stealth can't fix this problem: the 1 challenge the f-22 and f-35 can't seem to shake - absorbent gel material

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stealth can\'t fix this problem: the 1 challenge the f-22 and f-35 can\'t seem to shake  -  absorbent gel material
Sebastian RoblinSecurity, stealth can't solve this problem: F-of the monthly challenge-22 and F-
35 seems unshakable key points: Another problem with stealth and non-stealth short distances
Stealth fighters also need to deploy air bases or aircraft carriers within the range of their opponent's ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.
The United States has invested billions of dollars in the manufacture of stealth fighter jets, stealth bombers, stealth cruise missiles and stealth reconnaissance aircraft.
The stealth tanker for refueling in the air must be too extravagant, right? (
This happened for the first time a few months ago. )
However, the concept of an invisible tanker is not as ridiculous as you think, for the simple reason: Pentagon's F-35 and F-
22 stealth fighters, it has become the key to 20 stealth fighters
The air combat strategy of the first century can't fly far.
At first glance, F-
Six to eighthundred-
Compared to traditional fighter jets like Super bumblebee or F-, the mile range doesn't seem to be bad16. But those non-
Stealth design can carry fuel into battle in tanks below the wingAt the same time, an F-
35 if it wants to keep the tiny radar crossed, it can't carry these extra pieces of metal under its wingssection.
Another problem with short invisible and non-invisible distances
Stealth fighters also need to deploy air bases or aircraft carriers within the range of their opponent's ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.
The conflict from World War II to Afghanistan shows that advanced fighters will never be more vulnerable than when trapped on the ground (
Or aircraft carrier deck).
In fact, in the event of a major-power conflict, a terrible missile barrage will fall at the Air Base ahead;
It was speculated that how many planes would appear intact from the dead hail.
Fortunately, all of AmericaS.
Jet fighters can refuel in the middle. air.
However, although the modified passenger planes as tankers will try to stay away from hostile fighter planes, they are increasingly being very-long range air-to-
R like Russia-
37, you can hit the passenger plane-
Type the target from 250 miles away.
A small number of stealth aircraft deployed by Russia or China may also focus on destroying tankers and radar aircraft that support them through fighter screen.
After all, with the heavy tanker down, you can also effectively bundle a bunch of fighters in the Pacific without the fuel needed to return to the base.
This dilemma is much worse for stealth fighters trying to penetrate enemy airspace because F-
35 is designed.
Contemporary surfaceto-air-
Like S-
400 can already hit less agile aircraft (
Think about the tanker again)
The 40 N6 missile can reach a distance of 250 miles.
That means regular oil tankers will have to wander hundreds of miles from defending airspace --
Even there, it can be seen on the radar, and it is easy to be attacked by enemy fighter planes.
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What does a generation of fighter jets look like?
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Never built a B Air Force.
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Will China really invade Taiwan?
As a result, tankers with reduced radar cross-section can skillfully solve both problems without having to be low at every point
It can be observed as a stealth fighter. Enter the KC-
At present, the Air Force is purchasing 179 new KC-
The Pegasus tanker based on the Boeing 767.
Gradually retired with the aging team of 400 KC-135 and KC-
Tanker 10, originally planned on another relatively traditional tanker KC-
Y starts at 2024 and pursues KC at the end-
Invisible tanker.
On 2016, however, General Carlton told Defense News that the Pentagon might cancel KC-
Y is in favor of purchasing an additional upgraded KC-
Stages of 46 s and KC
Fast Z stealth tanker-
Although procurement started "faster" from 2035.
There are already many About KC-
Z might look like-
They are all weird, like Quinjets in The Avengers movie.
Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright, June 2018
Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, floating at this angle and very strange-
Look for the "advanced aerial refueling" concept model on the AIAA Forum.
At the same time, Lockheed also launched the concept model of invisible tanker of "advanced tanker concept. ’ (
Photos here and here)
The shooting of Star Wars: Episode 9 looks ready.
Earlier in 2018, major defense manufacturers were producing MQ-25 carrier-
Aerial refueling based on drones
Lockheed's flight plan
Wing design emphasizes stealth more than other contestants.
The company also proposed the high of the stealth tanker.
Bypass turbine fan above the wing, like B-2, for cross-
The purpose of the reduction.
However, the proposed design is not a pure flying wing, but a revelation from the Air Force's interest in the expression of "mixer wing --type tanker.
Instead of crossing the tubular body with the wing, the BWB plane seamlessly blends the wing into the body to form a triangle.
These are also known as the "hybrid wing body" design because they are not pure "flying wings" due to the reserved size of the fuselage and tail fins ".
The curved wing surface of the flying wing is very effective in generating lift, and its "infinite plane" is naturally suitable for low radar cross-sections because they lack hard radar
Reflection angle.
However, tanker aircraft are often required to perform a dual mission as a cargo aircraft, so the stealth tanker may still need an inflated cargo hold and hatch as a fully capable alternativethe ‘C” in KC-
After all, Z means "cargo.
The pure flying wing design will not satisfy these people, which is why the existing concepts are mixed.
One advantage of the stealth cargo aircraft is that it can be used to insert special forces operators behind enemy lines
The ability of the Special Operations department to study for decades
Or ship key supplies to the counter
Long visit umbrella for opponentsrange anti-
Aircraft missiles.
Nevertheless, the goods
The design of carrying an invisible tanker will not be as invisible as a pure flight.
Wing designed for air refueling only.
Another challenge to make an affordable stealth tanker is that stealth fighters and bombers achieve low crossover
Radar in part-
Water absorbing material (RAM)
Coating or panel.
However, the application of RAM has greatly increased the operating costs and maintenance requirements of small stealth fighter planes.
It is speculated that on a large tanker that needs to fly thousands of hours a year, the cost will be much greater, so the cost will be higher.
Efficient RAM form is definitely necessary to avoid the cost of operating between $135 and $169,000 per flight hour for B-A
Stealth bomber
The Air Force has more ideas for future tankers, including the use of active protection systems to shoot down incoming missiles --
Yes, it could be a laser.
However, another concept is to use next-
A new generation of radar jammers that automatically adjust frequencies to keep up with frequencies using cognitive intelligence systems-agile radars.
This interference may blur or even distort the position of the aircraft on the radar.
The Pentagon wants the next one.
The tanker has more autonomy to reduce the number of necessary crew members and speed up the refueling process.
However, the Air Mobility Command is also open to a completely different approach to stealth KC-Z—
MQ from the Navy-
Deploy small stealth driverless cars.
The stealth drone tanker may be in line with the "distributed" refueling strategy in which multiple drones extract fuel from a large traditional tanker "mother ship" and then move forward
However, such a chain
If the UN refuel plan could collapse miserably
The stealth mother ship tanker is the target of the opponent.
Therefore, a "system" can also propose multiple "layers" of mixed stealth and non-stealth"
Invisible tanker
It is worth noting that there may be simpler and cheaper solutions: to get the Pentagon out of its reliance on short Bears
Long-range jets, perhaps relying more on the long termrange B-
21 stealth bomber or future 6-
Generation penetration counter
Aerial Fighter, more use of brackets
Launch a missile or introduce a long
Unmanned stealth drones.
Sebastian robolin holds a master's degree in conflict resolution from Georgetown University and serves as a university lecturer for the China Peace Corps.
He also works in education, editing and refugee placement in France and the United States.
The security and military history he is writing about war is boring.
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