he did something wrong, he called his old friend, Debra Huang Yang.
She set up the company at law firms in Gibson, Dunn and crucher.
Comments by Gibson, Dunn and crucher have not yet been made public, but The Times says it is completely exempt from the governor's responsibility.
Gibson Dunn, a partner in charge of the investigation, said it was a comprehensive and detailed look at the scandal.
For the record, he may call it comprehensive and exhaustive, but I should tell you that this does not include the investigators who spoke to Bridget Kelly during the review, christie's deputy chief of staff had apparently ordered the closure, and David Wildstein, who appeared to be closed in the driveway, appeared to have the cover-
With regard to the efforts to close the lane, even Mark Sokolich, mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, is working on it, and it is reported that he was originally the target of the closed lane plan.
They did not talk to these people.
However, it is still described as comprehensive and exhaustive.
According to anonymous revelations from today's New York Times, this is described as completely exempting the governor's responsibility, and in a contract awarded by the governor, New Jersey taxpayers are paid more than millions of dollars.
Now joining us is Steve conatch, who is a very good "with Steve conatch" host for the MSNBC weekend.
Steve, thank you very much for coming.
Steve kornacki and steve kornacki: You're welcome. Thanks.
MADDOW: I don't think anyone expects Governor Christie's internal review to do anything other than waive his responsibility. KORNACKI: Yes.
MADDOW: what have we learned before about the importance of this review or related background?
I don't think so.
We don't know exactly when it will come out, and it will be a useful message.
They have been talking for a while, and soon, today's new report says, very soon.
So we didn't even learn that.
I think the two related things to look for here, there is no indication of what is in the report about this, is this report providing some sort of unified theory, OK, that's the motivation, this is how it is carried out, why it is carried out, who knows exactly?
Does this report suggest anyone who has not been involved in all this before?
Is there a new scapegoat?
Other people in Christie pointed out and said, did this person fail at work?
I want to separate myself from this man.
There are two things to look for in this report, but there is no indication that the New York Times has even seen the report. MADDOW: Right.
So, they don't know what's inside.
There is no indication that they have a clear description of the contents of the report.
There are broad assertions here in this story.
I don't think we have learned anything new today.
We have to wait until we see the report.
MADDOW: the content of the page in front of the New York Times is what someone wants them to print without seeing the report.
Yes, I mean, look, this is speculation.
You call Trenton today and suspect that at least camp Christie is here trying to launch the project in two phases.
The first stage is the headline.
Christie's innocence
You know, whatever the title is, Christie's reports are innocent.
So, as the bottom line, people pay attention to this.
Then, when you publish this thick, clunky report, it will contain all these details, names and dates-MADDOW: It sounds like old news.
Also, they don't want people to ignore their bottom
When they get this thick document and want people to pay attention to it while reading, come to the conclusion that it is free of Christie's responsibility.
This is the work theory of Trenton's speech.
MADDOW: It's interesting to see the Christie campaign, today, or sorry, the governor's office has been rolling out for a long time today, and the breath-taking press release on this message is considered "the New York Times ", because when Christie's governor's office condemned the New York Times, how innocent Governor Christie was, and most importantly, the way they reported it in the past.
I mean, the thing is this: we-so we say that no one would expect anything from Christie's internal investigation other than that Chris Christie didn't know and wasn't involved.
This may be true. We don`t know.
This may be the case in the end.
But no one thinks this is the final answer to whether or not Christie is involved, not involved, has knowledge, and has no knowledge.
That's what America does. S.
This is the duty of the legislative inquiry committee.
Potentially, this is the duty of the Inspector General of the Port Authority.
You now have three separate investigations in progress.
You mentioned these people who did not agree to an interview with Christie's internal investigation team and they did not agree because they said that when counsel in New Jersey actively looked into the matter, it is not appropriate to meet with Chris Christie's lawyers, and many cases may interview these people.
So, this is the game here.
No matter what the report says at the end, it's interesting.
It would be interesting if they threw other people under the bus, and if they provided their explanation of what happened, it would be interesting.
MADDOW: or any further documentation or support information explaining what's going on as they still don't explain.
But even if they do, the real game is the United States. S.
This is what lawyers do, and if the Investigative Committee of the legislature does get these documents, Bridget Kelly will try to stop it.
There are some independent authorities here that will weigh in on this.
It's not all, it's not all over.
MADDOW: What do you think about the legislature in the Times responding to this report, saying, hey, it sounds like they can get a lot of information that you never gave to the legislature.
We want to see those things.
KORNACKI: Yes, they also pointed out that there is one more thing to see who has not been interviewed.
They are now working on getting documents from Bridget Kelly, Bill Stepien, which are clearly not provided to this investigation.
Even if they fail in this regard, the courts are now pending, the United StatesS.
There will be no problem with the lawyer. What the U. S.
Lawyers want to see, America. S.
The lawyer wants to talk to him, he will see, he will talk to him, I really this is the game of the game.
MADDOW: charming.
Great stuff.
Taxpayers in New Jersey, you should know tonight that this internal report they leaked proves the governor's innocence and you paid $1 million for it.
It was funded by taxpayers along the way, and frankly, it was a bit like its own scandal.
Steve conatch, host of rise with Steve conatch, on the weekend morning of MSNBC.
Thanks Steve.
Thank you for inviting me.
We will be back soon. (
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Biden: guys, after the start of the fight, there was a lot of progress in a relatively short period of time, but guess what?
There is still a lot to do.
My grandchildren, my children and their children will be shocked.
To the shock of conscience, at this moment in American history, in some states, employers will fire you for who you are or who you love.
It is close to barbarism.
I mean, think about this.
No, I mean it.
Imagine, imagine, 20 years later, when Americans look back, saying, how exactly is this allowed? (APPLAUSE)
Biden: The country is moving forward.
The American people continue to move forward.
It's time for Congress to move on and pass ENDA. Past ENDA now. Not tomorrow. Now. (APPLAUSE)
Biden: If you think about it and we're even talking about it, it's outrageous.
I mean it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: I think one of the reasons why Vice President Joe Biden is a very popular speaker across the country is because he is outspoken, specifically, I think it is important that he did not take more than a mild oath to make a point and do so from time to time.
The video comes from a speech by the vice president at the California human rights movement this weekend, saying that human rights issues, especially gay rights, are progressing so fast that people will go back and say for 20 years, in H-E-
Can double hockey sticks be allowed?
That is to say, just when the vice president did this very well --
In California, in another state, things get worse, at least more confusing on this very specific issue of civil rights.
On Friday, after Michigan's business hours ended, a federal judge overturned the state's same ban --sex marriage. Republican-
The Michigan-led state government has defended the ban fiercely in court, including spending $40,000 in taxpayer money to expect witnesses to appear, the judge in the expert witness case is described as a basically or completely unbelievable witness who supports marginal faith.
But the taxpayer paid for it.
Now, in the past few weeks and months, many federal judges have lifted marriage bans in many states.
But unlike most states, the federal judge's ruling came into effect on Friday in Michigan.
It was not on hold until the state appealed.
So, technically, the ruling is also legal after it was released on Friday night --
A sexual partner married in Michigan.
The actual problem is that you can only get a Michigan marriage certificate from a county clerk, and when the ruling comes down on Friday night, all the staff offices in the state have been closed.
In addition, the county clerk's office in Michigan is usually not open on weekends.
That said, like this weekend, the demand for county clerk services over the weekend is generally not that large.
This is a video from Washtenaw County, Michigan, early Saturday morning, where couples lined up to get a marriage certificate.
Because of this sudden interest, couples who were accidentally given the right to marry the night before, because of this demand, staff in four counties in Michigan decided to open on Saturday, although they usually had a weekend break.
Hundreds of people in Michigan lined up in the lobby to pay for their marriage certificates, and the clergy came out from all over the state, ready to get people married right away, right there, including in a county where people get married at the same time, all are in a large group so that it can be done faster. Why faster?
What's urgent?
Well, the rush was due to the outbreak of equal rights in Michigan this weekend, which lasted only a few hours.
The state's marriage ban was lifted, and the window that all Michigan couples could get married effectively opened at 8: 00 in the morning. m.
The first county clerk's office opened on Saturday.
But on the same day a few hours later, it closed when the Republican state attorney general of Michigan had another federal court step in and put the ruling on hold before the state appealed.
That's why it's been a few hours.
But hundreds of people got married.
Now, what will these marriages look like?
In the critical hours of Saturday, hundreds of marriages were signed, sealed and delivered.
So far, Republican Governor Rick Snyder, his state government has not said whether the marriages are legal in Michigan.
Nor did they say the marriage was illegal.
They just included a very good family.
The organization Michigan couple successfully filed their joint federal tax return as a married couple within these hours. That few-
On Saturday, an hour's equal rights window before the window collapsed.
What happens next is that the Federal Court will hear the issue of the suspension on Wednesday, the day after tomorrow, but from now on, it's interesting, the federal government and all other states across the country have decided on Michigan's marriage.
Because the Michigan government may be confused about whether these legally married couples are actually legally married on Saturday.
But should the rest of us?
In December, a similar situation happened in Utah, where 1,300 couples got married before the state's equal rights window low closed, and the federal government made a bold decision in Utah's case.
When Attorney General Eric Holder announced that despite Utah's denial of its civil marriage, the federal government would recognize that the marriage in Utah was legal.
Will the federal government now do the same thing for the hundreds of couples who just got married in Michigan?
So far, the Justice Department has said it is reviewing the matter.
It will be an important decision, whether it's about the lives of these families in Michigan or about what's going on next in this fight.
Look at this space. (
Business break)
Very interesting.
MADDOW: Tonight's "Geek hour" tells about the recent robbery of a public official in Ridgewood, New Jersey.
Thomas Rika is a public works inspector at Ridgewood.
He admitted four third counts last week.
Admit he stole at least $460,000 from town.
Specifically, though, it was part of the geek, who stole $460,000 from town in a few quarters.
Over the past 25 months, he stole several quarters from Ridgewood's meter collection room.
The meter in the parking meter.
He stole money from people to park, almost half a million dollars.
Well, it's sad, corrupt and pathetic.
But B, it's amazing.
I mean, physically, how did he do it?
First, $460,000-$460,600 equals a little more than $1.
Quarter 8 millionThe 1.
It is said that a total of 8 million quarters were stolen in 25 months.
If we assume conservatively
Rica was on vacation for two weeks and he worked for five weeks.
This means that his theft zone has a total of about 520 working days, which means that on average
He works 3,543 quarters a day and 3,500 quarters a day.
What does this look like?
Well, if you pour so many coins into a pile, they look like ten times.
You can play a lot of Pac-
3,500 quarter a day.
But he stole 3,500 dollars a day. maybe he's stealing?
How many rolls of coins may have been stolen?
That's what he did?
Even in the role of 40 quarters, 3,500 quarters per day is still a difficult thing to hide.
I mean, can you put them all in your pocket?
You can put them all in your pocket.
We are working hard.
But see what you look like.
Hey, Thunder in the thigh. Right?
In addition, there are 3,500 coins in the pocket and it is difficult to walk.
Doing this to your pants every day for 520 days is not a good thing.
If you look like this at work every day, people will notice you.
However, the bright side of this crime is health.
It weighs about 80 pounds a quarter, of which 3,500 pounds weigh about 44 pounds.
This poor guy leaves Ridgewood 90 seconds a day, drags the dorm to his car, and another 90 seconds, wherever he puts the dorm, he can get it from the car or from the bank.
This has allowed our corrupt public works inspectors to walk a total of 15 minutes a week for the quarter of 44 pounds.
If you go to the Labor Health and Safety Fund, the calories consumed per week will increase by about 91 calories.
In 25 months, he burned about 9,500 calories during the theft.
Not to mention the muscles on his leg.
The New Jersey public works inspector, former Ridgewood, must have calves like cantaloupe at this time.
He also represents a very narrow intersection in the Venn picture of public corruption and good health. Mr.
Rica will be suspended for five years.
His plea deal says he has to pay back all the money he stole from the town parking lot.
In the end, there is no price for crime.
But if you steal from all the right places in the right way, it can be very weight loss.
That's what it is for us tonight.
We will see you tomorrow night.
Now is the time for the "last sentence.
This is a hasty record.
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