snap! scientists make a self-healing rubber band - cross linked polymer

by:Demi     2019-09-03
snap! scientists make a self-healing rubber band  -  cross linked polymer
CHICAGO (Reuters)-
Anyone who hears the rubber band break knows it's time to change.
But a group of French scientists did.
Heal the rubber band material and restore its elasticity just by pressing the broken edge together for a few minutes.
Materials described in Nature on Wednesday can be broken and repaired over and over again.
It is made of simple ingredients
Like fatty acids found in vegetable oil and urea, urea is a waste compound that can be synthesized in urine.
Philippe Cordier and colleagues at the Paris Institute of Higher Education in Industrial Physics and Chemistry wrote that this material would be an asset to industry and might even help to reveal the physics of elasticity.
The standard rubber band is made of long cross chains that can stretch up to a few percent and then quickly restore the shapeLink polymer.
This new material is connected by a short chain of molecules called ditopic, which can be associated with two other molecules or more than two molecules.
This molecular network is allowed to stretch the material to a few percent, and then to restore the shape of the hydrogen bond strengthening.
If cut off, the material is automatically cut off when the end is pressed together at room temperature, allowing these keys to be re-openedform.
"The repaired sample is able to withstand large deformation and restore its shape and size when the stress is released," Cordier and his colleagues wrote . ".
Justin Mynar and Takuzo Aida of the University of Tokyo wrote in an accompanying article that the material can "withstand multiple fractures without the need for a catalyst, otherwise it is simple to produce.
"The last blessing is that it can be broken down with heat and easily recycled --
So it's also Eco-Friendly.
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