super absorbent polymers market to 2022 x96 industry analysis, trends: grand view research, inc. - super absorbent nappies

by:Demi     2019-08-30
super absorbent polymers market to 2022 x96 industry analysis, trends: grand view research, inc.  -  super absorbent nappies
Grand view Research added a new market Research report titled "scale of market analysis for superabsorbent polymers and Market Segmentation Forecast for 2022 ".
In the com report database in 2014, the market value of high water absorbent resin was $7. 00 billion.
Baby Diapers are the largest application area in the world's high water absorption resin market.
Due to factors such as increased demand for baby diapers during the forecast period, the market is expected to grow significantly.
Super absorbent polymer is cross
Compared to their weight, linked homogeneous polymers with the ability to retain and absorb a large amount of liquid.
In addition to personal care and hygiene, high water absorption polymers are increasingly used in other industries.
It is expected that this will benefit the global industry during the forecast period.
Increased disposable income levels in developing countries have led to greater demand for personal care and hygiene products such as adult incontinence products, female sanitary napkins and baby diapers.
This trend is expected to help the global market for superabsorbent resin.
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Global deep research report on the market of high water absorption resin, detailed chart: In 2014, baby diapers accounted for the largest application area, with a market share of more than 70%.
The increase in global demand for baby diapers, especially in emerging countries such as China, India and Brazil, is expected to be a major driver of the dominant position in the field.
The application growth rate of the agricultural sector is expected to be the highest, and the compound growth rate is expected to be 6.
6% from 2015 to 2022.
In agricultural applications, high water absorbent polymers are used for waterproofing, mainly in areas of water shortage.
These polymers can also improve crop yield, improve water use efficiency, and improve soil properties.
These factors will drive global industrial demand during the forecast period.
In 2014, Europe accounted for more than 30% of the world's high-absorption polymers, and this governance is expected to continue during the forecast period.
However, emerging economies such as Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region should see substantial growth over the next seven years.
Countries such as India, Brazil and China are increasingly aware, their population is increasing and their disposable income levels are increasing, and they are expected to lead their regional markets.
There are few leading companies in the global high water absorbent resin market, and the threat of new entrants is also great.
Major industry participants include basf se, winchuang Industrial Group and Shokubai, Japan.
The companies have taken many tactical initiatives with the aim of increasing their product mix, production capacity and market share.
Other companies, such as Sumitomo ChemicalLtd.
LG Chemical Co. , Ltd. SDP global cooperation. Ltd.
Songyuan Industrial Co. , Ltd. Ltd.
Dansen technology, Taisu company and Huawang company in Yixing city are actively taking measures to strive for competitive advantages, increase product lines and increase revenue share.
Request a free sample of this study report: Grand View research has divided the high water absorption polymer market according to the application and region: Global High Water Absorption Polymer application prospects (
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Income, $2012-2022)
Global regional outlook for high water absorption resin (
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Income, $2012-2022)
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