the kitty litter capital of the u.s. - oil absorbent products

by:Demi     2019-09-07
the kitty litter capital of the u.s.  -  oil absorbent products
It is called Peach State.
It is known for its sweet onions and pecans, but not many know that Georgia is also the main country in the country to produce clay for cat litter.
The clay waste industry has injected millions of dollars into the national economy, to be exact, $100 million, employing hundreds of employees, but industry leaders understand, why there is no slogan on the national border "Welcome to Georgia: the capital of American cat litter.
"You have to look at it right," said Clark Fisher, who manages the Rennes plant for A & M product manufacturing company.
One of seven companies in Georgia that produce cat litter and oil absorbers.
"There is dirt in the bag.
"Technically, it's fuller white clay in a bag.
Other white clay is found in large quantities in Georgia and is not as good as Clay for industrial applications.
But Fuller's white clay makes up for its lack of versatility in absorbing liquid.
This mineral can absorb more than 95% of its weight in the liquid.
Trump awarded D-
On the same day, Parkland arrested the border arrest operation and arrested a man named "flying Tmall" who canceled the deposit ban in Rennes and another bank across South Georgia was the largest in the state.
They produce a total of 750,000 tons of white chalk each year, more than twice the total output of Mississippi.
Since the introduction of traditional clay cat litter, the company has been mining more complete deposits in Georgia for more than 50 years.
The industry has grown with the popularity of cats, said Lee Coogan, executive vice president of the Institute of absorption minerals, an industry organization in Washington, D. C. C.
"Cats have surpassed dogs and become number one. 1 U. S.
"Family pets," said Coogan . ".
"The average family has more than one cat.
The garbage market continues to grow as it is a cheap way to control animal waste.
"But 10 years ago, there was a big change in the industry, and the company introduced a new formula that makes it easy to produce disposable lumps when it gets wet. The so-
The garbage known as "scoopable" is not made of Fuller's white clay, but is mainly made of a sand aggregate called bentonite.
Although it costs twice as much as ordinary clay garbage, scoopable garbage now accounts for more than 55% of all junk sales.
Although some cat owners are resisting the trend.
There has always been controversy about the safety of garbage gathering, especially the kitten.
It seems that some cats like to eat shoveling garbage, and some just simply lick the stick on their claws.
As a result, the vet reported that because the cat ate lumps of garbage, it caused a life-threatening intestinal blockage.
Consumers who are turning to recyclable garbage may be behind the recent slowdown in Georgia's more complete earth industry.
For example, the output of A & M fell by 20% in 18 months.
With the record growth of China's economy, consumers may be able to buy more expensive goods with their goods. . . uh. . .
Disposable income
Clark Fisher, A & M manager, said: "The boom may not be the best time for traditional garbage . ".
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