show off your artistic skills with polymer crystals - super absorbent polymer crystals

by:Demi     2019-08-23
show off your artistic skills with polymer crystals  -  super absorbent polymer crystals
Water beads are also called water beads, gel beads or polymer crystals.
They are full of energy
It is usually used for colored beads that keep flowers and flowers fresh for a long time.
These water beads have a unique ability to absorb, retain and disperse water within 7-9 weeks without the need to replenish water.
This unique feature allows it to be used in multiple applications.
These multi-functional polymer crystals help to keep indoor and outdoor plants watered in a consistent manner.
Beads release water when plants need water.
This ensures that there is no excessive
Water the plants.
With the elimination of daily watering, they also help to save water.
They are also used as neck coolers or cool packs for cyclists, hikers, tennis players and more.
Keep them cool after a long period of physical activity-this is a great way to replenish them.
They can also be made into blankets or cloth that can absorb spilled water.
In addition to all these useful applications of water beads, there are many other methods that can be used for decorative purposes.
This is an area where he or she can demonstrate his or her artistic skills and create value when using polymer crystals.
Some great decorative ideas include: Display with clear glass vases without flowers or plants.
This is a common decorative work that is created for a home or work or business place with colorful water beads.
It only needs a little creativity.
A great choice of water bead colors to complement the artistic sense that the interior theme of the home needs.
A layer of rainbow-colored water beads will definitely make the room brighter, while the combination of black and white will give a minimalist effect.
Candle decoration or candle arrangement.
Water beads are also used to decorate the desktop.
Use water candles to float water beads.
Put the tea candle on the float.
This is a good way to light a candle and not burn because it melts.
Alternative light source.
You will be able to generate a sparkling light source by putting the diving LED light into a glass bubble bowl of water beads of a single color or multiple colors.
The light through the water beads will give people a dazzling and shiny effect.
Home decoration concept.
In the absence of fish, place bright water beads in a fish tank to illuminate your child's room.
In order to increase the effect, diving LED lights can be put into the fish tank with hydrated water beads.
It is not recommended to put them in the aquarium as they may cause potential damage to the fish.
The basis of flower arrangement.
Colored water beads can be placed in glass vases or jars where fresh flowers can be inserted.
Or a glass vase filled with colored water beads may be the center of a floral spray surrounding the glass vase.
If your room needs air freshener, make one with water beads.
Adding sesame oil to a glass container containing absorbent beads can bring a fresh smell to the room.
For added charm, diving LED lights can be added.
Seasonal and special activities in the decoration center.
These can take advantage of the theme of the season (
You can eat sugar cane for Christmas, pumpkin for Halloween, etc. )
As the theme of creating the decoration center using various colors of water beads.
You can create images using clear, red and green water beads to make a cylindrical glass container look like a candy cane.
The children will be very happy to see this.
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