super absorbent wound dressing will swell up to save soldiers’ lives in combat - sap super absorbent polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-24
super absorbent wound dressing will swell up to save soldiers’ lives in combat  -  sap super absorbent polymer
According to US media reportsS.
The army, among American soldiers on the battlefield, about 80 to 90% of potential viable deaths are caused by uncontrolled bloodshed.
This refers to the soldier who was injured in the battle, but will bleed before being sent to the hospital.
Given this shocking statistic, it's not surprising to hear that the army is working on a new wound dressing to help mend bleeding wounds --
Hope to save the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people in the process.
The new polystyrene and rubber wound dressing has an amazing absorption capacity that allows it to absorb up to 800% of the weight of the material in the liquid.
By contrast, this is up to 5.
Absorption capacity is 7 times the current stateof-the-art gauze-
Based on a stop bleeding dressing, a dressing currently used to bandage a wound.
Plastic materials make the new wound dressing strong and flexible, while acrylic is responsible for making it super absorbent, enabling it to draw water from the blood to cause it to solidify faster.
When it expands, the bandage forms a tough gel that causes the wound repair material to be more than three times more tough than the gauze. “Thickness-
Dependence swelling is an order of magnitude faster than many tough gels . . . . . . However, toughness is comparable to the function of water content, "read the summary in a recently published research paper on the work.
"The polymer is combined with gauze to form a fast-expanding fiber-
Reinforced Gel Composites with good mechanical properties.
"This is not the first advanced wound dressing we have written on Digital Trends.
Earlier in 2018, we developed two new nano-fiber wound dressings at Harvard University, designed to quickly accelerate the healing process while improving tissue regeneration.
We also reported on some futuristic.
Described by its creator as a cold plasma technique similar to the genuine leather recycler in Star Trek.
What makes AmericaS.
However, the Army's wound dressing is so good that it is designed to be used as an emergency measure in a life-or-death situation, in which case, A person may only have a few minutes before bleeding too much to survive.
This is still a research project.
Looking ahead, the team hopes to scale up the project and animal testing will be the next step in the testing process.
Let's hope that this will really save lives in the near future!
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