the pros and cons of food delivery and meal prep services - dry ice packs for coolers

by:Demi     2019-11-25
the pros and cons of food delivery and meal prep services  -  dry ice packs for coolers
Is it really good value to outsource your shopping and catering preparations?
Our modern work life is getting busier and busier, but we are still eager to have time for family and entertainment.
We started to delegate household chores that take up our precious Saturday morning-send dry cleaning or hire services to sort out our family-it's not surprising that we can now outsource grocery shopping and pre-meal prep as well.
Companies like blue aprons, home chefs, Fresh, Sunshine baskets, green chefs and Hello Fresh have provided the market with prepared meal packs, including everything it takes to make a quick and delicious meal, along with the recipe card, it is delivered directly to our door.
But are they really worth our extra money? What is the environmental impact of additional packaging and shipping? Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons of meal preparation and delivery services.
We can say that these kits are life-saving for many busy families or those who are challenged by culture, but their biggest selling point is to return the most precious items to you, time.
They allow you to make the most of your downtime.
Most of us go home and do a series of chores to get through before really spending time with family and friends or doing a hobby or sport.
Especially for women, the demands may be enormous.
A study from the United StatesK.
Women were found to spend five more hours a week on unpaid labor such as household chores, cooking and childcare than men.
Meal delivery services help to compete fairly in relationships by alleviating the needs of at least some managed families.
The meal is ready to save time on the recipe
Planning phase, on the chopping and preparation of shops and ingredients.
Most meal packs are ready in 30 minutes or less, giving you a few hours of time in the week to get back to more enjoyable tasks.
This meal is more nutritious than take-out.
When we are short of time and lack of ideas, it is easy to fall out of the menu pile of local fast food restaurants.
The problem is that these foods are often unhealthy.
Kristin koskynne, a registered dietitian and nutritionist in private practice in Washington state, said meal packs can serve as a bridge to improve your diet.
"They can make decisions from the content of the dinner and eliminate grocery shopping and help people transition from eating out most of the time to eating more at home.
"Eating at home often translates into better eating, higher nutritional intake and weight loss for those who want to lose weight," she told Huffington Post . ".
The kit can help support inexperienced chefs.
Cooking is a skill-as with any skill, it takes patience and practice to master it.
The meal delivery service comes with a recipe card that guides novice chefs through the cooking process from start to finish.
They often have photos showing the look and steps of the foodby-
Step notes with less help-
Experienced chefs develop their kitchen skills.
Although these services are useful to many people, there are also some shortcomings.
There are a lot of extra packaging.
To keep the food fresh and attractive, a vacuum is required for each element-sealed.
So every element of the meal box-chopped onions, herbs, sauces, etc. ― is vacuum-
Seal and secure in plastic and cardboard before putting in more packaging.
The entire delivery must be kept safe and cooled with ice bags or insulation to prevent deterioration or even food poisoning caused by temperature fluctuations.
Most meal delivery companies provide information on how to recycle the packaging, but this is a lot more waste than shopping with reusable bags yourself.
However, fans of meal packs believe that they are good for the environment because they reduce food waste-each meal pack comes with only the ingredients needed for each recipe.
It is reported that 21% of food is wasted in the United States. S.
The result of consumers buying too much. Pre-
The components measured are reduced by excessive
Buying these foods tends to cause the vegetables at the bottom of the refrigerator to wither, causing 150,000 tons of discarded household food in the United States every day.
The kit kills our culinary ideas.
Some critics claim that meal delivery services that tell you how to cook and provide all ingredients in the exact steps are not allowed to generate natural curiosity through trial and error.
But is this really different from following any other recipe Christen Cupples, assistant professor and founding director of nutrition and nutrition programs at Pace's Health Vocational College, hoping to see more Americans cooking at home, they also believe that these services can help achieve this goal.
"For some people, especially those who are curious and willing to come back home and cook but don't have time, the delivery service is really useful.
If they can help people get back to healthy preparation and eating
Have dinner with their family and then I applaud them, "she said.
Blue Apron user Mike Gnitecki actually found out that the recipe made him a more creative chef by giving him the idea he wouldn't have been exposed.
"Yesterday, with the help of the recipe, I made a roast steak on the goat cheese corn porridge.
"I never thought I would do that," he told Huffington Post . ".
The price of the kit may be expensive.
The meal bag is convenient but not cheap.
Although most large companies offer particularly low prices to new customers, many users bounce from one company to another before the discount runs out, regular prices can be prohibitive for many
Meal packs may be cheaper than eating at restaurants, but they are still more expensive than buying ingredients and cooking by themselves.
These calculations do not state that grocery shopping may mean that you will have a lot of extra food left that is either wasted or has to be re-utilized into another recipe, the chef needs more time and energy.
Gnitecki found that the cost of the meal bag was too high to be used frequently, but he thought it was an investment in his cooking skills.
"It's not something I can afford, but when I buy a box, I think the cost is a kind of tuition for learning," he said . ".
While critics are concerned that the delivery service is wasted on packaging or just a fashion, it seems that they have found a market.
Statista said the package generated $1 billion in global revenue in 2015 and is expected to reach $10 billion by 2020.
However, the recent chef closure could lead to over-saturation of pre-meal preparation services, especially for big companies like Wal-Mart and Amazon.
Although the meal packs are not perfect, they allow you to make time and give you some new recipe ideas.
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