soon, eco-friendly washing machines! - times of india - water absorbent polymer beads

by:Demi     2019-08-30
soon, eco-friendly washing machines! - times of india  -  water absorbent polymer beads
Saving water usually takes a secondary position when washing clothes, but now it is no longer, it is a new environmental washing machine, using only one glass of water, clothes are almost dry, all will be put into the exhibition hall next year.
The technology, developed by the University of Leeds, aims to save up to traditional machine water and reduce energy consumption, so removing 2 million cars from the road can have an impact on the environment.
The washing machine works by replacing most of the water with thousands of tiny, reusable nylon polymer beads that attract and absorb dirt in wet conditions.
Only a small amount of water and detergent is needed to wet the clothes, loosen the stains, produce water vapor and let the beads work.
After the cycle is over, the beads will pass through a grid from the drum of the machine and can be re-
It took a hundred times.
Xeros, the company behind the technology, initially targeted the commercial washing market, including hotels and dry cleaners.
Bill Westwater, chief executive of Xeros, said the pressure on companies and consumers to reduce water and carbon emissions is growing, which may boost demand for the system.
Westwater was quoted by The Times Online as saying that we have been paying attention to consumers, but it takes time and we want business success to be a springboard into the consumer market.
Stephen Burkinshaw from Leeds has developed the technology in the last 30 years.
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