take care of pets in summer - dry ice packs for coolers

by:Demi     2019-11-24
take care of pets in summer  -  dry ice packs for coolers
Despite the recent rain, the heat of summer is unbearable.
Residents take various measures to protect themselves from the heat, but what about pets?
How do we keep four-
Are our legs or feather members cool this summer?
The vet said the most affected in the summer was not only cats, birds and fish, but also dogs.
Siranjivi Kumar of Thil Lai Nagar pet forum said dogs will feel a lot of pressure due to the hot weather.
"They get heatstroke because of stress.
It can happen in 3 to 4 hours.
"Heatstroke is common in puppies and older dogs.
The most common ones are St. Bernard, husky of Siberia, Tibetan mastiff, boxer and German shepherd.
"If the dog's fur is thicker, it is more likely to get sick . "Kumar.
"Take Your Dog to the vet immediately when you think it's possible to get heatstroke, but as a first aid, put the ice bag on your arm and groin, or sprinkle some water to lower your body temperature.
Dogs feel three times as much heat as humans.
Because of this, it's better to keep the dog in the air.
Rooms are as long as possible.
In a house without air
Air conditioning, it is recommended to sprinkle cold water on your dog and let it dry under the fan.
This helps cool the body.
Dogs, they are smart animals, avoid Noon
Eat on time.
They also don't like to eat dry food in summer.
In the summer, ear and skin infections, hair loss and ticks are common in dogs.
The main reason for these situations is that when the owner goes on vacation and puts the pet in the pet care center, it is overcrowded.
"The same thing happens to pets in our home, and it always happens to stray dogs, especially in the summer.
The only difference is that we take care of our pets, "he said, and the doctor advised people to put water in small cement tanks outside the house and on the road, if possible, in the shade for dogs and birds.
He suggested the use of cement tanks as they hold the water temperature longer than the plastic bowl.
When it comes to birds, cages are important in a cool place.
The only thing that needs to be ensured is that since birds tend to take a shower a lot, there is enough water all day.
Most fish tanks are made of glass, but if possible, experts ask the public to raise fish in cement tanks at least in the summer.
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