superabsorbent review: an absorbing year. - super absorbent material

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superabsorbent review: an absorbing year.  -  super absorbent material
Review of high water absorption: American absorption yearS.
Many suppliers are looking for new markets overseas, and these industries are maturing;
Although several new products have been introduced, most producers were focused on improving current technology and design just five years ago. The concept of super absorbent in baby diapers is no more in the eyes of the striker than agleam.
Think about execution.
Then, the market broke out in a short period of time and achieved tremendous growth, becoming a feature of the high absorption market.
Now, with the advent of the wave of technology, producers are turning their attention to product improvement and the search for new markets.
Several new developments from high water absorption foam
Over the past year, a perforated non-woven fabric has been developed that combines high absorbent resin with super absorbent resin that does not use acrylic acid.
But in general, the trend is to work with products that are already available to make them better and more suitable for a variety of markets.
With the popularization of super-absorbing materials in Europe, many American enterprises have launched Super-absorbing materials. S.
Producers look to the sea, invade a no
But the market is still saturated.
The rise and expansion of the joint venture show that it is international to foreign markets that are still growing and open to the United States. S. imports.
The shortage of raw materials has attracted attention in the past few years, due to the unexpected demand for acrylic acid, which is the main component of super absorbent.
However, most high-water-absorbing producers see light at the end of the tunnel and predict that the market will relax in the next year or two.
The situation is still limited.
The sharing of technology shows the maturity of an industry that is no longer so afraid of exposing proprietary knowledge.
Companies agree to do this instead of trying to do everything on their own and they benefit from new technologies and markets around the world.
This has appeared to be the case in recent months, as a large number of foreign expansion and joint ventures between the US and foreign companies are forming for the production of super-absorbent.
Japan is one of the first countries to use high absorption technology in baby diapers, probably because of the high cost of fluffy pulp in Japan.
The super absorbent in Japanese diapers reduces the cost and improves the quality of the products.
The sport is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. S.
But technology does exist before demand breaks out.
The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan held it once.
Ron Hurd, the company's marketing manager, told the non-woven fabric industry that it had expired patents for high water absorption technology, but it was not until recently that there was any market incentive to drive the technology.
Now Europe is going through the American stage. S.
Experienced a few years ago.
Most companies have strong absorption on diapers, and the growth potential is still great.
"Europe is increasing factories and capacity, but there are still differences in supply and demand," he said . "Hurd.
In many cases, this supply is met by imports.
A large number of joint ventures are another answer to the demand question.
It's true, sir.
According to Hurd, "there is still one in Europe. and-a-
Before reaching the saturation stage, the significant growth in the past six months to two years, "Now is the time for the company to enter the bottom.
That's what many companies do.
Western Germany Ludwig Port BASF recently signed a joint venture agreement with Shokubai kogkogyo, Japan, from the beginning of the 19 th century to take over
BASF will also set up a high water absorption unit with an annual output of 12,000 tons in Germany, which will start production in early 1991.
Chemdal at IL Arlington Heights is testing with itsU. K.
The factory started construction last year.
Sales manager Larry Washow said the plant is expected to enter commercial production in the third quarter of this year. The U. K.
The facility will be used to supply the European market.
Chemdal has also established a joint venture with reibelparticipants one in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is responsible for the production and sale of high-absorbent polymers in South America.
The construction of the factory will start early next year and is expected to be in bymid-1990.
Chemdal has a 60% interest in the joint venture.
There is also a joint development project between Courtaulds fiber, English Coventry and United ColloidsLtd for high absorbent fiber. Yorkshire, England.
The project is currently in the development phase, but business trials are expected next year.
The fiber of Courtauls is based on the acrylic technology and the different polymer systems of usesa are higher than other absorbent fibers.
It is said that its salt water absorption capacity is 40 times its own weight.
This new fiber, which has not yet been named, performs well in the application of the needle cloth, and although it is not thermoplastic, it can be used with other fibers, such as polypropylene, for heat-bonded non-woven fabrics.
Patents have been applied worldwide.
New Product Introduction although most high water absorption manufacturers welcome the calm of the ocean of technology development in the high water absorption field, there are still some product introductions and patent applications submitted in the past year.
* Hoechst Celanese, Portmouth, VA, together with the technical product group of Foamex, Eddystone, PA, has applied for a three dimensional high water absorbing foam product, the product combines the gel effect of the highly absorbent powder with a uniform three dimensional structure, similar to the gel effect in the special polyurethane.
Applications include personal products and packaging.
Another high water absorption product IM 5600 is also a new product of HoechstCelanese.
The goal of IM 5600 is to apply to adults incontinuencemarket.
* OnArco's "Fibersorb" high absorbent fiber is scheduled to begin commercial production last month.
The uniqueness of this fiber is that it does not use acrylic acid in the manufacturing process and will have applications in disposable supplies, industry and filtration.
"Our goal is to need multiple markets for fabrics with super absorbent fiber capabilities," said MichaelDewsbury of Arco . ".
Fiber sorb is made of non-toxic, non-
Acrylic polymer, although it will be used in some diaper applications, its target market will be special applications.
* Bernard Obenski & Co. this year launched a high water absorbent fabric for transporting blood and packaged food, Berwyn, PA.
Eedlepunched non-woven products jointly produced with PA kindustries, Malvern, PA utilize high absorbent fibers, films and polymers for special applications.
The advanced needle-piercing method combines high absorbent fiber with synthetic polypropylene or polyester fiber to make non-woven fabrics;
A variant using powder and thin film Super absorbent has also been developed.
With some high-water-absorbing manufacturers launching new products, many other manufacturers continue to focus on products that are already on the market, making product enhancements key to future growth.
* Stockhausen in Greensboro, NC, continues to improve its "favorable" high water absorption powder technology, mainly for personal products and sanitary applications.
"We have been looking for new ways and new ideas," said Michael Ensley, head of Stockhausen textile division . ".
He said concerns about recent biodegradable issues have also led producers to work on developing a truly biodegradable, high-water absorbent resin. Ensley.
This is a big task, he said.
"For this reason, producers also see niche markets as safety valves.
* Hoechst Celanese has exclusive marketing and manufacturing rights for "Sanwet", a highly absorbent powder under the authorization of Kyoto, Japan. H-
C. mainly for the baby diaper market, Sanwet is sold in North and South America.
The parent company Hoechst AG has a license in Europe.
* "Aridall" is a highly absorbent polymer provided by chemdal.
Aridall is mainly used in the personal care market;
However, he said: "We also see that there are more specific requirements and great potential in smaller niche markets . "Washow.
* Although the company is also optimistic about the potential of other markets, the granular high absorbent resin produced by the company is also suitable for baby diaper applications.
"There are thousands of patents for superabsorbent," said market manager Glenn Flasch . ".
"If some big companies find one and find a use, it can change things dramatically.
"*" Aquasorb "a kind of sodium carbon cellulose (CMC)
, Available from aqualia in Wyoming.
There are two types of Aquasorb, one is the cross-linked CMC, the other is the Aquasorb F of the fiber product, and the other is the non-cross-linked granular product Aquasorb-
250, developed to meet the needs of the industry.
Aqualia aims to position its products in regulatory industries such as pharmaceutical, food contact, medical devices and the women's care market.
"We are providing higher quality, purer products for industries that need regulations," said HarolGray, head of marketing development . ".
"CMC-based products perform well in a more professional market.
"The company is a joint venture between Hercules and West Germany, but recently Hercules decided to acquire 100% of aqualia's assets.
* A high water absorbent fiber targeting medical, filtration, food packaging, adult incontinence and women's health products, "Lanseal" manufactured by Toyobo, Osaka, Japan is listed in the United StatesS.
Through Chori America, Los Angeles, CA.
Peter Masuda of Chori told the nonwovens industry department that "DewStopper" is also available, and it is "a non-woven fabric used to absorb excess moisture in containers containing coffee beans.
* Super absorption company
NC's Lumberton makes an ultra-absorbent that claims to withstand up to 1000 times its own weight.
Although the company did not rule out other possible end-use markets, the product "superorb" is aimed at agricultural applications.
"Now people are getting familiar with the absorbent.
"It's becoming a household name," said Ed Cook-Lan, president of super-absorption.
"We still have a long way to go, but it's getting easier and easier for people to listen to us and say 'what can we do? '?
"*" Is a highly absorbent resin consisting of cross-linked hydrophilic polymers from MI Midlands Dow Chemical.
Drying Technology is mainly used for disposable baby diapers,
Dowis is involved in the application of adult incontinence and also in women's health products that are still in the development stage, Hurd said. Mr.
Hurd is optimistic about the future of Super absorbent, but believes that the current trend is product enhancement.
"In about four years, the life cycle of our products has matured.
This is a significant increase in a very short period of time, "he said.
"Continuous innovation is a trend, not only to strive to improve the super absorption capacity, but also to improve the use of products.
We have now entered the optimization phase to learn how to make better use of existing resources.
"Whether it is powder, fiber or foam, the connection of the pulp as a super absorbent continues to grow into the non-woven fabric, and the other option is the super absorption mixing sheet, with an increase in volume.
The "Pulpex" synthetic fibers launched by heckols in 1987 continue to be accepted, especially in the case of adult loss.
The fiber is combined with a high water absorption powder into a hot bonded blendsheet without the need for a high water absorption powder of the fiber.
PeterBither told the non-woven industry that Pulpex is mainly used for women and adult diaper applications, but Hercules is also starting to enter the baby diaper market.
We think this is a huge potential market. Bither said.
Richard Elmer of DuPont says DuPont's "PulPlus" high-water-absorbing blend is also currently being used for women's hygiene, baby and adult diapers, but "many producers are also looking for niche markets
He also said that one-off disposal must be the manufacturer's idea when considering the possibility of super absorption.
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