"the americans" recap: "stealth" - super absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-21
In this exciting event, the repatriated physicist Anton bucklanov is working on stealth technology in a Moscow lab.
But he told the lab director that his prototype would not work without the two key technologies that Americans have: radar absorbing materials (RAM)
A computer program for the exterior and echo of an aircraft, used to determine whether the stealth design is valid.
It depends on illegal immigration (
Elizabeth and Philip)
Get Ram in America
As for Echo, Arkady ivan and Oleg Igorevich are hoping to get this intelligence from Stan Beeman, who has now obtained a stealth license and whose marriage has failed. (
Nina Sergeevna reported to akadi and Oleg that Stan's wife had gone on a "romantic episode" with another man, and akadi believed that now his family life is in a mess, stan is more likely to betray his country. )
Stan fell in love with Nina and akadi needed Nina to let him reveal his knowledge of stealth technology.
Oleg also fell in love with Nina.
At a sweet moment in the warm-up village, he gave her a Young Pioneer pin --
She told him that she was proud of the clothes she wore when she was a child.
When she put the pin on the top, he said, "I think it's a lucky pioneer to be so close to your heart.
But before Oleg learned from akadi that Nina had betrayed her country.
Akadi told Oleg that Nina provided information to Stan Beeman that if Nina did not let Stan betray his country, she would be sent back to Moscow for trial for treason.
Oleg walked up to Nina and warned her: "You need to run away if you think that Beaumont will not betray his country for you.
In order to chase Ram, Philip went to see a former Lockheed employee, an excellent aviation engineer, named John Skyvers, after he started making a "crazy statement" about the company's attempt to poison him, he was asked to leave. (If he had top-
In secret action, it is entirely possible that someone is really trying to poison him. )
"Bitter, paranoid Skeevers is ready for talks.
At the FBI, agents Gaad and Stan found Emmet and Leanne Connors to be in fact illegal immigrants working for the KGB.
Thanks to the bug at Gaad's office, Philip and Elizabeth know that they have inferred the truth about Emmet and Leanne.
They also know that Stan went to see Jared, the son of Emmet and Lillian.
So Elizabeth decided to meet Jared herself.
She wants to know what Stan asked him.
But she also felt guilty that she had never sent a letter to Jared's mother, which revealed the truth of his parents' identity: "I promised," she told Philip, "Now he may have discovered it from an American.
But Jared seems to know a lot more than Philip and Elizabeth realize.
When Elizabeth went to see him
Again disguised as an employee of the children's service company)
He said, "I'm not stupid, you know.
Later, Elizabeth met with the men of Kate, Philip and Elizabeth in a pizza shop to spy on him.
Kate was not disguised in that meeting, suggesting that Jared might have been a KGB spy.
Did his parents tell him the truth before Kate died? Kate is already his assistant. Dangerous Captain Rick, who killed KGB's answering service George last week, this week
He tied her up and asked for information about the people who killed his "friends" at the Wuying camp.
Without the help of Philip and Elizabeth, he did not know how to find her.
But she spit on his face and refused to speak, so he broke her neck.
The center could not reach George and Kate, so they began to doubt.
They signaled Elizabeth and Philip at Kate's address and told them to check her out.
Elizabeth found a coded message inside the empty toilet paper roll, and Philip cracked the code at home.
It says, "get Jared out.
Inside the FBI's safe house, a frightened Nina told Stan that Arcadi knew she had passed the information to him.
Stan, who has apparently ended her marriage, assured Nina that he would protect her.
"Nothing will happen between us," he promised . "
There are only two episodes left in the second season of the American season, ready to be displayed: Larrick, Nina and Jared.
I can't wait to see what happens.
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