technology : second time around for soggy nappies - absorbent gel

by:Demi     2019-08-28
technology : second time around for soggy nappies  -  absorbent gel
A disposable diaper recycling collection at the doorstep of Oliver tikler will begin this month.
If this groundbreaking experiment is successful, the city will soon recover 100 million diapers per year, and the annual landfill cost will be reduced by the expected C & dollar; 300 000 (£150 000).
Metropolitan Authority has collected 100 diapers per month from 200 child care centers and 12 driving centers
By recycling the warehouse.
A local company, know technology, recycling pulp, plastic and water.
Absorbent gel on diapers.
The company pulls diapers into the pulp, then screens out plastic pieces from diapers and cleans the paste.
The chemical separates the absorbent gel from the pulp, which is washed and pressed again to remove most of the water.
About wood pulp is recycled.
The pulp in diapers is particularly sought after by the paper industry because of its long fibers.
It can be bought anywhere between C & dollar;
400 and C & dollar;
800 per ton, depending on the market conditions at that time.
The separated plastic is sold for the absorption pad to clean up the oil spill.
The recycled gel absorbs less water than it used to, according to King, but it can be a useful soil fertilizer.
Agricultural trials are underway.
"People like to recycle old diapers because it reduces their guilt," says Caroline McCrea Pereira, assistant manager for waste reduction at the Toronto Metropolitan Council.
"Most people with young children say that the amount of garbage is half the total amount of garbage, and they are happy to make good use of this material.
"Initially, the Council will collect diapers from 1100 households every week and produce about 30 000 diapers with a wet weight of 10 tons per month.
The cost of collection is about C & dollar;
$55 per ton;
10 lower than typical landfill costs.
Last year, residents of Toronto near Avondale compostingcenter were forced to stop collecting dandruff after complaining about the bad smell.
But Pereira does not expect similar difficulties with diapers.
"It's amazing that we get a lot less smell from the diaper project than we get from the grass," she said . ".
But the Women's Environmental Network, the environmental pressure group, has criticized the plan.
It says people should be encouraged to use towels.
"Waste priorities must be prevented before recycling," said AnnLink, scientific coordinator of the network . ".
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