the killing field - what are meat soaker pads made of

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the killing field  -  what are meat soaker pads made of
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In the relaxed moments around the family table, they will imitate how the big man's two ring fingers stretch out.
You see, Benjamin can't bend his fingers anymore. the collateral damage to playing the game for nine seasons is so great, so that the former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Offensive Line man had a hardened tissue ridge formed by thousands of jarring helmets behind his neck --to-
Helmet Collision
It turns out that those knotted numbers are the least in Benjamin's question.
He had diabetes and was found in a bomber camp in his early 90 s.
Benjamin lost 50 pounds in 10 days.
No, it should be noted ominous, missing a hard two-a-day practices.
It was a year after Benjamin.
Low sugar content in a game before diagnosis
Accidentally walked into the wrong crowd in a match.
Debbie, his widow, recalls: "He doesn't even know where he is.
"But it was the hardest last year of his life.
Benjamin, a patient with kidney disease, underwent dialysis four times a week. The soft-
From 1985 to 1993, the speaking giant playing with bombers and Rough Riders in Ottawa was deteriorating in front of his family.
Only the eyes of his family.
After all, the fans couldn't see what would happen after the final whistle, and they turned off the lights.
Most of the time, it is not very beautiful.
"They don't know," Debbie Benjamin said of the anonymity of pain and struggle . ".
"They just watch the game.
But you will see when you live with someone.
Because how long it took me to see himNick)
Get up from bed in the morning.
Even after he stopped playing.
It's ridiculous how many times we change the stair railing because without the railing he can barely get up and down the stairs.
His pain and suffering are absurd.
"This is how professional football is.
They can put the cameras in the helmet, in the locker room, on the cable line in the wild.
For God's sake, they put the camera in blimps.
But how often do you see a camera around after the cheers stop, the only action is a growing, broken --
The man climbed into the bathroom on a dark night?
Twenty years ago, Debbie met Nick Benjamin at a nightclub called Strawberry.
She was fascinated by the quiet and brave football player.
A few years later, she did not know how Benjamin's body would betray him.
Debbie Benjamin said: "It killed me near the end and he was very upset.
It's a heart to see a burly footballer crawl on the stairs with both hands and knees, or get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and fall and crawl in the toilet --wrenching.
It's sad to see.
On last August, Nick Benjamin, 46, died of kidney disease.
But Debbie, who sadly thinks it's a professional murder case, pointed her finger directly to football.
"I think Nick got worse as quickly as he did because his body was already beaten," she insisted . ". "I do believe (football)added to it.
I think he felt that he had been cheated long before his time came.
"Her husband's death was not that complicated for Debbie.
She asked, "What is the first thing the doctor told you?
Don't be stressed. Well, he (Nick)
Go there every week and press the shit out of his body.
"I think it would certainly help to beat your body in your way," she added . ".
"No matter what you catch later, your body is beaten and stressed. . .
How nervous Benjamin's war wastorn body?
It is so misplaced and so disrepair that one of his buttocks is higher than the other.
"He limped away," Debbie said . ".
He bent his hips.
His whole body is out of tune. He had a 12-
Where he had surgery, there was an inch scar on his spine.
That's what Debbie Benjamin saw.
This must also make the playwright and humorous writer Mel Kessler observe casually: "Football players, like prostitutes, destroy their bodies for the pleasure of strangers.
Nick Benjamin died too young.
His wife swore that the football pulled the trigger and ran away.
* Nick Benjamin is not the only former bomber who died young recently.
In last June, the 46-year-old cancer took the colorful and exaggerated defender Tyrone Jones, the key to the bomber's brilliant years of 1980.
Just four months later, the attacking winger, who also played the 1980 season, Steve rodhatkos, died of cancer at the age of 43.
Offensive Player Bobby Thompson's bomber career lasted from 1979 to 1983. he died of a massive heart attack in the spring of 2006 at the age of 46.
It was later reported that Orlando Bobo, an attacking player for Winnipeg on 2004, died of heart failure on May 14, 2007. He was just 33.
Five people died in two years, with an average age of 42 years and 10 months.
Bomber President and CEO Laer Bauer, who was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer in 2004
Not the toll for the funeral. Far from it.
In Bauer's decadelong career —
In 1984, the gray cup victories of 1988 and 1990 sparkled --
He is a teammate with Jones, rodeharkos, Benjamin and Thompson.
Bobo was recruited under the supervision of Bauer and lined up at the CEO's old position in the center.
"It looks like we have lost more post-80 forward players than we have lost before," Ball said . " Bauer was named into the bomber Hall of Fame in 1998.
"For everyone who reaches 60 and 70, you seem to have lost one at 40.
I don't know what this is all about.
You expect people in their 70 s, 80 s and 90 s, which will be normal.
But when people in their 20 s, 30 s, 40 s, and 50 s are experiencing this, it's a bit abnormal.
"Who knows how many more people we don't know," added Joe polawski, Bauer's former teammate and Hall of Fame recipient.
"Of course, this is terrible.
"Not just bombers.
Hamilton Tiger
The Cats lost two promising young players.
On last April, the 26-year-old defensive defender, Jia Masia Jackson, died of heart failure, followed by the death of offensive player Travis Claridge, who died of "acute pneumonia" at the age of 27 ", according to a report from the CBC, the respiratory inhibition caused by taking painkillers, oxycoone, exacerbated the situation. ".
Last summer, the former Tiger
Cat receiver Leif Pettersen died of a heart attack. He was 57.
Average age of Ti
36 years, 7 months.
Eskimos Edmonton is also not free from grief.
Former offensive player Bill Stevenson
The age Grey Cup Champion died last year of a long-time alcoholic drink at the age of 55.
In March 2005, former defender David Boone was found to have committed suicide on the deck of his home in Washington state.
Bunn, who has won five Grey Cup champion rings, is reported to have chronic pain and depression that plagued football injuries.
York Hentschel, along with Boone, formed a defensive front in the Middle called Alberta crude oil. to-
Died of organ failure at the age of 52 in late 1970.
He completed his brilliant career in 1981, including three gray cups and bombers.
Ron Estay, a third member of the awesome Alberta crude line, was diagnosed with cancer last summer.
Estay, 59 assistant coach and Roughriders, Province of saskeven, are fighting Africa
He sportshero jin shi lin ba liu
Of course, this is not an isolated phenomenon of professional football north of the border.
The players of the National Football League also went to the grave at an amazing speed.
According to 2006 Scripps surveys
Howard newswire, 3,850 professional football player born in the last century: but when it comes to death, there is nothing better than the miserable plight of the Pittsburgh Steelers, A respected organization that peaked in four consecutive Super Bowl victories in the medium termto-late 1970s (
Eskimos much like CFL).
Think about the fact that the Steelers have lost 18 former players since 2000, aged 35 to 58.
Seven people died of heart failure, most of them offensive or defensive players.
However, the cause of death is widespread and disturbing.
45-year-old attacking player Terry Long committed suicide by drinking antifreeze.
Justin stritzker center was only 36 years old when he was killed in a climax.
The speed chase with the police ended with a fierce collision with a tankertrailer.
Quarterback Joe Gilliam suffered from substance abuse most of his later years.
He was often homeless and died at the age of 49.
But the most tragic case involved former center Mike Webster, who has long been considered the cornerstone of the Steve dynasty.
Regardless of the weather, Webster's logo is short sleeves.
He is considered fearless. Indestructible.
They called him "Iron Mike ".
"Well, shortly after retirement, Iron Mike lives in a car with dementia, which doctors believe is caused by a brain anterior lobe injury in Webster, equivalent to" 25,000 car accidents "in more than 50 years ".
Webster also suffered.
Career depression, once on their own choice of lifeup truck.
When Webster was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame in 1997, his speech was often incoherent.
He died of a heart attack in September 2002.
As a matter of fact, all three ordinary Steelers in the 1970 Super Bowl era died: Webster;
Jim Clark died of heart failure on 2006 at the age of 58.
Fighting cancer for a year;
Ray Mansfield died of a heart attack on 1996 at the age of 55.
Asked about the disturbing death toll, Joe Gordon, who has long been a steel executive, replied: "Maybe it's something in the water. "Oh, really?
Or maybe something on steroids.
Pittsburgh Steelers attacking player Steve Coulson, the first NFL player to publicly acknowledge the use of steroids, died at the age of 50 after being crushed by a fallen tree.
Webster has long been suspected of using steroids, as has defender Steve Furness, who died of a heart attack on 2000 at the age of 49.
Anyway, the death of the Steelers
And the undeniable anecdotal case in CFL
During and after football, from accidental to intentional to simple destruction, including cancer, liver disease, suicide, heart failure, dementia.
What's even more strange is that if you ask a lot of former and present CFL players what they think is the life expectancy of members of their profession, many people will not hesitate to answer.
In fact, the program began shortly after Jones died of cancer in June.
Three days later, a former Buffalo Bill reserve attacker named Mitch Frerotte died of a heart attack. He was just 43.
I called Bauer and simply asked, "Can you explain this to me?
"Well," all the previous people
Star replied: "I have always known that professional football players live around 55 years old.
You know.
"This is not right," I protested.
"Of course," replied Bauer . "
Bauer is not alone. A quick e-
Doug Brown, now the defensive MVP, received an email, "I think it's 56 years old.
"Bomber center Matt Sheridan missed most of the 2008 season due to injury and immediately came up with 55 figures.
The same is true of Hall of Fame recipient Joe Poplawski, a staple of bombers from the Middle East
1970 in the middle
Nevertheless, life expectancy is not considered well-known by more than 1980 people.
"Knowing that the average age is 55, if you look into people, I think it will be a huge surprise," said Poplawski, 51 . ".
"It's surprising that maybe it's not written in more detail.
"But maybe people don't know that because football players don't have a life expectancy of 20 years lower than the average life expectancy of men in North America.
"It's not going to be promoted anywhere," said Stu Laird, 48-year-old former CFLPA chairman, a former defender of the Calgary Stampede.
"It's probably true, it's probably not one of the true urban legends.
Most players have heard of it, but they don't know if it's true or not.
"There is no doubt that according to most experts and players contacted by free media, the data is too thin, too rough to determine the exact number of life expectancy.
This is quite disturbing in itself.
After all, professional football is the perfect storm of professional harm.
Think about it: what other occupations are long-term repeated head trauma;
Need to carry more than 150 pounds in a few years;
After a deal
In a career in a civilized world, with the aging of combat trauma, the joints become enemies of the day, and the body organs become weak disease hosts?
Oh, in a study, the stress of the profession is second only to the surgeon, the astronaut, the Indiana racing driver, the fireman, and the president of the United States.
Throw in the artificial lawn and possible steroid use and you can have a cocktail of the early grave.
Unfortunately, there are very few statistics, but anecdotal evidence of four types of deaths is everywhere.
First, due to excessive weight, heart tax, such as the year-round professional bowling alley, Reggie White, died at the age of 43.
Second, from severe head blows to Long that leads to depression or dementia, such as Pittsburgh.
Third, unable to cope with the loss of celebrities and familiarity after retirement, such as Stevenson in Edmonton.
Fourth, widespread physical abuse and stress can damage its ability to resist the disease, and former Steelers receiver Theo Bell may do so, who died of hard skin disease at the age of 52, this is a disease that causes skin hardening and damage to internal organs and blood vessels.
The direct relationship with football cannot be proved, largely because there is not much systematic information collected.
But at least, more research is needed on these deaths.
Still, when a football player is in 55-
Other experts suspect that people's life expectancy is as casual as pig skin during warm-up.
"I don't know the facts . "
Arthur in "Archie" in Roberts
Surgeon, now in charge of the living heart foundation based in Silver, New YorkJ.
"I don't think this is an objective and true statement.
Unless you are very careful and have scientific methods and good data, it is difficult to be accurate in these predictions.
"At the very least, that's what former NFL quarterback Roberts originally said he played with Cleveland Brown and the Miami Dolphins.
Because the lack of empirical data will not lead to theoretical errors.
It didn't stop several retired NFL players from cashing their pensions at 45, rather than waiting for the dreaded 55 th birthday.
"Do you know the advertisement for tennis shoes?
A player said in an investigation by the Atlanta DailyConstitution.
"The one about" Life is short and hard to play?
Well, the way we are [dying]
Our motto should be: "play well and die when you are young.
"This is the creed that is particularly understood in the trenches.
As Bill Bain, a former Los Angeles Rams offensive, once observed: "The actuarial table shows that the winger in the game died at 53.
I started getting my pension at 55. Nice.
"In fact, there seems to be no such table.
He said a doctor who worked in several life insurance companies told free media that premiums were based on industry standards such as height, weight and family history and that occupation was not a factor.
The life expectancy of old football players does not require the figures of actuaries.
Or an actual number.
All they need to do is continue to attend funerals for fallen comrades like Jones, Rhodes hores, Stevenson, Boone, Thompson, etc. . .
"You can think so --
Former Bomber and Winnipeg products Leo Ezerins, now a businessman of BC.
"It did hit home and I started thinking more about it.
Not thinking about it, but it's just thinking about how fast time can come.
"When they play, the fate of the football players is left and right by a clock that will always count down to zero.
You can send the script faster.
You can do two. minute drill.
Or maybe the best strategy is to simply run out of the clock.
Grab the snap and kneel down.
But in this case, the speed of the clock has already started.
The risks are obvious.
"I don't know the numbers say, 'This is the cause of the death of a football player, 'which is too specific and you can connect it," Laird said . ".
"But something has happened in the life of football players, which makes (Life expectancy)
It is very different from the other population.
"Five, four, three, two, one. . . .
* Let's start with the substance of this issue.
Or fat more precisely.
Hector Potier won 6 gray trophies in the 12-pound race
A year of career at Edmonton's Eskimos offensive line.
These days, however, everything about Pothier is about failure.
Now 54-year-old Pothier has lost about 130 pounds from the game between 275 and 300 pounds, and after retiring in 1989, his weight soared to 375.
"I want the whole kebang," Pothier vowed . ".
"I will lose everything and fight hard to keep it.
I think this is the last time I kick a cat.
I can't do it if I can't, I will have to live with an overweight person.
"It will give me a better chance when I'm 80 or 90 and this is where I want to go.
"Bomber Offensive Matt Sheridan came to training camp for the 2008 season after losing about 60 pounds.
Prior to the season, Sheridan was injured by injury, a poster boy weighing too much.
The pressure on his body and heart began to change ominous.
Sheridan promised to dispose of the extra luggage.
"One of the realities is life after football and it will inevitably come sooner than expected," 31-year-old said.
"You have to think about these things.
No matter how hard our coaches try to live in the moment, you have to focus on, "How can I do my job on the football field best?
I must also be aware of my health --term, as well.
"It will be indoor music for the above mentioned doctors
Roberts, who grew up in rural Massachusetts, dreams of becoming a professional athlete and heart surgeon. He became both.
As a football player, Roberts was recruited to play at the Montreal Football Club, and he tricked him into attending the medical school at McGill University.
Instead, Roberts backed up Hall of Fame quarterback Bob Greese in Miami before finishing his two games
NFL career in pursuit of medicine.
At the turn of the century, Roberts set up the live Heart Foundation, which later tested the beating heart of more than 1,400 former NFL players and current NFL players --
And 38 Toronto astronauts last summer.
The risk data of professional football on the athlete's heart is only now being carefully studied, Roberts said.
"We really don't have an answer," Roberts said . ".
"We can have our own opinions.
But for doctors to really determine if the cardiovascular risk has really increased, or the risk and consequences of concussion. . .
You need to study the data.
These types of research are not available, and are not generally available now.
So there are some anecdotal stories left for us.
Nevertheless, Roberts quickly acknowledged the obvious fact that the growing number of wingers on both sides of the border and overweight poses greater risks to the cardiovascular system is a recognized fact.
"This is true," he allowed.
"Players are much bigger now.
We don't know what will happen in the future, but we will worry.
"Players need to be tested and tracked" so we can see if there is a high risk for players, who has a high risk, and if we can develop strategies to make these people healthy.
That's the bottom line.
This is also a good thing in CFL.
"So Roberts wants to continue these tests in the CFL, which recruited cardiac surgeons to Toronto in last June.
But one question can be asked: why didn't a project like Roberts develop faster? wide?
Reggie White died of arrhythmia, 43, in 2004. Wouldn't his death cause some alarm?
This is true: but only for overweight players with cardiovascular risk.
This seems to be more
Any investigation into the health risks of professional football.
Really, where did you start?
Especially in the CFL, a shorter league of most Americans who come home after the game.
How can you get accurate data about their lives after football? The long-
The long-term effects of head trauma are now taken seriously.
How about all the players from the 1970 s experiencing the story of extreme pain and concussion?
When it is not possible to determine who is taking what and when is taking steroids, how do you determine the effects of steroids?
"This is something everyone will care about, but the evidence is lacking . "
Bomber doctor Neil kloners
"No one said, 'Look, I 've been using growth hormone for the past 10 years, and my friends haven't used it.
Who of us has more health problems?
It was all done under the cover of darkness and secrets. Nobody knows.
However, from the point of view of the big players, it is true that the carats know this. . .
Those who weigh too much
Whether it's muscle or fat
As we all know, their life expectancy is very short.
"What happened, doctor?
If a patient is 100 pounds overweight, you will tell them that because the statistics show that this will reduce the life expectancy, you will tell them to lose it.
Is your patient smoking?
You told him he had to quit, right?
Then why not tell a 300-
The pound man who had two knee surgeries, who made a jack hammer with his head?
Isn't he lowering his life expectancy and putting his health at risk as well?
"This is a very good question, and it touches directly at the heart of sports --
The world of medicine, "admits the China-based crone with astonishing candor.
"This is a question that is not enough to ask, even if you ask, I blushed at the other end of the phone.
Because there is a little push and blink in recommending healthy behavior.
"These people are aware of the risks," added the carat . ".
"You won't find a child who thinks football will make him live longer.
Most people intuitively know that smoking and overweight are harmful to their health, but they are still engaged in these health behaviors.
"This is a very, very important question.
This is definitely a weakness.
I will point to myself-
With my own professional ethics.
Because I don't talk to offensive players very often.
I know Matt Sheridan.
I call him a friend.
But I'm not going to sit down and say, "Matt, you have to stop playing football.
This is a risk to your health.
"It's like saying, 'From the inside out, I'll have a better impact than from the inside out.
If I say, 'You know, I would condemn professional football and say it's bad for your health and we should turn the whole thing off.
You might not be called a madman.
But it's a strong community, and it's a strong business activity in the United States.
Everyone is chasing the copper ring.
"For the role of medicine, especially team doctors, in professional football, Clapton is very honest.
Football is here.
In fact, like the participants themselves, the game is getting bigger and bigger, especially in the United States.
It won't go anywhere, and it won't have a dream to instill in so many young people who are engaged in professional competitions for one day.
Also, tell a 25-year-
The old athlete who finally made his life
Leaving the long goal of the game because it is not healthy?
Are you an idiot?
"I think if you talk to 99 of them (young players)
I think they will say that they are enjoying the time of their lives . ""If a 20-
When I am in my career, the old man will come and talk to me, and I may say, 'You know, I'm fine at this particular time, I had so much fun leaving the game.
This is a response to a man.
Laird agreed.
"When you're in your early 20 s, you don't feel far ahead.
We have a good time, I will not give it up for this world.
"Former Bomber defender Glenn sklinner was walking with his father Harvey sklinner in a stadium in Winnipeg when he was a child.
Execution time bomber
Scrivener is in awe of both, and as a child he will imagine playing in the CFL one day.
Graffiti people will grow
Grow, grow-
It ended up playing 12 seasons in the league, including 3 with bombers (1997-99).
"This is all I want to do," Scrivener recalled in a recent interview . ".
"That's my sanctuary.
This makes me feel good about myself. "Quit?
Sorry, the animals are wrong.
You see, how can you tell a professional football player that he should be
When he has begun to focus on the immediate impact, the impact of tenure on his health-
Fracture, ligament tear, concussion
Face straight every week?
"You have to understand the beast you are dealing with," Ball concluded . ".
"These people, first, do not want to show fear, and second, do not want to show injury in the game.
Its culture is deeply rooted in them.
You feel invincible.
You are playing games when you should not play.
You are doing what you should not do to your body.
We all played games when we could barely walk, do you know what I mean?
Did Bauer feel invincible when he played?
"Of course," he said . "
Does he feel invincible now?
"Hell, no," replied a man in his 50 s. year-old man.
* Glen Scrivener sells propane and propane-
Make a living on current related products.
So how often does Scrivener listen to King Hill's jokes?
"This is always the case," said the big guy with a blank face.
He did not laugh.
Scrivener is now 41 years old and is starting again.
Most of his contemporaries were middle management, driving the company's car and taking out the company's credit card at lunch.
At the same time, Scrivener is using cars to transport himself across the province, starting to distribute this amazing boring world of propane.
On the day we caught up with him, the first thing he did in the morning was to leave.
If he is lucky, he will return to his young child by 8: 00 in the evening. m.
There is no dinner at the family table.
Just grab a drive-
Go to the next job through the burger.
Ah, live such a life.
However, just a while ago, skrinna, who was always waving his trademark Maple Leaf handkerchief, was bigger every week than life and television.
Scrivener has created a solid CFL career in 12 seasons.
For the rest of the time, the doctors were scribbling.
Interestingly, these days, Scrivener will talk to some of his peers, perhaps a young executive at a party who will be envious of being deprived of the lives of professional athletes.
Scrivener will answer ironically: "I have had 18 plastic surgeries.
How much did you eat?
For those of you who forced him to become a ringtone in their flag football match: "What do you want me to do ? "?
Come out and spit on everyone?
Let me have a rest. Chase a 20-year-
Old kid with good knees.
I did not do that.
"Now this is the life of skrinner,
The existence of an honest, Joe's propane salesman
After more than a decade of fighting with the same large mammal, trying to identify and deal with the swollen skin of a dead pig --
Now it's all about making money for your wife and children.
After the turn of the century, skrinna entered the "real world", like many football players, a world he was not familiar.
First of all, he said: "To be honest, you start at the bottom of the totem pole unless your parents have business.
"In addition, all the time in the weight room to prepare the meat armor battle turned into an afterthought.
"No one cares about this in the real world," admits old Liman.
"You don't need to sit 400 pounds or 285 (pounds).
You just pay more for your food.
"You don't have to remind skrinna of the physical loss of his football career.
"There is a morning when I get up (and feel pain)
I will say, yes, I remember. That was B. C. Place.
I remember being (
Former Lion offensive)
Jamie Tarras shortened my neck.
"Or you have 1 feet of your lawn toes, so you can only wear certain types of shoes now.
No more cowboy boots.
"You used to have reminders when you played," he added . ".
"When people say 'Hey, I used to be a season --
Sit behind the bench.
I thought I recognized you.
This is a good thing.
"But I don't remember when I ran last time because I wanted.
Eight knee surgery and several calf surgery, lawn toe surgery and two ankle surgery were performed. . .
Running is something I don't know.
So I have to find something else to stay active.
"When soccer players are young, when they don't even know how to spell orthopedics, their bodies are often compared to fine-tuned cars or racing cars.
But there is also an axiom that it is good for everyone's body to have only so many miles.
In the end, all the warranty is due.
"You add more miles to your body, and sometimes more," skrinner said with a smile.
"I feel very high-
Demo mileage frequently.
"So it's another potential risk for old football players, especially those who carry all their excess luggage over the years.
Skrinner now weighs about 290 pounds and wants to lose about 25, but his past and future careers are plotting against him.
"I work too much. I have a son and a son (in September)
"I am doing my best to support my family," he said . ".
"I don't have enough people to walk around.
This is my excuse.
"Retirement is not unusual for a professional line man, and within a few years he will lose weight.
These are lucky.
They may also be healthy.
Others are more likely to become prisoners of the disease they develop on the ground.
"A lot of people have serious lower limb problems. Hip injuries. Knee arthritis.
Arthritis of feet and ankles.
"They can't exercise too much in adulthood.
In this way, the protective effect of aerobic exercise is lost.
First of all, Scrivener is well aware of his own situation.
"I know our life expectancy will be shorter than ordinary people," he admitted . ".
"There are several contributing factors.
Especially the constant collision as an insider.
The standard joke is, 'I used to be 6-foot-5. Now I'm only 6-foot-4.
"I agree that your life expectancy will be shorter.
But I also want to say that if this person can prepare for a season with the same energy as before, it's not necessary, use the same type of drive to restore normal weight and a healthy lifestyle.
"But like the enemy of his old Eskimos, Hec Pothier, Scrivener can no longer run.
Unless he gets chased.
Unfortunately, many football players who are far away from the game have to face more than just trying to get into the mainstream after about 10 to 15 years.
They have to be so cold turkey.
Almost against their strong will.
Laird recalled: "In the 13 years I played . "
"I can estimate on the one hand how many players are left, because, 'You know?
I don't want to play any more games. I'm done.
This is just not going to happen.
The game will leave you before you leave the game.
"Poplawski is one of the few young people who retired from bombers before their 30 th birthday, mainly due to chronic back pain.
The increased use of muscle relaxants, he said, "convinced me that I didn't move in the right direction ".
Nowadays, Poplawski has achieved success in the insurance industry in Winnipeg.
Ironically, however, many players are more addicted to games, moments than anyone else --made chemical.
"A lot of people use the term --
I probably shouldn't have said that.
But when they take drugs for the first time, there's something so high, and then you're always chasing the dragon and trying to get to that high level again, "said skrinner.
"I think there's a similar place for the players we stop playing football.
"One day I made a mistake and told my new boss, I don't have anything in the field I'm in right now that would give me and Edmonton 65,000 fans to tell you that you're terrible and then you fire the quarterback and turn around and say, "Do you like me now? "?
No matter how many propane tanks I sell, it will never be like this.
"So part of the problem with men is depression," skrinner continued . ".
"After they played, they didn't get the same height, the same recognition.
If we are all honest, then many people are not ready for life after sports.
Because you 've given up on your life, re-prioritize things and make yourself the best of yourself.
When it's all over, a lot of people don't have other skills.
"I have spoken to my hockey players and friends from other sports and they all agree with me.
You can't let ordinary people understand this.
There will always be emptiness for us.
If we are telling you the truth, there is nothing better than getting out of the tunnel. . .
The place is rocking and the hair at the back of the neck stands up.
They say your name and nothing can replace it. "Not alcohol. Not drugs.
Not painkillers.
Overnight, this manas-an-athlete dies.
So what is left for so many people who are unprepared for such a huge life transition?
"These guys, just like a bomb exploded in their mind," a financial planner working with a professional athlete told free media to ask for anonymity.
"These guys can't get used to it.
Finance is only part of it.
It's also emotional.
You look at all the divorce events that happen in sports.
When the man is a hero, the girls wait in the lounge.
But when he becomes
In addition to hockey players or football players, the wife is still thinking, "who am I not married ".
"In the daily life of celebrities, discipline and supervision, the life that was once so suddenly consolidated becomes blurred.
Remember Scripps.
Howard Studies football death? How the second-
The main cause of death behind heart disease (22 per cent)
Murder and suicide?
After the death of Stevenson, huntel and Boone, Edmonton eskismos has become the first CFL team to start the alumni program, specializing in players who are struggling to transition from the dressing room to the workplace.
Pothier hopes this will serve as an example for other CFL Alumni.
In fact, the first annual meeting of the Football League of Canada Alumni Association will be officially held at the Montreal gray Cup this weekend to address coping and health issues, while establishing a player support/dilemma fund.
This will be the first time for the CFL, Pothier as President-in-Office.
Ezerins, a member of the CFLAA executive, pointed out: "The reality is that we are new . ".
"What do we want to do, what can we do (at the start)
Two different things.
"A few questions on the agenda: medical screening tests for former players, such as those provided by Roberts to NFL alumni.
"This is something we absolutely want to study," Ezerins said . ".
"There are also various injuries to the neck and head.
"Given that many tragic deaths have fallen, perhaps such an organization should have done so long ago.
"Maybe some old dogs are starting to stand up," said Bauer.
"Just because they are no longer young cubs.
* Last point: if there is-
One that can be proved in mathematics and medicine.
The average age of death of professional football players?
After all, most of the players now and before thought it was 55 years old, whether it was a concession or a concession, but did that stop one of them? Hardly.
If any, professional football is as close as an unarmed battle.
Military personnel are available.
Go ahead, their analogy is filled with quotes from frontline soldiers who can't afford the luxury of focusing on the risks of the business, even for a brief moment. Charge. Entrench. Retreat. Resist.
If it's a comrade, call the doctor and move on.
"In football, you do that," Ezerins said . ".
"You have to move on until the last game.
So you have this mentality as long as you play games.
If you're stuck with what's already happening, you won't be able to move forward successfully.
You analyze the film to see what you did wrong, what you did wrong, and then, boom, you move on. "On the field.
Even in the cemetery.
For example, a dozen former teammates attended the funeral of rodehuckers.
"We talked about something like this, about some of the other young players who died," Laird recalls . ".
"When you reach this point, you start to think more about it (late 40s, mid-50s)
When some people know or play or object, when some people start to die, it becomes part of the reality.
When you're 22 or 24. .
You really didn't think about it.
You don't know the players.
"But there is a strong denial in these areas.
Just as Laer Bauer ignored the danger warning when he was young.
"You know, you heard it.
Do you believe it? Not a chance.
This will not happen to me.
"Laolin people don't have time for the second time. guessing now.
"That's it," he said . "
"You go forward.
In any case, it is inevitable for anyone.
It's just a matter of time.
Bauer recalled adding, "As for the analogy of comrades falling down, it's been a bit like this lately.
You must move on.
But that doesn't mean that you don't appreciate, respect, or celebrate the lives of those who have created so many memories with you.
It is consistent with the territory.
Unfortunately. . . but it does.
What we heard when we were young may not believe what will come true.
"Hector Pothier responded to the inevitable costs that were once considered the future of others, but ended up giving up the bill: Kids, learn the lesson.
You know the drill.
You know the potential consequences.
However, as long as you can, you will hold on to it.
These are big boys in many ways.
"I mean, we know that we are pushing our bodies beyond their purpose," Pothier said . ".
"It's part of what we do and what we like to do.
It depends on people's choices, right?
No one chooses to die.
We have a lot of older players in our 70 s who come in every game.
So not everyone.
Pothier then pointed at his wife's home in St.
St. Catherine, Ont.
Almost every man on her street has worked hard at a local paper mill for years.
I swear to God, three.
Several people on that street died of cancer because they worked in that company.
So why do we let people work in those factories?
There are a variety of occupations and occupations that are at higher risk, and this is not what anyone does not know.
The bottom line is that you make choices about what you want to do and you accept or don't.
"When we started playing football, most of us didn't know the numbers.
We know these numbers, but we don't like them.
But it's like everything else.
You're 20 in 30 years.
Let's face it. when you are in your 20 s, you are invincible.
You go when you're in your 30 s, well.
Maybe we're not absolutely right.
"Trevor Kennard added, a long term
Offering placekicker along with the Bombers of the 1980 s: "It does make you stop.
Is it normal to think that the occupation they are involved in is connected? Likely not.
But what you told me made me feel like I should give more information about these risks to potential professional football players.
This will be a breakthrough in Canada.
I 've never read anything like you said.
"In fact, there is no evidence that professional football can lead to the end of health risks, some of which are fatal.
Former Montreal defender Tony proud has ALS and he believes in his illness
It also took the life of his former teammate, uutech.
Part of the reason is repeated head injuries.
From high school to college to professional players, a small number of soccer players die from heatstroke almost every year.
Therefore, preventive measures are taken to increase the integrity of the water and the practices during high temperatures are limited.
But no one stopped playing football.
This is not an option.
At the same time, there seems to be no action to look at the risks of incorporating football DNA in order to grasp the impact of these risks as a whole.
Studies related to head trauma are ongoing and efforts to increase cardiovascular screening are also ongoing.
Hopefully organizations like the newly cast CFLAA will be able to better meet the needs of sick elderly veterans in the near future.
Still, just look at the fate of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first half
In the century, one would like to know, regardless of the potential findings, why the phenomenon of the death of football players has not been further observed under a microscope.
Remember those skeptics Roberts who were hesitant about the 55-year-old life expectancy of soccer players?
When asked to consider the issue from a broader perspective --
Broad views,
Steroids, cement-
Hard turf, stress, potential abuse, skull
Heavy drudgery
The doctor is no longer so suspicious.
"This is a good point," the old quarterback finally admitted . ".
"There are a lot of components in the lives of professional athletes, including NFL players. (They)
It is unique and stressful and you may be at risk of poor health as you age.
"Our research is mainly about cardiovascular disease.
But the body is a complete system.
Concussion problems, emotional problems, stress and stress, lifestyle
All of this is reflected in your positive results over the years. player period.
So it's hard to say that all that affects your life after football is cardiovascular disease.
In fact, this is wrong.
"As you have pointed out, you have emotional problems, you have dementia and your mind --
Trauma relationship
People will want to know when you throw all this in the mixture
The result is.
"At the very least, Roberts pointed out that those larger, irregular hearts were found faster.
Symptoms of concussion are diagnosed faster.
Steroids have been banned.
There is no doubt that this will benefit the next generation of professional football players.
"In the end, we 've reached the point of making players aware of the problem, and when we find cardiovascular abnormalities, we're hedging bets on treating players, he concluded.
"I'm sure they're doing the same thing now with head trauma.
They are under treatment.
"So these players are following the right process.
But we don't have all the answers.
Of course, it is shocking to die early.
It was a tragedy when we saw healthy athletes and a microcosm of physical health die when we were young.
"Of course, you don't have to tell Debbie Benjamin about it.
* It took Nick Benjamin a while to die.
His brain began to bleed in last August, and diabetes has already tortured his body.
Still, there is time to look back.
Debbie recalls: "When you're lying in the hospital for dialysis every Thursday day," you're lying there and thinking about what you 've done in your life, maybe you should do something different.
I know that's what Nick is.
He has a lot of time to sit and think.
"Nick's eyes are also declining.
But from a secular point of view, there is no need for a vision to review the past. Only one regret
"If you ask Nick what he's going to change, he's going to say no at all," she notes . ".
He likes football.
But he never thought he would die at 46.
They buried Nick Benjamin at Glen Eden Cemetery.
Debbie said that on the day he died, he had not eaten or drank for 10 days.
"He looks like he's 20 years old again," she said.
"But another 20 years old, no accumulated scars, broken fingers, knee injuries.
Almost all young football players enter the professional field of their sports in this way.
Today, on a football field in Montreal, 2008 gray Cup will be held in front of more than 60,000 roaring spectators, between the Montreal olute and the Calgary Stampede, watched by millions on television
The most dynamic youth will be fully displayed.
Even old veterans are only in the middle of them. 30s.
As far as their sports career is concerned, the players will be at the top.
Not unlike Benjamin himself, who is a member of the 1990 bomber, by destroying the Edmonton Eskimos 50-11.
On the day 18 years ago, Benjamin was the champion.
Today, another group of young champions will be crowned and they will raise the gray trophy in confetti --filled skies.
But what will be the future for many of them?
What will they pay for the trophy?
Glen skrinner has a word about the physical and emotional cost of chasing that invisible dragon: Is juice worth squeezing?
Ultimately, it's up to every player in the pads, though he doesn't know the real answer for years.
In fact, maybe players don't want to know at all.
Debbie said: "I have said everything I said and I know Nick doesn't want to live his life in any other way.
He just wants not to die as young as he is.
I mean, he didn't see any of the kids getting married.
Nick's marriage to Debbie was the second marriage between the two of them.
Each of them brought three children to get married and added one).
No grandson
There is nothing you should enjoy in the future.
Take it too soon.
"He did a good job, though.
He did what he wanted.
Then Debbie Benjamin sighed.
Sometimes there's only so much juice.
"He left us a lot of memories, and there were souvenirs around the house to prove that," she said . ".
"We just don't have him.
Debbie Benjamin thinks football has killed her husband and others.
The suspect is still at large. randy.
Turner @ freepressmb.
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