sofy launches india's first cool napkin - 'sofy cool' for an irritation free period - absorbent sheet

by:Demi     2019-08-31
sofy launches india\'s first cool napkin - \'sofy cool\' for an irritation free period  -  absorbent sheet
Gurugram (Haryana)[India]May 30 (ANI/NewsVoir)
: Unicharm's leading female hygiene brand Sofy has launched the cool sanitary napkin "Sofy cool" in India ".
The product is equipped with a revolutionary "Coolpad technology" to provide a cool feeling for "no stimulus period.
The brand believes in providing innovative solutions to consumers, even during their time, which helps to realize their dreams.
As the lifestyle changes, young girls are becoming more aware of their menstrual hygiene and looking for advanced products to meet their needs.
According to Sofy's study, 68 consumers have a stimulating feeling for sanitary napkins during menstruation.
The products they are looking for can help them get rid of the excitement, warmth and stuff feeling.
Sofy recognizes that this is one of the biggest needs of women and has introduced a new product, "Sofy Cool", which gives a stimulating Cool feel --free period.
It also has a "deep absorption plate" to prevent leakage, as well as a unique innovation of "pad technology", which gives a long-term
Long lasting cool effect.
With this new release, Sofy plans to fill the gap in functional and emotional needs during the leak and no-stimulus period.
It also has a cool fragrance of water that can keep it fresh for a long time.
Sofy announced their campaign to "keep It cool" through a series of digital films with Bhumi Padnekar, Barkha Singh and Namrata Purohit.
The campaign captures some small examples of how women face in their daily lives, and how SOFY can help them stay calm during their menstrual periods.
"As a brand, we are committed to understanding our consumers and their needs.
Our study shows that the first three factors that cause irritation during menstruation are stickiness, itching, and sweating.
Give girls a boost to solve these problems
During the free period, we introduced Sofy COOL, giving a gentle cooling feeling and continuous comfort for a long time.
"Sofy COOL is a product that can not only help women stay comfortable during their menstrual period, but also help them achieve their dreams and aspirations," said Yuji Ikeda, marketing director, Unicharm India.
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