something for the weekend: aoibheann mccann's cultural picks - carbon dioxide absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-07
something for the weekend: aoibheann mccann\'s cultural picks  -  carbon dioxide absorbent
Aoibheann's busy year, will plays a role in two works of rough magic, adapted from works by James Joyce and Shakespeare, in the musical of Stargate, we asked her about her cultural choices. . .
I 've either rehearsed or toured for the last two months, sometimes at the same time, but I have it now (day)
It's time to catch up on the show directed by Paddy terrenech.
Watching Irish movies at a great cinema in Dublin, like a lighthouse, feels special.
I caught it there a few months ago and it was right to experience it not far from where most of it was hit.
If you can put on your eyes and ears, an exciting short film --
The manufacturer Claire Bourne then did that.
There is no doubt that she is a rising star on the screen.
Apart from the wonderful performance of the Irish film, I have to say that I fell in love with this German film about ten years ago and it is still one of my favorites
I even put posters in my house.
In the summer, we were lucky enough to perform at the Kilkenny festival.
Global violinist Martin Hayes and guitarist Dennis Cahill are also performing, but there is a conflict between our performance time;
To my great pleasure and awe, I saw them playing on the street before they performed at night.
It is very unusual to experience their talents on the road of the city.
Gloating takes you to other worlds where they create sounds, stories and atmosphere.
Recent actors were asked to create a playlist for their characters;
Myrtle is a brave, lively character who loves with passion while suffering great pain, so my playlist mixes Martha Winwright, Beyoncé, sex stromé, dolly Parton, Father John Misti, young father and Soko, to name just a few.
We say she's a complicated woman.
I'm currently reading Zadie Smith's book-I put it down for weeks in a row and picked it up again.
I'm not sure this is an addictive read, but Smith is so beautiful and so unapologetic that I like it so much.
A few days later, I read the book of Louis O'Neill;
It is so striking.
This story tells the story of our generation, reveals our struggles with ourselves, and reveals the pressure to be the one we expect.
I can't wait to read Sally Rooney's book.
This is by far the most recommended book of the year.
PLAYI was very excited at the gate and opened at the beginning of the parade.
The film, directed by Ona Murphy and directed by a dream actor, will shake the audience's world.
As the remarkable Lucy Kirkwood wrote, after the nuclear disaster, the show gathered three nuclear scientists in a cabin;
In many ways, our world is really a feeling of self.
Especially in the case of climate chaos, the show will say to each and every one of us.
I am currently performing with a very talented actor until running at the gate on February.
I pinch myself every night-it's a dream character, in an amazing house with an awesome team.
A few weeks ago, I was really addicted to movies made by the BBC and Netflix.
Whenever I have time, I compress the episodes to a few days.
In my opinion, there is a whole set of performances mainly performed by Tony Colette and Sophie ocondo, which is a master class for acting and screen writing.
It pays close attention to how and why we do something to enliven our relationship and often harms our relationship --
I was fascinated by it correctly.
What is told on rte is a part of life in Ireland and we really haven't heard of it and don't know enough about it.
It's so exciting to see a series of races on our screen and tell a very important and heartfelt story.
Thanks to the busy schedule of the show this year, I didn't see the live music I wanted.
The last time I was free for the show was the festival of "come together now.
My most vivid memory was to dance my ass to Groove Armada, and then they made us all tearful when St sister performed a beautiful cranberys cover
I was eager to attend a recent green sedan show at Pastor St-the images and videos of the night were amazing.
I'm going to enjoy the infusion of live music when I can.
One of my happiest places in Dublin is the National Gallery.
Ever since I accepted art on my diploma, I 've been a little fascinated by Jack Yates, especially his later work.
Standing in front of his work, there was a calm effect. the wing of the gallery made me feel calm and improved my spirit.
During the year abroad in France, I became friends with Louis Lai broki's niece Melanie and one night she showed me some of his sketches;
This is a smart ability (carefully)
Touch them and I am more fascinated by his work.
I have been using search engines for the past few weeks.
It's not as accurate as Google, but it's improving every day (
The more we use it)
The most important thing is: the profit of planting trees.
Using the search engine simply, we can help increase the oxygen in the air and absorb carbon dioxide, which surprised me.
I did some research on its legitimacy, and there was a lot of evidence that, thanks to this site, the trees were indeed planted all over the world.
You can switch to Ecosia immediately, which is really simple.
Our generation is very dissatisfied with how "the economy" or the attachment to "huge profits" is setting a precedent for housing, climate action and the future of people outside of us.
Talking to a number of grass-roots groups, which have individuals from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and incomes, and are united by the desire for positive change, 2019 will be a year of innovation.
We will see more involvement in the circular economy, especially in the fashion sector, which has been established for sustainable development.
Startups like or will try to stop a lot of clothing waste by renting or exchanging clothes that will eventually be landfill.
If the government takes the necessary steps to implement more progressive legislation, end the involvement of fossil fuels, and seek a profitable, greener economy, we may become a huge challenge in climate action
Many people hope this is the next big thing ".
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