shanann watts' parents reveal they were not allowed to see murdered granddaughters because their coffins were sealed to avoid exploding after their bodies were dumped in oil tanks - oil absorbent powder

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shanann watts\' parents reveal they were not allowed to see murdered granddaughters because their coffins were sealed to avoid exploding after their bodies were dumped in oil tanks  -  oil absorbent powder
The grandparents of murdered sisters Celeste and Bella Watts, in an interview with Dr. Phil, revealed their heartbreak when they learned that they were unable to see the girls before they were buried.
We got [permission ]. Watts']
"Our family has grandchildren and buried our grandchildren with their mothers," said Frank rusikh, father of Shan 'an Watt . ".
But the hardest thing is to send them here because they spent four days in crude oil.
So they are flammable.
So we can't cremate them.
They will blow up a building.
He continued: "They have to have a bigger coffin and seal it in some sort of package so that the gas doesn't leak out.
It's sad, isn't it?
So the three of us never said yes.
See our family or meet them.
Sandy, his wife, went on to say, "never hugged them.
Never said "I love you" like most people do ".
"Scroll down to watch the video starting at five o'clock A. M. on August 16, and the process of removing the girl's body from a huge oil barrel will last for almost 14 hours, a report notes, at 6.
At 45 that night, members of the Colorado State Patrol cleared the scene.
At that time, oil from two 400
The barrel tank on site was manually discharged by the worker, who carefully poured the liquid on the metal screen to gather any possible evidence.
Then, once the tank is emptied
Fitted with breathing devices, entered and removed the bodies of Bella and Celeste, and when they were sent out of the tank, their skin fell off the body.
Their mother and unborn brother Nico were found in a shallow grave 100 yards away.
The report shows that the diameter of the tank opening is only 8 inch, which means that it is too small to accommodate Shanann's body.
The soldiers in charge of the search process arrived at the scene around nine o'clock A. M. on August 16.
When the first tank was shut down
"After the load was completed, soldiers Bandi, Ruide and I put the rope handles on two safe pools," Topper Wilson wrote . ".
"We expect the bodies to be covered with crude oil and once recovered we will use the pool to put each body in.
"Once the tank is emptied, the team on site will remove the bolts on the door of the tank at the bottom of the barrel.
According to the report, Sergeant Armstrong boarded the top of the tank and looked at the thief hatch.
Sergeant Armstrong told me that he could see a place on the south side of the tank that looked like a body.
The photos were taken and then the people started the process of removing the body from the tank.
Due to the level of sludge and toxic smoke, these people can only stay in the tank for a few minutes, which makes the process more complicated and difficult.
The Ruide soldiers went first, and then I was right behind.
The south side of the tank has a face-down body with a head facing west.
It appears to be a baby girl, the report says.
"The Ruide Cavalry grabbed the upper part of her right arm and turned her over.
Then, when I grabbed her right leg, the soldier Ruide raised her with his arms.
When we moved the body to the man's path, the soldier Ruide took her left arm and left leg.
The victim was then moved out of the tank, but in the process her hand was "stripped" of the skin.
The skin was retrieved and handed over to a law enforcement officer at the scene.
Next, the men proceeded to remove the bodies of the second victim found in the second tank.
"I grabbed her right arm near my wrist and pushed her to the man's path.
At this point, the Ruide soldier was able to secure her left arm and left leg.
"Then the Ryder mounted police and I walked the body through the sidewalk," the report said . "
"Soldier Bandy grabbed the left wrist and shoulder area and Sergeant Armstrong did the same on the right.
When the victim passed the manway soldier Bandy, the sergeant continued to support her body as she was put into the safety pool.
The report also states: "during the extraction process, we had to touch the victim's body and there was some skin sliding.
She also had some skin on the plywood with her back contact.
"Some of the skin was lost when the body was transferred to the oil pool.
The report says there is also some skin on the plywood that her back touches.
Then I walked up and down the tank with the Reeder mounted police and there was about 4 "of coarse sludge in the tank as well.
We did not find any other evidence in tank.
We left the tank and went to the battlefield south of the tank.
The body was handed over to the wield County coroner.
Sergeant Armstrong went on with a four.
Gas monitors when the weeld County coroner and pathologist are trying to remove crude oil using several suction pads.
The second victim was then placed in a body bag and taken to the vehicle of the wield County coroner.
Bella was four years old and her sister Celeste was just three years old when she was murdered by her father.
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