the best pregnancy tests - absorbent

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the best pregnancy tests  -  absorbent
"May I be pregnant?
"Probably the most nervous one --
The tricky problem a woman has to deal.
But with so many pregnancy tests and ovulation packs on the market today, how do you know which one is reliable?
Nancy Metcalfe, senior editor of the Consumer Report, talked about the best pregnancy testing and ovulation kits.
Get advice on Tuesday's morning show.
Pregnancy test method: all family pregnancy test kits use monoclonal antibodies to detect a hormone called human velvet stimulating hormone (hCG)
, From the day the embryo is implanted into the uterine wall, produced by the developing placenta.
The concentration of this pregnancy hormone varies from female to female, but a more sensitive test can measure the low level of hCG.
Trump awarded D-
All 18 brands tested by the consumer report have been lifted (CR)
Adopt similar technology
Most people use sticks with absorbent strips that are stored directly in the urine, and most allow women to collect urine in a cup and then dip in the stick.
Regardless of the collection method, the result of reading each suite is the same: if a row appears in the window after the specified number of minutes, the test is positive.
In cooperation with an independent laboratory specializing in hCG research, CR adds hCG-
Free urine with different concentrations of hormones "to simulate the range of normal early pregnancy.
"They test each product with an increase in hCG concentration until a positive result is obtained.
"We tested as per the instructions for each product packaging insert," CR said . ".
"The technician reads the result after the specified minimum waiting time-
Anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes depending on the product-
Then again at the maximum time allowed (
10 minutes for all products we test).
"The efficacy, ease of use, and ease of reading of the results of the kit were evaluated.
Performance: The kit for the first pregnancy test to respond to early results is considered to be the most reliable and sensitive test.
"It detects hCG at concentrations as low as 6. 5 mIU/ml (
Thousands per milliliter of international units)-
"This is almost sensitive enough to detect any pregnancy shortly after implantation," CR wrote . ".
"The sensitivity of most other kits is much lower --
At the specified reading time, five of the most insensitive tests were not able to detect hCG at concentrations lower than about 100 MIU/ml.
However, when we waited a full 10 minutes before reading the results, the performance of 7 of the test kits was much better than the manufacturer's recommended wait time.
While all the kits are "easy to use", the first response and the other two Tests (
Easy to answer fast simple and clear blue)
In the case of a lower hCG concentration, the resulting line is stronger than the other resulting lines, which makes them easier to read.
Finally, the first reaction test of early pregnancy results ($18. 09/2 tests)
Stand out from the "excellent" rating (
Get "excellent" score in hCG sensitivity, get "excellent" score in reading, at 10-
Min hCG sensitivity, overall recommended "best combination of sensitivity and reliability".
Confirm pregnancy test ($11. 19/2 tests)
The lowest score, the final score is "poor "(
The sensitivity of HCG is "fair ";
"Poor", easy to read; and "fair," 10-
Min hCG sensitivity, some samples do not work properly).
Pregnancy test for early results ($18. 09 for two)
Consumer Reporting level: excellentfirm test ($11. 19 for two)
Consumer Report rating: bad advice: Although CR says the first response test is "a better option", it warns that "women need to use the home with a clear understanding of its limitations
"This explains that hCG testing is not the same in all women.
In 10% of pregnant women, embryos are not implanted until after the first day of missed menstruation (
Again, hCG is not produced until the embryo is implanted into the uterine wall).
CR said: "before implantation, it doesn't matter how sensitive the test is, and you can't detect pregnancy, that is hCG, until pregnancy produces what you are measuring.
"Even an implanted pregnancy could be a great deal for many-
Family tests tested, especially when reading after missing a period of time or two, and after the waiting period specified in the manufacturer's recommended test package.
The CR report said: "When waiting for 10 minutes to read, the detection ability of some kits has improved, but waiting time is more than this may result in a weak negative result, which is
Besides, about onethird to one-
The implant time was short during the pregnancy quarter and then failed.
"This leads to a brief rise in hCG, which will last for a long time within two days of missing menstruation.
The consumer report recommends, "If you are willing to wait, a sensitive test after you are overdue for a week will almost certainly give you accurate results.
If you choose to take the exam as early as the day after missing your period, remember that negative results are not 100% sure.
A positive outcome may mean a viable pregnancy or a pregnancy that is destined to end shortly after the start of the pregnancy.
With any of these results, you should plan to test again in a week, just to be sure.
Ovulation kit method: it can reliably indicate 24-when the ovulation kit is working properly-
48 hours for women-
Most successful pregnancy times.
Of the 11 kits tested for CR, only one proved sensitive enough to predict ovulation in nearly 9 out of 10 women, while others were significantly lower than their package commitment.
Ovulation day (
When mature eggs break out of the follicles)
The previous five days were fertile windows of the female reproductive cycle.
The day before ovulation and the day of ovulation are the most fertile days;
Over 80% of pregnancy is feasible during these two days.
A hormone called lipid-promoting hormone (LH)
One to two days before ovulation, the blood and urine peak at the beginning of the most fertile period of the cycle.
The length of the LH surge varies from female to female, with about half of women lasting 10 to 31 hours, 38% less than 10 hours and 12% more than 31 hours.
Research has shown that LH surge is one of the best indicators of ovulation, and the kit tested by the consumer report is based on LH measurements.
10 of the 11 test packs work using monoclonal antibody sensing technology, just like a home pregnancy test.
The user can urinate on the absorbed Wick, immerse the test Wick in a cup of urine, or place a few drops of urine on the box.
The result is displayed as a row in a small window.
"Because ovulation testing almost certainly requires multiple tests, these kits include five or more individual test sticks," CR said . ".
"There is only one test that works differently: not only for the LH surge, but also for the less intense surge in another hormone, the reusable electronic ClearPlan easy birth monitoring test (estradiol)
About a day before the LH surge (
A woman urinated on a wick inserted into the device and read electronically;
The results are displayed on the LCD screen).
It can also store the cycle length of the first six cycles.
Performance: Consumer Reports, together with independent laboratories, tested each model with urine at different concentrations of LH.
According to the packing instructions, the LH concentration is increased to the extent that a positive reading is obtained.
Read the result after the waiting time specified by the manufacturer (typically 1-3 minutes)
, Again after 10 minutes, maximum allowed reading time.
It is shocking that the consumer report found that "although most kits are marked with 99% clinical accuracy, even the best in actual use --
Performance models may find that the percentage of LH spikes in women is much lower.
The LH peak for most women is between 20 and 100 mIU/ml. The top-
ClearPlan Easy Ovulation Test pack is the only product that can detect LH concentrations as low as 22 mIU/ml.
It is also easier to read than most other models.
However, even this product does not detect ovulation in women whose LH peak is less than 12% of that concentration.
"More expensive ClearPlan Easy birth monitor (
Electronic tester)
Is the second most sensitive model tested, detecting LH concentrations as low as 36 mIU/ml, which means it may be effective for about 65% of women.
CR said: "At the other end of the spectrum, we have to stimulate the test urine with the highest LH concentration we tested --91 mIU/ml -
Before we get a positive reading from the first reaction pregnancy planning kit.
Only 20% to 25% of women have such high LH peaks.
These results cast doubt on the label of the product, which claims it contains enough test sticks to detect a surge in hormones in 90% of women who ovulate.
Surprisingly, however, this is not even the worst --
A consumer report was found to perform the test.
Quick and simple answer
The One-Step Ovulation Test received this dubious honor.
"In laboratory tests conducted using urine with LH concentration of 91 mIU/ml, only one of the answer packs for the six tests showed positive.
When we tested another six samples at a concentration of 96 mIU/ml, we had only two positive readings, "CR reported.
Finally ClearPlan simple ovulation test package ($30. 32/5 tests)
Won, the overall score is on the edge of "very good/excellent (
It is "excellent" for LH sensitivity and is easier to read than most others, but it does not detect a LH surge in about 12% of women).
Quick and easy answer-
Step Ovulation Test ($16. 89/5 tests)
At the bottom of the list, the overall rating is "bad "(
The only test with "poor" sensitivity to LH, could be messy to use without a protective cap).
Ovulation test package ($30. 32 for five)
Consumer Report rating: very good answer to a quick and easy one-step ovulation test ($16. 89 for five)
Consumer Report rating: bad advice: although it suggests that ClearPlan Easy Ovulation Test pack is the best in ovulation packs, the consumer report suggests, "the first thing to consider is, do you need an ovulation test kit because the vast majority of women of childbearing age have a reliable ovulation with six
Each cycle has a fertile period of one day, and most couples are better off having regular sexual intercourse on their own schedule.
"However, CR suggests that if a woman decides that she does need to use the ovulation kit and does not get more sensitive test results in the first round of testing, "consider starting the test a few days in advance in the next cycle and continue for a longer period of time.
If you have to use two kits.
If you have a short LH surge, testing twice a day instead of once can also help.
Finally, if ovulation is not detected in the test after three cycles, you should consult your doctor for further evaluation.
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