son pitches in to help clean up parents' heating-oil spill in gorge - oil spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
son pitches in to help clean up parents\' heating-oil spill in gorge  -  oil spill absorbent
Brad Tik joined B. C.
Hazmat team clean up 10-day-
Heating of old canyon waterways-
It is hoped that his efforts will save some loss for his parents.
It was his parents' housing tank that sent about 1,000 liters of oil to the canyon.
In January, the couple could face huge bills as such incidents are not usually covered by insurance.
His parents
The ground water tank leaked from the broken copper wire, which was the result of the Rat chewing damage.
"I'm just volunteering," Tikk said . ".
"I hope to offset the cost a little.
He said that a complete estimate of damages has not yet been determined. B. C.
David Rogers, president of Hazmat, said Tikk's efforts to monitor the site and perform other tasks cut the company's expenses to $250 a day. He said the 27-year-
The old Tikk soon found the job and did a great job.
Rogers said he had seen family members step in to help and maintain costs on Christmas Day during an oil spill in an uninhabited milwan family. The 900-
A liter of leakage to the roadside ditch was caused by the copper thieves taking away any material they could find --
Including the line to the tank, he said.
Oil to reach the canyon to get there by storm
Drainage system, starting with the modular housing of Tikk parents, about halfa-
A few kilometers from Admiral Road.
Tikk said maintenance and cleaning work was going on at his parents' house.
Oil reached the water and they were very upset, he said.
"There's nothing they can do about it," Tikk said . ".
"This is an abnormal accident.
He said: "It was difficult for them to have to deal with the consequences of the incident, noting that his mother was recovering from a broken leg and that his father had Parkinson's disease.
Rogers praised the couple for warning the authorities as soon as possible about the oil spill.
"We got a call around 10 [Jan. 16]
We arrived before noon.
"Oil is suppressed and absorbed by the absorption boom," Rogers said.
"We believe that we have achieved a recovery of 100 and no consequences have escaped to the environment.
It was a very successful clean up based on how fast we got here.
Rogers said that it is usually the fuel tank that is causing the problem, not the line or the joint, and he sees that the bad fuel tank will cause more and more leaks. He said that B. C.
Hazmat deals with more problems caused by the above reasons
The ground tank is more than the tank below the ground, and the appearance of the above
The ground model may be deceptive.
"Visually they look good outside, but they rust and rot from inside.
Our company recommends 15-year turn-around.
"Homeowners who want to determine the age of the tank can ask the companies that ship the oil to check it for them, he said.
On February, a public forum on residential fuel leakage and storage tanks was being held. 5, 7 to 9 p. m.
In the spectrum Community School. Victoria-
Swan Lake ndp mla Rob Fleming and Lana Popham are holding ndp mla for the South of Sanic.
Time colonists.
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